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get in faggots we're about to get rich

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>tfw was holding bat when it was 0.07
>sold to buy lite coin
>this was weeks ago

Should have accumulated

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Holy shit we are?!

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>He's buying the pump instead of selling the news
>dump it

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9k BAT sitting comfy beating off to green candles

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>quality project that got dragged down with the shit
>still 35% off all time high


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>an advertising browser that no one wants or needs
you're not gonna make it anon

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We warned you.

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>Being this dumb

It's clear you don't understand the project. It's the antithesis to an advertising browser.

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>being this dumb. how many youtubers will it take to get your head out of your ass?

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20k BAT here

$50 when?

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Before the end of the year.

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$50B marketcap? maybe in the 2020s

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Wrong, you'll see in a month when it's added to coinbase and your favorite streamer/youtuber/website is shilling it.

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$5 is more believable, but still a stretch. $50 though lol

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BAT being over $1 defeats the whole purpose of the token. If you knew anything about the project, you'd know this.

Use your brain people. Are you seriously going to fucking buy this over $1?

but seriously, this coin will never even reach the double digits this year. I also think the meme magic will prevent this coin from easily surpassing a dollar.

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50B this year might be ambitious but if TRX could hit a 16B valuation with no product, i see absolutely no reason why BAT couldn't hit more than that with an actual product and use case

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I sold 1/5th of my Ven stack for this when I saw the tweet from Philly. Sitting on 130K Bat now. Don't fuck me on this /biz/

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Unoffical BAT discord. Help us get small youtubers behind this dont miss the chance https://discord gg/5CKE9Zv

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preemptively neck yourself and avoid the suffering

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I hope you bridge yourself when your wrong.

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you sound annoying

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pump is over its already horizontal

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good, i don't want pumpers ruining this project by creating unnecessarily volatility

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few more days until it starts mooning off the cup and handle

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BAT being over $1 defeats the whole purpose of the token. If you knew anything about the project, you'd know this.

Use your brain people. Are you seriously going to fucking buy this over $1?

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Get in here before the shit goes nuts
https://discord gg/6yUQ82

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Get Bat down for 2 weeks the cunt, so I can get more cheap before the Q2 rocket

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Seroiusly thinking of selling my link for this shit

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I'm just playing short with this

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Diversify. Both projects will be huge.

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>tfw you realize that there are people on /biz who still haven't bought BAT

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i see this copy pasta FUD every thread


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This. Its like the people that didn’t own ETH in Q1 2017

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Any other BATmen in?
Bought at 46 :^)

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I sold my Flixx for this. Might as well grab this rocket while it's hot.

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This rocket will be hot forever. BAT will be the biggest crypto in 2018. Your children will read about it in textbooks.

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in crypto having an actual product hurts your market cap. coins with no product can promise anything they want on twitter and dumb niggers will eat it up. bat will never catch tron because people have to actually use it for the price to go up.

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fomo'd in @ .80

ive been contemplating suicide ever since

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god dammit you might be right. pack it up boys we need to destroy brave for the sake of our bat

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https://www youtube com/watch?v=-_fqzg8PNgY

@ 5:50

vids usually get 1.5m views, still 1 million more to watch this vid

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im strapped in boys

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it's the only crypto with a use case outside of BTC and ETH

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and XMR

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This coin will go 4x tops, which is not bad

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How do I get BAT out of the brave browser?


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These tokens are meant to be used to grow the user base. Quit being a pajeet.