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Tron mooning boys if you've got bags...


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I've been trying to warn people, dude.

Nobody fucking listens. At this point, I don't even care.


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told you

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Why would I need to get in if I already have bags? Retard

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To drop them when you're in the green.

Tron bull run started with that break from the descent.

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Get in this thread to finally dump em, is what he probably meant.

>heavy bags
>heavy burden
>sir, would pls hodl these for a few minutes?

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All aboard this strange ship

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Pls explain

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i would buy but too many bagholders that will dump

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wow congrats on making a few bucks on the shittiest normie coin in existence cuck boy

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TRX pump at least 20% tonight
cap this

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Scam em all!!

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i mean im holding for atleast 3 more months if not longer

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