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What's /biz/ mining? Current mining suggestions from shitcoin bin. Personally mines sumoKoin.

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Respond to me you apes!

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Dual Mining ETH+LBC on GPU, Mining ETN with Processors.

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Which one's decent with a processor? I know GPUs are best but still if I want to go with a CPU which one should I choose?

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I don't think any CPU mining is efficient anymore. You could try mining DarkCoin though if you really wanna CPU mine.

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I switch between Monero, SumoKoin, Intensecoin and Electroneum.

Currently doing about 2.2 mh/s on cryptonight.

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CPU works great on cryptonight coins. Don't listen to this fuckhead above, he doesn't know jack shit and clearly doesn't mine.

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Turtlecoin. Its very small atm so you can mine alot.

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Best bang for the buck would be the 6276 Opteron, I have servers running 4x 6276, at 2khs. ~$300 on ebay for a kit. However, the power draw will get you in the long run.

1 rack with CPU miners;
14kw - 64khs

1 rack with GPU miners
8.5kw - 112khs.

All my new miners are GPU based.

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This is the real reason to go w/ GPU - but if you already have CPU's might as well put them to work for you.

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TRTL, get in while the getting's good.

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Don't mine is not profitable

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Yes, even if the CPU based miners are a cheaper initial investment, with the difficulty increase and time spent mining GPU has better return. Thankfully I got my facility deemed as industrial power usage so paying $0.02/kwh.

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turtlecoin baby

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Definitely TRTL, it's a very new coin which very low current mining difficulty. Using Cryptonight algorithm so easy to use CPU mining too.

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Mining turtlecoin at nights, when electricity is cheaper.

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Being 1/1000th of the mining population compared to 1/1000000th of the mining population.

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I also mine TRTL. It's just that 'alot' is not a word.

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a lot. ffs. Forgive me.

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is sumokoin minable and how are you mining it?

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My problem with TRTL is there is a huge supply and it minimal if any uses.

I would prefer something with a better chance of success.

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Mining turtlecoin until garliccoin comes out. I'm investing in the meme economy.

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Mining shells as well

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I can buy weed at this moment with TRTL not good use?

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The advantage to huge supply (~35 billion EoY) is cheap coins, which make it easier to sell to normies. Imagine if they make an app and you can be "yo I'll send you 100,000 shells if you pickup the beer"

It's never going to reach $1 a coin, but even if it hits $0.01 per turtle I'll have made like $20,000 mining last week.

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Anyone not mining/buying trtl deserves to stay poor

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That's the best use for a privacy coin anon.

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Why is the huge supply a problem? Ethereum litteraly has unlimited supply, the mining will just increase in difficulty.

Dont forget that TRTL allows for anonymous transactions, something that will always be in demand, for both good and bad intentions...

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I believe 2018 will be the year of the privacy coin. Everybody should have at least one of XMR, PIVX, ZEC, DASH. If turtle can get notice it'll be on the must have list. It's the privacy meme coin.

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I dream of a world where TRTL is worth .10

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Like, what do you have to lose? Run your pc while you sleep.
>but muh electricity
a whole $0.3 a night for me.

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I’ve got 12x GTX 1070 Ti sitting in boxes waiting on other parts to come in so I can start setting these bad boys up

What software do you faggots use? I’m planning to have many more rigs in the future so SM cuts out the tedious process of setting up an OS on each of them. Also looked into AM, still trying to find the right one for me

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If that happens... haha, my god. I'll have made it. The EOY market cap would have to be 3 billion though. That's top 20 right now.
Who knows what the crypto market cap will be EOY, but I think $0.01, 300m MC at EOY, is more realistic.
Maybe 10 cent turtle in 2-5 years. Hold them turtles boys.

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xmr-stak but only because it was literally the easiest solution. I don't think that it is good for GPU mining, though.

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Shit, I'd be happy with .01. Ten cents is just the dream. Been mining this for a few weeks and while it's slowed down quite a bit, still pulling about 250k TRTL per day.

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Apparently you can get better hash rates with claymore, but I'm using xmr-stak because ez mode.

There is different software for different coins. Most of it isn't too hard. You can also rent your equipment out with rental sites.

If you're super serious you can underclock your GPU and overclock your ram to get higher hash rate with lower energy useage. This for maximum profitability.. but fuck that I use my PC for gaymen during the day.

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Damn you must have like 50-100mill. I just hit 4 million today.

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You that supervillain anon?

Post more pics.

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everyone should mine ELLA

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+1 (actually dont mine it cos i dont want difficulty to increase lol)

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Can you not use some shit like awesome miner to run any config off of?

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That's a beautiful mining cave

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>idiots think trtl will ever be worth anything

This shit trading for 1 sat would be a miracle.

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Please post some more on this. Its beautifull

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There should be a coin for every product

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that's about 3x the current price people are buying/selling for on the discord

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Don't underestimate the meme market. People are fucking buying BITCONEEEEEEEEECCCCCC right now.

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I was thinking of making a coin, maybe banana coin?

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forget turtl and other memecoins

mine ELLA and stake ColX for massive gainz

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In that case, the early miners going to dump on your like crazy, the difficulty went up by over 20 times in last few weeks.

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Transformer and backup generator.

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Holy fucken shit this is the real deal

Show more based anon

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Sadly, gotta go. Need to get into town before the grocery store closes :P

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That photo is of the Wikileaks servers you LARPing faggot

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You are basically limited to just CryptoNight coins. Don't go after the mega-caps like XMR, it would take you 1 year to just reach the payout threshold on the pools. The very best shot you have is to go for a relatively new coin with some gimmick like IntenseCoin and hope it moons. Or you could hope for a repeat of the ZCL/BTCP situation where your coin attempts to reverse-fork the BTC ledger and air-drops BTC holders.

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Reminds me of that level of Goldeneye on the N64 near the end of the game. Took me so long to complete it.

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gtfo newfag. bunkerbro is back <3

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I am not quite sure if TRTL is gonna make it frankly speaking, since most people mining are gonna dump as soon as it hits an exchange.

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Not till it hits one cent USD, then normies buy that dip, and it climbes to 10 cents in 2019

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>I am not quite sure if TRTL is gonna make it frankly speaking, since most

Why would they? This has the potential to do a doge, you'd be a retard to sell early like that. Everybody knows that by now.

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How much would my shit PC woitha 670/i5 2500k even net me?

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turtlepool.space check it there.
I reckon you'd get 500-600 hashes/s.
You can google that though, its the cryptonite algorythm.

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Use CCminer for Nvidia mining
there are a lot of different algos that it will do

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>mfw when mining sc and 10 cents was a dream
>it finally happens
>all the wallets are fucked

Anyways, I'm hodling that for now. Mining zcl at the moment. Want to have a few before the fork

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That adds up to quite a lot of turtles, but I guess a more pertinent question is: Is there any real point in me doing it? Since everyone else mines a whole shittonne more than me, I can't imagine I'd be making much even (yeah I get a lotta turtles but if I got 250k and everyone else is holding millions/billions it's not that much).

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again: if you mine now you will be 1 of 500 people mining.

Every other coin has a shit ton more miners. I dont think you should mine this for all time to come, but at least jump in for now, mine a million, be happy later.

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Thanks anon, I'll give it a whirl, not like I can lose anything on it.

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Another sumominer here. Absolutely convinced of the coins long term success.