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ARK, SALT and BAT here

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all of them look like triangles to me :^)

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only BAT man, and fucking ZCL, that's my whole portfolio

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Fuck... this really makes me think. Are triangles commonly used symbols in crypto because they are a symbol of wealth consolidated by a few elite?

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I sold BAT at 5400-5600sat expecting a drop overnight. I'm watching it attentively in case more youtubers spread the word soon.

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he sold bat

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Beekoneck :^)

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Most certainly some are already producing videos to shill it.
Buy back in at, as you can see we didn't get dumped by dumb asians and are going back up again.

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Zcl 12
salt 126
bat 700

and others

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I don’t even have that much invested i just love researching coins :(

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Didn’t read the title. I’m retarded. Night /biz/

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300k BAT. AmA.

I have a 400 IQ similar to Eich.

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everything else is shit, briefly convert it to BTC before entering a P&D before selling back and holding EURO again, the master currency.

Litterally sitting comfier than ever knowing ill 130% my profits every 3 days, and wait out the shit market


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He's so smart that he can conjure matter/money out of thin air.

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but BAT is not going to go high its worthless over $1

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please explain how that is the case?


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you may think this meme is funny but it actually prevents people from buying bat because they think it is real

see this brainlet>>6636233

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ye im a brainlet for not keeping up with autistic memes

sry too busy making money

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you are gullible at least.

But my main criticism was pointed at the other anon

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Bought at 80 cents

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more like we're all occult larping fags

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BTC is either going to go up or its going to go down in the coming days. BAT has been slaughtered by the movements of BTC before and it will happen again.

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CAPP and STRAT here, should have gone 100% CAPP

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Invest in ADC if you're not blind