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You've been accumulating for wednesday right anon ?

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Better triangle coin coming through. Nice colors but yours is upside down and looks like a bike rode over it.

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i have like 20 bat memes i should probably post them all

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Do it. Time to pump.

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This is a BAT thread now.

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Been accumulating since it appeared on CoinExchange, and accumulated even when it went down and flat lined for a while.

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heres anotha i have 18 more

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Oh cool another music based coin this definitely won't be completely useless

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it has a nice logo
bought 100k

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True, shame

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LIterally my long term hold strategy

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I’ll take the bait, what’s on Wednesday?

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6 or 7 more

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i dont have VIP so the captchas are getting super gay - enjoy the bat memes /biz/

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First shitcoins i lost my money at. Was hodling for the app release and bought high.

Thank you for teaching me a lesson

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its on binance breh

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>He thought the logo was bat

And that's why you won't be making 3x wednesday

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Nice cum triangle faggot I'm all in on OPT

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Can you faggots even prove it will be listed on Binance? And isn't the news priced in now? It was +30% last week and people were dumping bags...

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It's already in the api and they have ststed multiple times it will be listed on a top 5 exchange Wednesday. So unless they got another top 5 exchange plus binance I think it's a safe bet.

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Cum stain coin. This shit make a nigga nut too

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Isn't Voise on 12 fucking exchanges? Shit only moons like this when it's only on Etherdelta

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It's on garbage exchanges with no volume.

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It has 3x the marketcap of OPT and the whitepapers way worse why would anyone choose this over OPT

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You think it's a long term hold and not a dump at 3x day one. This is why you will stay poor.

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I fuckin wish.

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It's true. It's in their api.

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Explain like I’m retarded

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Here's the easy method to find future listings not quite api scanning but it's there.

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Gratzie, trying this now.

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>File: Screenshot_20180121-010409.jpg (46 KB, 753x188)
This doesnt work for me, can anyone explain why

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Because you're dumb probably.

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Where exactly do I go to deposits, is it under funds when I log in? Because I don't see anything, this is all on google chrome inspect as well?! FLAME ME I JUST WANT THE INFO AND WILL PAY FOR IT NOT JOKING GIVE ME YOUR ETH WALLET ADDRESS

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It's the balances page.

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Sweet whats your wallet address

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0x7f5455fedd94 3c209a809e1fb40d d2d79b226c85