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INT is the new chad coin you cucks, get in and follow the smart money. Chad coin dont give a fuck about dips.

DYOR here: https://www.fujancryptoreports.com/intchain

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Shill me bro

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classic PnD and ts alrady bleeding out. I hope you fags took profits and didnt get too greedy. I doubled my monies and then got the fuck out. still hodling a small position but this is a good showcase that you shouldnt be left holding the bags gentlemen! look at what happened to ITC it could take months before these shitcoins recover after their initial pump.

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>organic growth for the last week, constant volume, one of the most reputable teams crypto currenctly has.
>falling for the muh p&d meme
> https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/internet-node-token/


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>muh organic growth
>muh great team
>its even on CMC woah dude!

lol enjoy holding these bags dude

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Bags full of cash and lambo keys you mean.

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atleast try and make the fud more convincing if you accumilate. Or maybe you are just this retarded and you should off yourself.

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it's shit like these threads that make want to sell my INT bags

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Falling for such easy fud. It’s gonna be ok anon. These faggots are the same type of guys that shilled tron. Never fall for it.

Do more research and convince yourself that this shit is worth hodling. I’m holding. Strong and steady.

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Please, Tell me where did I made a mistake with my calculations.

I have been monitoring and even invested in INTchain for several days. Bought in at 2500, Sold at 4600.

I dont' get the following:

Circ Supply states: 150 million coins ~ roughly 150 million usd at current ptice. Todays trade Volume is 50,156,000 USD - 50 million coins were moved. Yesterday volume is 45 million - again around 45 million coins. Two days before were at around 35 million and 30 million with price around 50 cent it gives us another 70 million and 60 million coins.

It means that throughout last several days around 225 million coins moved. If we open price graph we will see that there were no price movements or possibilities to swing trade because there were mostly sell walls which were eaten over and over again.

How is this possible? Is it some kind of a super scam and people simply dump their several hundred million?

Are they going to state that circulating supply is actually 1 billion and not 150 million?

I dont understand how 100 million more coins could move above statted "circulating supply" and yet price almost not moving at all which could not be possible otherwise.

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By day trading duh

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Anon, you can actually sell a coin right after you bought it, holy shit are this retarded?

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> INT Total Supply
>150.000.000 INT Circulating Supply
anon, I don't fall for this shit scam.

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holy shit how can you be this retarded

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Should've hold till 8100, which is the current price. Wow, why are you so bad at trading?

Maybe cash everything you got out and buy a rope, a big rock, put the rope around your neck and around the rock and throw the rock in a river.

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Please explain to me with real arguments and not with nonsense.

Not a single sane person will buy at 4599 and sell at 4600 or 4700, or at 6000. This thing is being shilled like crazy.

If you open any other coin which is being day traded you will notice price movememnts and fluctations, while this one just being wall over wall over wall which are being eaten.

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I'm an American, how do I buy this?

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There are much safer and more legit holdings. No reason to hold this scamcoin at all.

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will this run last longer than VEN's

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he doesnt have an argument

LITERALLY lost braincells

Ok INT masterrace, the lowdown.

This will be 3-5$ before mainnet on jan 31st, and then continue to rise after slightly correcting.

The graph shows organic steady growth, and the next leg target is $1.50-2$.

The high volume is almost 1/3 of the cap on avg, more Volume than STRATIS WAVES AND LISK.

this marketcap is a joke, keep hodling and buying dips.

burgers buy on coinegg, use drivers licesnse and put canada as country. not hard.

>goodluck anons, hodl tight. use ur brains

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Because when a coin is new, volume can be massive. Look at NEO when it started to grow. They also had days where the trading volume was 50% of the marketcap.

A lot of new people are investing in this shit, so naturally a lot of tradingvolume shows up. Need I remind you this coin had a marketcap of 50mill 7 days ago?

Nothing to worry about.

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>buy on coinegg, use drivers licesnse and put canada as country. not hard.

You mean lie to the exchange and have my funds locked down when they check my identity?

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Fucking disgusting, subservient, cuck.

> back to le reddit, faggot

Seriously, dont do crypto

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Bizlightyear to bizgomand
comin bizgomand do yu read me...

"bee boop bee"
Bizlightyear tradin log staded 4072, my bortfolio is on rute to segtor moon 12

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I put in wrong country a random chinese I.D a shitty picture of my passport where you couldn't read half the shit and I got accepted in under 5seconds.
what are they gonna do lock my funds I already withdrew?
You seriously think Chinese people give a shit about any kind of regulation?

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Aaaaaahhhh why is it dropping?!?!?!?

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The coin has become popular enough to attract jelly-handed buyers. Also bitcoin dropped a bit

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time to buy now. it's down under a dollar again

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does INT chart look like a PnD, dumb pajeet?
if youre not fudding then youre seriously retarded and thats why you'll always be poor

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the fact you keep spamming this makes me know it's FUD

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Those gosh darn buttcorns been fluxuatin' again

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FUD or not this shit is volatile as fuck. Dropped from .00089 ETH to .00076 in a heartbeat

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The entire market cap just dropped 60 billion in 10 minutes. BTC taking a shit

>shits volatile
>steady, organic growth of 4x in a week

pick one, brainlet

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Shaking off some ICO's witch is a good thing.

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Classic P&D

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Lol its crashing hard
Its almost as if you should take profits when a scamcoin goes up 4x in a week...

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>4x in a week
>crashing hard

fucking weakhand, you don't know what you are talking about. I'm hodling 100k INT since 0.18$, i'm not fucking selling until it hits 5$.
See you at 1$5 by the end of the month.

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Bought 25k at 2800 Satos

Comfy as fuck

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>implies this a solid project
>zero proof to back it up

Yeah wow i guess i should go all in

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blablabla zero proof on google
> it's a fucking chinese blockchain dude
> chinese suck when it comes to marketing
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yy3aSw0Bcmc for more information

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dont bother anon, spoonfeeding wont help. these guys literally hate money.

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>posts same shit to reddit
>gets told
>also actively posts in /r/conspiracy


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Get comfy bros, we're going down!

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Sell sell sell

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im going to sleep
I better wake up tomorrow with this thing back at a dollar

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2/10 FUD

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>go get coffee and a burger
>down £1000


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We're breaking $0.70!

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kek just bought at 0.80 half an hour ago

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Holy fuck it's dipping so hard

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Why the fuck are people selling?

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BTC dip, and weak handed bois

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It was going steady, then someone through up 140,000 at 7400 and it fucking tanked.

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>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)
>>$0.711352 USD (-22.02%)

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If you wanted an entry point this is it.

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fuckind FUDer. How many coins do you want to buy ?

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I already sold and I actually don't give a shit about anons losing their money. If you want to listen and sell, good, if not, lose your money I can't care less. I won't make an elaborate post to convince you

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just refreshed my blockfolio and lost 10k holy fuck
still above my entry though
holding till $3

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>he doesn't know about the other 850M supply

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Weak hands don't consider FA, they just see a big dip considering this day ... they don't think about the past or the future.
This coin will hit 1$5 EASILY and 3$ later.
There is so much MONKEYS in the crypto game.

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It's over, Rakesh, don't be greedy with this scam

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How many coins did you buy in the big dip ?

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it's being burned
or it's used for later
or something I dunno

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>it's being burned
sketchy as fuck

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it didn't stop xrp

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managed to pick up 5k more below $0.70
lets go lads

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this chit dropped like a brick, reminds me of iot chain, the other 'chinese iota' scam

>> No.6782904

just reminds, it's not like this pajeet ITC scam

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Im all In and Hodling till 5$, if you don't see it then you are an idiot and nobody can save you

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It's curious, no more FUDers when the coin is going up again ...
I hope that the weakhands in this thread didn't sell ...

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i hodl 60k INTS, didn't even flinch.
So glad this flash crash cleared up some hamburgers, more strong hands from this point.

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I traded it as it crashed. Went from 800 to 850.
That said, there is a huge wall ahead for it to return to $1.

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>this shit is volatil

Lmao, look at Coin Market Cap fucking idiots, everything is red.

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Already shooting back up

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This will be double digits eoy so fucking easily; like a cock - erect, slides into a slick, teased-for-hours, snatch.

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Hi Shahid!

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holy shit u know 1 coin can be moved 10 times dude

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