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Where my BATbros at? Buy BAT!

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somebody get the twitter normies to shill this shit

im tired of waiting

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Post memes.

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Sup bros

I've been watching ads my whole life. When I'm going to get payed for my valuable time and mind share?

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you serious? If popular youtubers getting air drops of this shit and Philly D shilling for it for like half of one of his shows last week didnt make this coin moon, nothing is going to bull this shit above a dollar.

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how many BAT do you guys have? i have almost 50k.

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i'm holding comfy

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Super comfy.

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The fact that there has been nearly no hype and the it's holding strong is a good sign.

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Hi BATboys, wanna buy some BAT?

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10k BAT

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lol you retard

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>expects things to go 100x in 3 days that arent ico launches

lmaoo kid you are never going to make it, enjoy panic selling and never getting anywhere. The market transfers wealth from the impatient to the patient. 15$ eoty screenshot this

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Tell me about BAT, why is it a top coin?

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I don't know really. It has the beginnings of what could be an economy for the entire web.
Step 1. Give everyone BAT
Step 2. Build systems around BAT for exchanging value on the Internet
Step 3. It's a global currency.

probably it won't become much of it. but hey, you never know so I thought I might just give it a shot

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Pay people ad revenue for ads they're exposed to. Pay content creators based on how much time you spend looking at their stuff (if you want). Creates a shilling network, it's in their best interest. Use your head.

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IMO the killer feature that will make BAT *actually* moon is the referral system. YouTubers (and all other content creators, obviously) can give their visitors a link to download Brave, and they will get rewarded some BAT for everyone who uses that link.

Once this rolls out, the real shillening will be upon us.

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I'm in

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Haven't used Brave for too long, but I like it a lot.

Post your stats brothers

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nuttin personnel kid

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>almost 60k ads block

wew lad, impressive

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somebody get this nigger shilling BAT

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BAT can't go above a dollar, that defeats the whole purpose.

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Who can stop it going above 1$?

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No one, it's a stupid meme.

I'm holding 300k BAT and ready for lift off.

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grow baby grow!

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with jews you can't lose

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I'm concerned about BAT going sideways for so long now. It is not allowed to rise above a certain point, nor drop below another. Seems like some real price manipulation going on.

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a little under 4000 BAT reporting

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Still iffy about the application, but i cant see anything wrong in an ecosystem where literally everyone benefits. They need to streamline the shit out of this thing so normal people can understand how it works.

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Super bowl ad in a few days.

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Where did that meme come from? It's also totally unreasonable considering the Brave team's approach to the token, which has been steady development and natural growth without any advertising. They dont even hugely want speculation on the coin.

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21k reporting in.
The super bowl isn't until February 4th.

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Just playing devil's advocate here, but maybe they're switching up tactics as it develops? Gemini update is due to be out before the end of Q1 so maybe with the update they're changing their tactics.

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get on my level faggot