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there is so much dumb money in crypto. BAT is the only token that is actually being used for something besides XMR for buying drugs. every other coin is just selling you promises. some of those promises might come true in like 4 years but most are probably empty. enjoy your REQ and ICX and FUN shit that will literally never be used for anything while you were too dumb to realize that BAT is the end game of crypto. holy shit some of you will ignore this and will remain helpless till you have lost it all

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tfw when

>darknet starts using litecoin and other currencies because normies can't handle monero and your sketchcoins
>plenty of coins with applications out like CND
>bat by design is to be under .80
>r u a pajeet or something retard bat is a meme NO ONE is going to be using that browser are you fucking stupid

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>haha you guys are so fucking retarded xD
>shills BAT

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good post. All these fags will fomo into BAT at $5