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*prints 100,000,000*

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jesus christ 200mil in a day.

750 million in one year, whos ordering 100mil chunks ??

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Every time BTC dips, a thousand wojaks panic sell to USDT and force Tether to print out some more to keep the price down to $1.00

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Usually the price goes up when this happens though right? Does this mean it's starting to fail?

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how come the tether total supply never decreases and only increases in size?

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Bruh 200 mil in a day is that a record? What the fuck is going on???

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Don't worry totally legit I'm sure all that money is stored in very real accounts

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thanks, just printed 100m

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it decreases... people just sell it for real usd hahahhaha. and only chinese printed counterfeit tethers are left in the market

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You ever heard the term Ponzi scheme before?

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Not how it works

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more supply equals more demand.

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that's not what's happening, tether doesn't care if the price moves away from $1, it has nothing to do with their business model

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Fraudsters only become this bold when there is nothing to lose - aka under investigatuon already.

I think the tether implosion is really fucking near.

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Either that or a huge bitcoin bullrun

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holy shit........... HOLY SHIT IT'S HAPPENING


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I don't see one bud it's barely been moving

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I know the FED printed a shitton during quantitative easing but this also raises some questions. There certainly can't be that much demand however they using it to artificially pump up BTC?

It all seems coordinated but rather interesting.

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One final pump before BYE BYE?

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Plus one of the bitfinex insiders removed their warrant canary in twitter last december

Way too many red flags. The only thing against this FUD is binance ceo trusting tether which is a pretty weak counterargument.

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Theyre waiting for right time

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If you don't want the market to crash stop bringing attention to this you retard.

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why do you keep posting this fag shit

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Of course Binance trusts Tether. It's the only safe refuge when Bitcoin dips and your shitcoins instantly lose 30% of their value over night.

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Yeah, one more good pump that exceeds the ATH would get a lot of people piling in, including more normies, and then they all get bitconnected.

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Are you implying it's one guy with over 250 million in tethers possibly even 650? In reality the prints have been coinciding with a weak bitcoin not with a strong one.

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its gonna crash anyway, might as well chat about it.

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You and people like you are the reason biz is dogshit

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>stop bringing attention
Thats the thing, tether could have printed small amounts like 10m per week to avoid attention.

But they are now printing 100m to 200m PER DAY. They know they are fucked and no longer care if it attracts attention.

1 to 3 months tops and this thing is over. Screencap this. Im still in crypto but you should have a huge amount of fiat waiting to buy the enormous dip.

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I bet you want it to crash so bad because you sold everything because you're a pussy. Well guess what? That's not going to happen and you're going to watch everything moon before your very eyes. Have fun, cuck.

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Im implying it is a group of likely 15-50 multi millionaire and billionaire asians who have probably 5-10 billion to pump into the market which they believe will return in the long term once everything is matured. If it ends now it is may be over forever, and people who have invested sinificantly can't take that risk. This is it, one chance to make the potential entire multi-trillion experiment work.

It would be stupid and wrong to think it's going to end here or anytime before 2020

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Warren Buffett is buying the dip your retard.

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i didnt sell anything, once i sell i get taxed. My job pays well enough it will be a huge tax.

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it wouldn't be the end. but i imagine it would be 2020 before the market recovers to the current state.

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all they have to do is delete coins as people are going back into other cryptos
do you niggers have no idea how central banks work?

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Fuck off. We say what we want on 4chan. This isn't a crypto hugbox where we live in la-la land and pretend everything is gonna be alright. Brazen negativity is what made this place what it is

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Why tether? Why not fiat backed exchanges? Why trust bitfinex? Why tell them to print more right at the signs of failure? Why does this system seem to benefit bitfinex far more than it would these asians? If the moneys really there why no audit? Why lie to your customers about audits? Why are they under investigation? Why are they under NDAs? Why are we coming up with retarded theories to try and justify this being remotely good for us?

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They have never done that because they don't have enough money to do so. This game only goes one direction.

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IF Tether is going down what happens to all coins? like ALTS too?

Does this mean we are gonna go literally down like bitconnect and whole crypto shit crashes?

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Yes and the problem is the longer this goes on the worse it will be. It's just one gigantic red candle that can happen at any moment.

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Because the asians are whatnare refered to as related parties with bitfinex and tether is easier to move and conceal from oversight than real money. And you pump it when it's falling because you don't want it to fall for any number of reasons - probably derivative agreements and short term contracts based on trading ranges

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If Tether crashes, exchanges will crash, some may be insolvent and shut down immediately, taking all your hard-earned coins with them.

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Fuckk man, i think i need to sell everything then, i did some predictions i would get my 3k investment rise to 10-15k$ till summer to pay all my loans but fuckk again fucked, fucking tether...

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>having coins on exchanges

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>Someone gives Tether 100M in bitcoin
>Tether prints 100M tetherbucks

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Does MEW crash too i got almost all coins there.

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you think the fad is growing? it only blew up like this because mainstream media hyped it up and normies jumped on the train. but now mainstream is bored of it, normies are bored of it, and there will be no more fresh meat to pump real currency into it. the party is ending.

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This. The tether bubble is a non-issue.

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>they're falling for this tether FUD faggotry

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These tether threads are filled with either fucking retards who turn a blind eye to tether's bullshit or conspiracy theorists who think it's going to end crypto.

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Bitfinex makes 80 mill a day in trading fees. Is it so unreasonable that they are saving these fees and just buying dips using the platform they created?

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Should I go on?

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Mt. Gox coins = reserves.

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what are you trying to prove?

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"and there will be no more fresh meat to pump real currency into it."

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Guys, what if there were just a lot of rich people buying the dip? Is that such an unreasonable scenario?

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>Plus one of the bitfinex insiders removed their warrant canary in twitter last december
it's obvious bitcoin exchanges are being coerced into cooperating by government officials

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How else is it supposed to maintain it's value at $1??

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those articles are a week old.

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Eat shit, plebbitors.

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money is pouring into the markets which is why tether is being issued you are all being being fudded/concern trolled by no coiner wage cucks in their shit stained underwear or paid shills

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crypto market grows
>omg tether amiright

somehow this is all bitcoin's fault

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If you mean bye bye to 18k, yes.
FUDS will eat their own shit in 10 days.

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you're right, we shouldn't demand any evidence that this isn't counterfeit money. everyone carry on, nothing to see.

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it's up to you to take the risk
there are plenty of services that don't use tether

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if its pouring in, why has the price of btc been stoned at 11k for the last 3 days?

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Can someone please explain how else USDT supposed to maintain it's 1-1 ratio without increasing supply...

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money going into bitcoin = bitcoin goes into usdt

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so... you think it would only affect those services that accept tether..? *breathes in*


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tether presented at north american blockchain conference yesterday, answered all questions, announced partnership with blockV. The tether fud is old news google bitfinex'd then go fuck yourself

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The 24h volume keeps going down doesn't that mean that there's less money going into all coins including tether?

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never said that faggot

but this is crypto and I'm not going to let one business affect my decision to be a part of it
you have no proof anything wrong is going on anyways so why should anyone believe the fud

if parity wallet the DAO and vitalik endorsing child porn didn't kill eth one bank isn't going to kill crypto

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ANSWER this fucking question. How thick can you be?

It's so fucking obvious tether is a scam.

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check CMC, you can

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Say Tether really is a fraud that prints USDT with no backing. How does this unwind? Does it even really matter?

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How is this different to the Federal Reserve, exactly?

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i can't believe this amount of delusion exists. i'm not saying tether IS fraudulent, but IF IT WERE, be prepared for crypto to lose 90% of its value in a matter of days. there's nothing you can do to stop it at this point, except cash out.

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>tfw hodling 50k tether

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the fed has the largest army in the history of the planet making sure everone plays nice

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*pumps your bags*
ty based tether

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sup dude, thanks for posting your indicators the other day. been successfully daytrading BTC/USDT ever since

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Even if Tether has $2 billion in the bank to back its printing, it's still utterly shameless market manipulation.

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Hard to say but it is alarming that they are printing so much tether so quickly. If bitfinex can't or won't honor those tethers they could be fucked. But dyor and u will find tether isn't under US jurisdiction and US citizens can't own it but the majority of tether owners are US citizens.

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The FED isn't chucking 5% to 10% of the total money supply in bills every day. You guys would be rioting in the streets if this was happening, but somehow everyone is fine about this shit.

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looking past all that bs on there, and reluctant to say the deadcatmeme, it sure does look like it's a text book peak of dead cat bounce right now.

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They'd be stupid to buy now. They're waiting for $1k.

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Okay, so slightly /dumb/ here. Tether should have fiat reserves to back up the USDT because if we have a small bank run situation the whole crypto market will collapse. Are people saying that this doesn't matter because...?

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Enough with these fed comparisons. People started this whole thing to escape the fed, not replace it with a sketchier one.

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they dont though, the biggest holder of tethers is bitfinex, and they printed 850mil in 21 days. I really dont think they have the money to back that up, its like a fractional reserve for cryptos.

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Usdt backed by crypto
>not a problem
Nice pic retard

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...because Tether doesn't let you cash out directly anyway so it doesn't matter since no bank run is possible, I suppose.

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every time tether prints I buy more btc

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They have been audited, most recently as of 9/15/17 by Friedman. Friedman is a top reputable auditor (I work on wallst). All audits have revealed that they have had 1:1 reserves. There is no reason to believe that they have deviated from this, aside from blind conjecture.

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Is this really that big a problem? 2 billion out of a 600-800 billion dollar market? In less than a year, MakerDao will have upgraded their Dai stablecoin with a higher cap on issued Dai.

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has there been a recent audit? Cause i only started to question it in the last 2 months cause of the crazy amounts.

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I've heard conflicting reports, but a lot of people are repeating what you've said - you can't redeem USDT for USD. But isn't that what it's purpose is? Also, I'm thinking if for some reason a lot of people want to get out of the market, they convert their coins to tether and then convert the USD. If there's no USD then the exchanges become insolvent and folks are left with nothing. Sorry for being repetitive; I'm trying to understand.

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Sauce? And haven't they printed out millions of tether since then? Where is this USD coming from?

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It's like the easiest 10% gains of my life

Just watch FOMObot on twitter, the second he posts just buy and sell 10% later. Shit is like a free money machine.

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Uh yeah nice audit

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fuck off Friedman

>> No.6719506

from the tether website

>These consulting services do not constitute an audit or attestation engagement, which would include a significantly expanded scope of procedures and take substantially more time to complete.

>These consulting services do not constitute an audit

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It's USDT not CryptoT
They are supposed to, you know, have USD Tethered to it.
The whole point is that they have enough USD in the bank to back up their Tethers.
Instead it isn't backed by jack shit except the bitcoins it is claiming to be a safe haven from.

>> No.6719524

lmao "keep the price down"

Go away. seriously it's ONLY a base market. Do you know what arbitrage is? When did you start trading crypto? Last week?

>> No.6719540

have you read even a single sentence on the tether website

>> No.6719569

>Is this really that big a problem? 2 billion out of a 600-800 billion dollar market?
It will become shortly if they keep printing tethers at this rate.

Also don't be fooled by market caps. There isn't a set amount of cash you need before you swing the market through wash trading. They will keep doing this until they pump BTC to where they want.

>> No.6719621

What happens to USDT if BTC goes to $1k if it's truly 'backed' by Bitcoin like the shills say?

>> No.6719672

$500 giveaway soon boyz. don't have to participate, just be in it to win it.
Discord dot gg /QaXkMFs

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This. There are never any Tethers printed when it's pumping. But don't worry, nothing to see here, move along

>> No.6719711

Bitfinex and tether go insolvent and bringing the whole market down with them. The only only other option is they keep pumping it and them pull an exit scam, destroying everything as well.

>> No.6719810


Tether information spreadsheet

>> No.6719858

So does every single ATH this year.
Not to say this isnt a dead cat bounce, but we're so desensitized to these "bounces" because we've seen so many that _haven't_ crashed

>> No.6719907

>biggest holder of tethers is bitfinex
Not true at all. The biggest holders are currently Bittrex and Binance, look at the rich list.

>> No.6720050

>but IF IT WERE, be prepared for crypto to lose 90% of its value in a matter of days
Surely you are overreacting. I can see -50% but -90%? Lol thats like $100 ETH, every fucking retard and his mom would jump on that thing.

Because lets be real here, ETH will probably be here for quite a while. I'm going to buy the fuck out of that dip and be Hugh Hefner once staking comes out.

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the tether pump is real right now

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So... this Tether power...
Not bad...

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So the only thing keeping me from believing the FUD is the binance CEO being calm about Tether in his interview.

Lets say these cheeky Bitfinex Tether fuckers dont really have USD to back up Tether. Whats stopping every exchange that uses Tether (Binance, Bittrex, Kraken etc) from pooling enough money to save Bitfinex's ass?

After all if Tether goes boom, they are all fucked too. Doesnt this make sense?

>> No.6720824

stopping reminding me and lets stop giving this attention

Energy flows where attention goes. If we just ignore it, maybe we can prevent it from destroying the market and it will kind of be the black sheep of the cryptoworld where everyone agrees it's bad but we cant really do anything about it.

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This is the reason shit crashes. The longer you wait, the bigger the fall. That's why bitcoin exists, to stop shit like this from happening and now, because everyone got greedy, we're in the same goddamn position again.

USD isn't backed by gold, USDT isn't backed by USD.

You can fool the people some of the time...

>> No.6720988

This is keeping me calm too, he is based. Also with all the current shit going on in the U.S. gov't do they really give a shit about 2 maybe fraudulent dollars right now? With the official shutdown now underway it doesn't seem like it

>> No.6721055

so basically we go for years and years printing counterfeit money and getting rich, while everyone on the sidelines watches in awe at how awesome crypto must be.

sounds great. lets do it.

>> No.6721102

i think thats the way its going to go down though.

OGs are going to hold, cause theyre still madly up and believe in it. neebs are going to panic sell instantly. when it drops 20%, some will buy in, then nothing will happen to the price again for a while. rinse and repeat.

this whole thing over the past month or so is fueled only by newfags jumping in. when that 'fad' ends, there's no more going up. that's whats starting to happen now. unless something amazing happens or it gets plastered all over mainstream media again [nope], its going to be a series of dead cats.

>> No.6721308

Ahhhh,... money laundering at it's finest.

>> No.6721352


You guys have a problem with tether but i'm sure you are secure in using the American dollar. They are actually the same thing.

If people are willing to trade BTC for USDT then that USDT has value regardless of where that USDT comes from (printed out of thin air central bank style)

>> No.6721811

it doesnt matter if its fiat or not. everyone uses usd. its stable, predictable, universal.

crypto is the opposite.

>> No.6722081

and its fucking beautiful, the fomo will be like we've never seen before

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Ever heard of sovereign wealth funds? It's really not a lot of money.

>> No.6722848

That's not how it works at all. Jesus fucking christ I hate how the crypto community is 90% libertarian retards.

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