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what is the most expensive thing you bought with crypto cash?

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>actually using my crypto

Nigga, it's the other way around, I only buy crypto, I never cashed out.

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Bought a 200€ Monitor for my Dualmonitor Setup to have more screenspace while trading.
My ATH was around 35k, now stand at 23k.

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Mazda 2 but not brand new. 2018 will be the year I cash out most of my crypto. I'm getting paranoid over that bubble thing.

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A 34“ Curved Gaming Screen

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Bought my phone for 0.7

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Bought weed, MDMA and black tar heroin from silk road in about 2013. The BTC equivalent is probably fucking shocking.

Aside from that I recently cashed out some gains to pay for a backpacking trip round India which I'll be going on in a few weeks, so probably that I guess.

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3x Intel Xeon E5-2699

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$400 Dyson Heater. If I can't be comfy then what's the point.

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spent a few gs on 3d printers. they payed off after 3 months.

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>they payed off after 3 months.


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1000 hits of LSD... in 2013 BTC

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200 modafinil pills for 0.3BTC or roughly 250 dollars at the time

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1/10 ounce krugerrand

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A OnePlus 5.

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Macbook Pro 13" 2018 (planning to get at least).

Also, visiting Dubai next month.

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Pound of cali grass

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Paid $7000 in student loans

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Paid off the remainder $90k on my student loans.
I just wrote a $4k check so my poorfag dad can replace his work vehicle.

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In Germany new computer hardware, watercooling, exclusive stuff at caseking.
I was looking for a Phone but found nothing. someone got a shop who delivers to Germany?

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Ledger nano s

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~1.5btc on antminers


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>backpacking trip round India
send m your remaining cryptos you wont be needing them anymore

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What happens when you buy one of these, but later get a qt 3.14 gf who moves in with you. What the fuck do you do with it? How do hide such a thing. What if she finds it? Do you just get rid of it? Will anyone buy it used?

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you wont be needing a qt 3.14 gf anymore

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Until we have fuckable realistic robots with lifelike AI, no. It won't replace the need/desire of a real GF.

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You do like that guy from that House Md. episode, who told his girlfriend about his doll and screwed everything.

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I've watched that show, but not from start to finish. Will have to sometime. Haven't seen that episode, though.

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Oh, shit, maybe I have seen it. Been some years since.

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It is one of the last episodes, probably you never saw it.

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I watched it out of order and didn't have DVR at the time. The netipot is what fucked him, right?

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Access to those retarded "download slow and watch ads or pay 30 bucks for ultraspeed+ access!" file sharing sited. Had some good porn tho, totally worth $4000.

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A hot ass Nintendo switch

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Apart from more crypto
Drugs and getting ripped off on Deep Web


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Can we get more of these, I kek'd slightly.

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A 600$ tent

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experience of joy and despair

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Imaginary magical coins before some the dip

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Unironically a burger in early 2017.

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Cities skylines for 0.2 ETH back when ETH was cheap, now it would be $200 USD Wew.

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A lot of people bought bags of weed for hundreds of bitcoin back in the day
kinda funny to think about it now

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3D printed another 3D printer, refound the one he bought

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Thanks bought 100k

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I bought a biz lizard for like 5 bucks worth of LTC before it mooned. That 5 fucks is like 15 bucks now baka

I spent 15 bucks on some strings and beads. I know how the 10k btc pizza guy feels now

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checkout what my brother gifted me from his bitcoin money :DDD :O

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adidas ultraboosts

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I see that cat has been well trained to eliminate manchildren

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4.3 octave marimba

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Somone post the screencap of the guy getting tired lifting his doll.

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Motorcycle license and a 47hp motorcycle. Cost me aroud 8k$ in total. Best decision ever

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