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What's going on lads? It was so comfy last week?

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If BTC crashes everything crashes. Do not HODL anything right now.

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>If BTC crashes
it's not going to

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What crash? It's down $400.

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It is literally crashing right fucking now. Zoom out on the graph. it was 19k and now its 12k and its going to go lower.

You are in a fucking crash right now.

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Go to coin marketcap look at every single coin. They are all following Bitcoin movement right now.

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Not lion. BAT is one of those tokens you buy and comfortably sit on. Bullish or Bearish the day to day price is irelephant

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/batarmy/ checks in

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My Venchain isn't. Literally dragging my whole portfolio to green.

And you're overreacting or don't know what crash means.

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This guy gets it.

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Yeah i know. Was just having a fun with the OP.

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If you are holding any coin right now you are going to probably lose about 20-30% in the next couple days. again.

All coins bleed when BTC dips hard. And BTC is about to dip hard again. take care.

Bat looks like a good hold though for sure. But Bitcoin will fuck the market. Its not Bat's fault.

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boggy boi told me to hodl ven and its working thanks bog

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why haven't you guys gone at least 50-50 into ADST yet?

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To be more clear, that shit right there was not bat it was grampa coin shitting the bed again. You will see this more in the coming days. If you see in the past Grampa coin shits the bed a lot lately.

No need for an emergency meeting for BAT, Bat is fine, Bat will probably 10x easily in the coming days. Bat is a good HODL I am sure. Bit Grampa coin keeps having strokes and its going to cause this shit a lot.

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You insulted me when I warned you

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"The coming days" being what sort of range?

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Just a heads up guys, Grampa coin is getting ready to fart shit all over the bed spread again. My plan will be to hodl bat once the market calms the fuck down.

Stay strong, hodl meme I guess. Good luck everyone. Get ready for the next bed shitting.

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shut the fuck up you clearly know nothing

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Is PhilipDeFaggot selling his coins??

Thats a 150.000 dollar sell wall.

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>why isn’t my browser plugin coin mooning?

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Next week Friday the CME futures are ending. General sentiment around here is just to "HODL" and that Wall Street will go long this time. I don't know what to think.

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Image not working wtf.jpeg.
New try

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Chill Out,
sorry guys I didn't mean to FUD. Think of this like a giant fucking earth quake. Like a natural disaster.

And its going down. HODL!!!!! BAT I S NOT A SHIT COIIN!!!!! IT WILL RECOVEEEEEERRR!!!!!

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Brendan Eich > Random scrub.

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they have completed successful projects before and are well known in slav land

>brb just downloading BRAVE


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I, for one, would welcome a huge dip or crash actually. Anything better than this stagnant shit. This gives me an opportunity to accumulate. Right now is worst.

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i feel you

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>they have completed successful projects before and are well known in slav land

Bigger than Javascript, Firefox & Mozilla?
Confined to squatting Ruskie rape-baby land and not worldwide, with industry connections to back it up?

You're an even bigger fool if you think it will be confined to Brave.

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argue the images friendo, what happened between brendon and firefox again?


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BTC is probably going to test 11569 in a bit. It will drag almost every coin with it. So buy the BAT dip then!

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Gay wedding cakes.

Have a look at ycombinator for his reasoning.
Besides, people that like money don't care.

With regard better tech or being first, they don't matter as has been shown time and time again in industry. Eich's network effect will help to overwhelm the competition.

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>this glorified ad network that nobody will use should be worth 5 billion dollars
oh neets and their business prowess

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look mate you seem like a decent guy and I really don't want to be a shill about it but I'm sick of all the discord shills pumping shitcoins and biz missing out on the gems, put a bit of money in adshares and thank me later, its dipping at the moment. It is just as valid as BAT and they have binance integration testing on their github (binance also follows them on twitter despite having only 1.9k followers)

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> What crash? It's down $400.


It will bounce maybe though. But yeah BTC is crashing.

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No thanks, I'll stick to BAT and autist Eich.

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Memes and /pol/shitting aside, I'm glad someone highlighted some competition as it is usually filled with the above.

I'm aware of the size of the ad industry (realising most ad agencies comfy enough to suck from Google/Face teats % wise even though they compete) and reckon that BAT is better placed than adshares to capture the comfy 40% market share that business aims for to have dominance in the market. $5bn dollars is oddly enough not an unachieveable valuation before the bubble pops.

The ad legal spectrum will be turned on its head this year and BAT actually ticks a lot of boxes to meet it already (esp re anonymisation of browsing).

It's also the track record he has in delivering product and his network: Peter Thiel & Silicon Valley in the US, Danhua (sp?) Capital in the East.

If both of those teams knock on doors, who is more likely to be opened for?

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Fuckit, I'm going to shill Steem here. All of you who like BAT need to know about Steemit. If you have not already checked it out you really should.

Every content creator should have a Steemit account. Even if all they do is mirror their videos on the site.

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I’m in ADST to ride the moon and increase my bat stack personally

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I cba trying to flip things and to use tethers. Ill hold through it, meh. Been buying the dip and consolidating my profile in the mean time. Sold a lot of XRP and bought some ARK, ODN, LINK and BAT. Comfy as fuck desu.

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Once big daddy shit coin takes enough dumps to finally stay humble and go sideways.

There aint no fucking way in hell or high water Bat will be less than 60 cents. No fucking way. Even if BAT hits 30 cents because of this shit.

This is not BAT crashing, its BTC. And the longer it takes BTC to fucking croak the more painful this will be for BAT.