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Anybody using Brave with BAT tokens? I find this very interesting and I think /biz should know about this:

>1) Brave browser
>2) Actual usage of blockchain technology

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About browser here:

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everyone who isn't a brainlet already owns BAT on /biz/

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i use brave for mobile

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This. You're a lil late to the party OP but youll be ok. btw its not a partnership, the Brave team created BAT

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>he hasn't gone all in on BAT yet

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wtf, I didn't know that


well, there is too much shilling all the time.. avctually I thought BAT is just vaporwave like LINK

dubs of truth, gonna do that

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Why the fuck would I want to give tokens that cost real money, to some faggots on the internet?

Did they think this thing through? People go out of their way to block ads. Why the fuck would they go out of their way to pay websites?

This creates MORE WORK for a customer. Are you fucking kidding me?

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> avctually I thought BAT is just vaporwave like LINK

Look at the team dude. Brendan Eich is the fucking CEO. This isn't going anywhere but Pluto.


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Please read the white paper before speaking again

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This also actually look into how Brave works too or stay poor.

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thanks, seems really solid

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I see it on the desktop browser, but there's no way to earn BAT now, just to deposit some. I thought the whole point was to pay ad viewers in BAT?

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It's still mostly promotional.

You'll earn BAT for viewing ads. Eventually you will be able to withdraw your BAT or use it to pay for premium content/services from the browser.

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The BAT setting was built in from the beginning, it was always part of Brave. I use it on mobile.

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Right, but right now I don't see an option to earn BAT, just to buy and deposit some BAT. Am I missing something, or is it not implemented yet?

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You can't earn any. That's the point. All you're doing is PAYING for an adblock, which will take your money and distribute it to the people you want it to. So if you watch a certain youtuber a lot, a big chunk of your PAYMENTS will go towards him.

You don't make money with Brave/BAT. You give it away

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Ahhh, but then what's the incentive over something like uBlock? I see the incentive for an ad agency, but what about from the user's perspective?

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You dumb fucking retarded go read the FAQ you can block all ads for free. You will get bat for viewing if you have them on. They haven't implemented earning them yet. Right now they just give you an amount of bat from the user growth pool to help grow the platform.

Ffs at least read the FAQ or the white paper before you fud



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This is almost 100% incorrect.

You can't "earn" BAT at the moment, but later this year it will automatically generate from having "Brave ads" turned on. Then eventually you'll be able to do a bunch of stuff with the generated BAT, like withdraw from your wallet, donate to content creators, pay for things, etc.

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>imagine being this retarded

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People do this shit all the time. Ever heard of Twitch?

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Do you always open your gob before thinking? This isnt reddit, your opinion is invalid

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13 year old kids and permavirgins confirmed primary users of brave and bat.

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You're way out of touch, gramps. Go buy some Bitcoins.

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this is a joke right?

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Thanks, mate. Seemed like a retarded business model otherwise.

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yeah because i really want to look at ads for a few cents a month. get fucking real, adblock is here to stay and this isn't going to displace shit in the first world.

maybe a few third world shits will happily farm the fuck out of this for tokens, and it wont be long before advertisers realize that theyre paying only for a bunch of worthless pajeet eyeballs and will pull out or drastically cut the amount of money that gets paid.

there's nobody that advertisers want to advertise to that also gives a shit about earning < $1 a month.

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this is why BAT and PRL are long term hold

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you may not want to look at ads dumbass, but this coin is naturally geared towards kids/teens/normies. It will be heaven for them. "hey I can get paid in crypto for looking at ads (which I already do anyway. Sign me up"

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imagine, if you will, a world, where one NEET's preferences dictated those of an entire market's

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Not to mention 3rd-worlders.

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>be me
>the year is 2020
>no one uses Chrome anymore
>Brave is as popular as Javascript and more popular than Firefox ever was
>every single news corporation uses paywalls to collect BAT from readers
>Google actually supports BAT because they collect a percentage of BAT from every contribution to a YouTube channel
>the NFL and NBA stream games online which can only be accessed after paying your game fee in BAT
>reddit uses BAT to monetize upvotes and downvotes, like Steem but better and actually mainstream
>online games use BAT for micropayments
>Netflix charges BAT/hour of viewership
>Brendan Eich's homerun project actually saves the internet from regressing into a catastrophic implosion
>feels good man

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how does brave make money

This will matter someday

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>thinks LINK is a vaporwave. You are really a brainlet. They are launching mainnet in April and immediately deploying in to 35 banks.

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Yeah the thing about Brave is that it literally has one of the best possible adblocks in existence built into it, and it's entirely up to you whether you want to turn that off in order to earn BAT.

Continue being retarded though, by all means.

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>content creators have to be certified by Brave to be able to cash out their bat tokens
How is this any different than being youtube-compliant? A single company gatekeeping everything, I don't need a shitcoin if it's going to remain centralized.

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Guys why arent you in the Bat Discord we can all be rich together.


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Im in

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bat is bullshit for cryptoinvestors
fucking plebs

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The problem I have with BAT is it takes on two hurdles, change the online ad industry, which Google will never do, AND try to win the browser war, which is almost insurmountable. The fact of the matter is, with browsers, people have made their vote clear. They want integrations, and their google profiles are as close to an online wallet as we’re gonna get.

I think it’s an ambitious project, and I’d love to see less chrome usage, but I just don’t see it happening. The browser war has a firm first place, and while I do believe the number 1 spot can be taken down, I don’t think it’ll be Brave that does it.

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Does Brave have Noscript, Ublock and 4chanX?

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https://discord gg/9Sqkh4

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naturally geared towards people that browse exclusively on mobile devices and just download whatever adblocker comes up first for "adblock" on the app store? and when they see ads showing up what do you think they're going to do?

i highly doubt it has a better adblock that ublock, for example. it's a lot of work to stay on top of internet malware and it takes a lot of volunteers to maintain lists and workarounds. either they use those lists and be at best equal, or they play catchup.

the amount of kyc/"vetting" they're going to have to do is insane if they expect to keep fraud at bay, it will certainly not be as easy as installing an app and being able to earn tokens unless you're happy making a few cents a month.

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What is this coin doing that we can’t be done with money? Why use a coin instead of FIAT is what I’m saying. Not FUDing, just interested

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Brendan Eich is literally one of the only people who has a chance at doing this, considering he's done it before. I might just be old, but I feel some of you guys don't know how dominant internet explorer was before this guy stepped it up.

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>Anybody using Brave
Hahahahahah no.

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well i can ask you the exact opposite question: how would fiat work with this project?

fiat doesn't have a smart contract mechanism that can automatically calculate attention and distribute tokens accordingly. fiat can be censored by internet giants like Google if they want to demonetize your channel

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i am you cuck, you will too in 2 years

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someone can probably answer you questions in here https://discord gg/9Sqkh4

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why would anybody need to when adblocking exists today and will only get better and more integrated into default browsers? most people dont care about receiving micropayments they cant do anything with themselves

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i am not going to regurgitate the whitepaper for you. if you have any interest in the project, read the whitepaper and roadmap and understand the use cases for BAT tokens in the future that extend far beyond adblocking

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>will only get better and more integrated into default browsers

>wait for google chrome to integrate adblock into their browser as opposed to using a plugin
>use Brave literally right this second with its already integrated adblock and reward system

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Nah senpai it was all about that Netscape

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This is what I'm saying. I knew Internet Explorer sucked right away, switched to Mozilla.

I CLEARLY remember switching ti Chrome, and I was an "early adopter". It was even a slow adoption, because I was so used to Mozilla, and everybody I knew used Mozilla before Chrome.

"Things will never change because this is how they are" is such a fucking dumb argument. I realize change is slow and Chrome has a tight hold on everyone, but if the product is good enough, change is inevitable.

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Using brave currently half as fast as firefox. Will probably soon cease to use until an addon is put in place for firefox. It will be sad if this browser gets shilled to the masses and people start to see it as a failure right out of the gate. WIll be hard to get mass adoption. Hell I a video on an obscure news sight had to go back to another browser.

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Yeah if you don't understand the market that's open for this then don't open your musty mouth.
People donate a shit ton of money on a daily basis just on Twitch and You Tube

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>BAT tokens created for viewing ads
>tons of people with BAT looking to sell
>price plummets

Am I missing something here?

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summed up

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>Questions the future monetization platform of the internet.
>Ignores 5 billion dollar marketcap of TRON, literal vaporware.

"how will whole BAT/BRAVE thing ever make money???"

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yes you are missing the part where people hoard cryptocurrencies because they appreciate in value and also the part where BAT will be used to pay for things lmao

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So do I, best browser

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It's almost like your lazy ass sitting there watching an ad has a market value of around 25 cents.

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>Hoarding BAT
>BAT being printed off for poor people viewing ads
>Poor people sell BAT
>Price drops

There isn't a single part of this scheme that has an upside.

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yea as if the poor people selling their 20 BAT will really have an impact on the price. The supply is fixed there will be no more "printing" of BAT (whatever the fuck that means). Chances are people will want to to hoard em anyway

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i'm sorry that you don't understand simple economics. if people getting paid in BAT are seeing the value of their BAT increase why are they selling it? it's no different than any other coin. poor people own ETH too and sell ETH when it rises. this is a poor argument

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People aren't going to watch ads for money unless they are fucking poor. Why the fuck would I waste my time watching ads for $0.25 in a shitcoin? Poor people are the ones most likely to cash BAT immediately.

Unless there is a mechanism for burning available coins from the marketplace then the price will only go down.

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It's like he's ignoring the two big pillars in this entire scheme:

content creators & advertising giants

The user earning however many BAT for ads is such a small part of the whole scheme that it's basically irrelevant.

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So this is the brain capacity of average /biz/ fag

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alright brainlet, listen up. bitcoin miners are constantly selling bitcoin they get from mining too you fucking moron. ETH stakers will constantly sell ETH after getting paid for staking too. wipe the drool off your chin and go read a fucking whitepaper

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BAT will be $50 end of year. Screencap this.

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The BAT wallet passively spreads tokens to websites/youtube channels. If the reciever never gets verified to claim them they might aswell have been burned.

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Hey BAT bros, long time believer and lover of BAT, but you guys really need to get out soon, the coming tether blood bath will be violent, and I'd hate to see my bros get fucked.

Get out now and wait for tether to resolve, then buy back in for a moon mission to remember

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>not being able to explain a mechanism for maintaining price while supply explodes
Why are you even invested in this coin?

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lol i get it now. you're just taking the piss.

nice, ya got me.

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It's a dumb idea, don't care if fucking EinsteinVinci coded it, it's still a fucking dumb idea

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BAT isnt being 'printed' the supply is fixed. Advertisers will need to buy in order to run Brave ads; which gets paid out to content creators and users. Within 2 years this will be the most widely circulated crypto. Screencap this.

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>while supply explodes

jesus you are an actual retard

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No no no goy, buzzfeed and cnn need your shekels to survive! just buy these coins and stare at viagra ads for a few seconds and maybe you'll earn some yourself!

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>t. brainlet #2

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Easy 20% returns per day just join the /biz/ group:

discord gg/zz7unwD

add DOT here--> .gg/zz :*

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> sorry, but the requested page cannot be loaded due to insufficient BAT funds in the user's account, please do the needful and purchase them on an exchange of your choice

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> imagine being this retarded

Go read the whitepaper, you have no idea what youre talkig about.

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First time I've seen someone post about using technology of one of the coins besides FUN's website. Whose interested in what these technologies do and not just dumping $ into crypto for gains? I say both rock the boat and are the future.

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Memes aside, the basic premise is fucking stupid and reeks of cuckery. They're trying to monetize and desensitize people to ads with cheap tricks (lolol get paid to look at ads). Absurd

>> No.6702911

So it's one of those actually usable coins like Appcoin? Is it already in use?

>> No.6702956

literally using the browser now and watching a verified guy on youtube with it.

>> No.6703052


They're trying to eliminate the middle man in the advertising space. People receiving BAT for viewing ads is not the goal here at all.

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I'm holding BAT but whats preventing me from using Brave is lack of a proper all round dark theme. I'll switch if I get an option to remove all that white, my retinas can only take so much.
As for the rest of it, I'm ok with actually helping out creators with their ad revenue. The whole point for normies like me is having the option to. Without it I will just keep using uBlock indefinitely. Maybe it will include different forms of content and I can use the system to make BAT myself, so that would be a nice addition.
Either way until any of this actually gets properly implemented and used it's all speculation anyway.

>> No.6703269

Its coming in the next update, which im pretty sure is today.

>> No.6703427

The mobile browser is good but the desktop is shit. Firefox for desktop and mobile are also now shit. Also normies don't use these browsers. Can't wait for there to be a Google coin and we're the first to hear about it.

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>Earn money from advertisers for viewing ads
>Give some to content creators
>Rest fo yoself

>I dont want to view ads
>Use brave browser as its the best now
>no ads thanks brave
>need to send Brad the weed money you owe him
>send through facebook msgner using BAT
>why am I a brainlet

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this is very much possible

>> No.6703797


How does Chrome makes money?

>> No.6703861


Oh come on, internet is more flexible than you think. Look at Telegram for example

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But then kikebook has a record that there was a transaction, and any conversation leading up to it.

You guys are doing it all wrong. There's two purposes for crypto: anonymous transfers or international transfers with less hassle/fees. Not so you can send your friend money, that's what shit like zelle and venmo are for. Your friend is going to want real money...

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they hold a stack of 200 million BAT tokens (probably locked up), so they have an incentive to keep the price high

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Bat man

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I’m not saying there will never be a change. In fact, I very clearly say I don’t think that in my post.

I just don’t think Brave is going to be the winner. Firefox, right now, put out a browser that’s just as fast as chrome, sometimes faster. They rebuilt it in Rust so the team can move quicker. I genuinely don’t believe Brave will be a top 3 browser.