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Post your hodlings that you think could 10x-100x within 3-6 months.

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LUX. If this isn't a top 50 coin by EOY 2018 I will eat my dick on local radio


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200$ worth of shitcoins, damn you're living the dream anon

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EmberMine could easily 10x but I don't see it going more than that. It's too much of a shitcoin.

Bulwark is a privacy coin that actually looks alright.

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Devery will do 10x easly in 3-6 months

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You're looking at my bittrex enhanced google chrome addon, its not my total portfolio thats just the addon showing the price per coin.

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LUX. This isn't hard. You're already rich from it if you bought a masternode 2 months ago when it was only a dollar . You'd be making $18k a month from just staking.

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BNTY under 100M market cap

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Should I sell my tanking ODN at a loss and go into LUX instead?

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Coinmetro ICO coming up bois. Their exchange platform looks really promising IMHO. Also a solid team based in Europe (no pajeets). Low MC, easy 10x when they do the token sale in March. You're welcome anons.

Actually a flash sale on now but if you're interested it's only on for a few more hours: https://plu.sh/coinmetro

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Enigma and KCS.

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- Great (patented) idea
- Working software
- Collaboration with large insurance firms
- Pilot project in the UK in 6 months
- Team with a lot of leaders from the industry
- Cheap af atm (realistic price potential x10 this month, x100 this year)

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I've already 2.5x and will be 10x by next month

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you guys dont know how to make money


find low mcap shit that people will buy into then dump it when youre happy or its topped off

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You will all regret FUDing BNTY once alpha 2.0 is released. In 26 days, BNTY-investors will become rich

Easiest 20x ever

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bat bnt

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Is Mercatox ok or shit?
I don't want to deal with any shit exchanges that fuck up withdrawals or orders or anything like that.

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Gatcoin. Only on shitexchanges (coss and ED), and only for like a day, because it's just released. Highly rated ICO (public was cancelled due to reaching their hardcap early because of rising eth prices).

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Ok. But how do you find potential coins with low mcap that people will buy into - before they're listed on CMC?

Any pointers? Have you done it before?

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QLink, aXpire, Internet Node Token

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INT : Easy 10-50x

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100x would be $50 at a $0.50 buy in.

It's an easy 100x.

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MOONCOIN get it now, thank me later

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ignite ratings

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Yeah, easy x100. Easy 13B market cap, top 5 coin.

You guys are so fucking retarded, god.

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BNTY in 10 mins
major news coming out about a big partnership

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7.5B market cap you brainlet

And this will be $50 in 2019 or sooner

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Unironically ETC is going to moon from here. Airdrop in March. Same with the ZCL fork, good picks anon.

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Mercatox is a scam site, Couldnt logg in for 4 days and people sometimes dont recieve their transactions

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market cap?

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Can you x100 this market cap for me genius?

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HORSE. Will 5x definitely possibly 10x

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Blockarray you idiots

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If they deliver on everything it will easily 50x.

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Why has no-one said NULS? Is it seriously this badly under the radar? Easy top20 potential

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their western marketing is dogshit

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and thats why it's ridiculously cheap right now. Nice time to accumulate before people realize their potential :)

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IF INT gets to IOTA's MC(8bil), which it should if fundamentals matter, it will be 50$

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you are a retard.

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Well this is my portfolio right now.

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NEO should have it's next breakout soon.

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Ufr simply said, it still has a chance of making it

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INT will 50-100x, bhp will 10-20x, sphtx will 10-20x.

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> Implying INT's market cap will be 6950000000 > retard

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BLOCKARRAY (ARY) - already 2x from ico low cap token release yesterday and potential ups partnerships

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Lmfa the 'team' is like one slav. This is Chain Link all over again except people wont fall for the same trick twice. Enjoy your bags fag.

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I sunk 25% of my portfolio into this ICO.

10m hard cap
Every user on their website will be assigned an EDU wallet
30% coin burn on all subscription payments, which can only be paid with EDU
Do some more research on your own, this is the easiest 10-50x of your life


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It's an American team. They already have a product. Sorry you're fudding when you could be buying. Such is the life of forever poor street shitters

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PFR is a possible 10x

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bbt. ~12 million marketcap right now, beta is already out

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Aion easy

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>using Bittrex for 10x coins...

When something is on Bittrex it already mooned.

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Cyphereum will moon like ICX did

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probably wait and then move into lux

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xcpo on cryptopia and cred on ed.
See you on the moon in a month

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Footycash. Extremely undervalued, dedicated team, working platform and big promotions coming up. If this isn't 10xed in 6 months, I will light myself on fire live on television

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lol shitcoin

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Turtlecoin for 100x

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>When something is on Bittrex it already mooned.

The same rule applies to other major exchanges.

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Easy x10 from here second quarter
Etisalat and VEON Group (formerly known as Vimpelcom). (Both Etisalat and VEON were customers of Mobius, founded by Neuner, both confirmed to be going to launch pilots with the payment system.
And these are not the only interested parties. Once people see at these big mobile service providers with telcoin people will fomo in. Let’s not forget telcoin is a Japanese ICO with support from investment funds.

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That coin has 0 value now

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70% of my hodlings are now in blockarray and devery, 5x minimum, 20x potential

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oh yeah and NIMFA has 50x potential , still sub $2m cap

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unironically this. This shit is going to go parabolic if it even reaches 10% of VEN's or WTC's market cap. I'm buying

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If you want a 2,5% on that use my link please.

https://go.coinmetro.com/?re fId=5a54afa9ca483b6a84ee6d3f
*remove the space in the link to work*

Password is 2damoon

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POSW. it's ridiculously undervalued at the moment and they have big things coming on their roadmap for 2018.

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BlockArray (ARY) and Devery (EVE) are the biggest moon missions of February. Don't be fucking dumb. Easy 10x for EVE upon release, easy 5x for ARY right now. I'm more bullish on EVE because of their broader scope but if the partnerships that'll be released by ARY at the end of the month are legit as fuck then who knows where the rocket's going

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Blockchain thats been in developement since the bitcoin early days, fixing literally all of the issues with bitcoin:
>web of trust algo that got rid of the miners and pos hoarding from network operation
>fixed double spending
>fixed signature malleability
>51% attack impossible
>secure deterministic wallets
>untraceable transactions because of coinjoin
>created their own networking protocols for consensus verification
>uses a lot less resources than bitcoin nodes
>soft coded blockchain size parameter for ez scaling
>transactions confirmed in seconds
>no tx fees
>timelocked distribution over a 14 year timeline
>holding skycoin generates extra income in the form of coinhours, like neos gas
>massive ecosystem being built around it, including decentralized exchange, social media, file sharing and vpn apps

Coin itself is used for operating skywire, a new decentralized internet built from the ground up, designed to be in every way better than tcp/ip
>designed to be ran on their own open source hardware infrastructure
>uses public keys instead of ip addresses
>all traffic encrypted by default
>man in the middle attacks impossible
>nodes forwarding traffic can only see the previous and next hop, not origin or destination
>latency superior to ipv4 because ISPs use hot potato routing and skywire doesnt
>speed superior because bandwidth aggregation is possible, using the unused bandwidth of your neighbours
>immune to all of ISP fuckery such as throttling, censorship, outages etc
>works as an overlay over the current internet as of now, but will be completely independant as soon as the network backhaul is in place
>incentivized for the first 14 years, you get paid for running a node and transferring packets for the network
>it will be faster and pretty much free, no way current ISPs can compete

All of this already works, it's a massive project with like 80 developers, and still nobody knows about this yet.

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any1 heard of QASH?? is it worth buying some coins??

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Should have just called it Skynet lol

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Looks better than mine. I've been following these shit discord pump groups though and have been gaining the last week.
There's a big pump coming this afternoon on binance. Join the group here


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>IF INT gets to IOTA's MC(8bil), which it should if fundamentals matter
But they don't. Does INT help refugees? No, so it will 10x tops. Sad, but true. I mean I'm still going to profit, but yeah, no 100x here.

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HORSE will 10x, just bought some, dont want to miss out on this.

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EGAS! Only 13m coins with a 1m market cap. Great idea with first project going love in q1.

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UFR, extremly low marketcap right now, will be listed on a top 50 exchange next week.

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I unironically believe DGB might go 4x sooner rather than later
Excellent picks actually
I'm holding ETC but I think ZCL might be a bit overpriced after that bull run up.What do you think?

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DGB about to moon right now

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HORSE easy 5x in a couple weeks. Test net already working and main net real betting in next couple weeks. Don't skip over this one. DYOR Anon

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This. So many new coins trying to get there chunk of the pie. Reddcoin has actially been around and didnt just get into crypto in the last 6 months trying to get rich. They also were the first social media coin so they have a massive foindation to grow from.

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Hawala.Today (HAT). An actually good project that hasn't mooned because it hasn't been listed on big exchanges yet.

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thank me in a few months.

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is this will be added on idex anytime soon?

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Modum unironically

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