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>anon trades tokens that don't even have a working product yet
>anon still doesn't own any BATs
>anon still uses Chrome

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Literal meme magic. I can't believe it LMAO

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Wish I could have bought more during the dip, but this is going to set a new floor. $1 soon cometh.

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It’s already showing signs of life

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>crypto market crash top news everywhere
>thinking normies buy in again

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claim your pic related

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this guy is still around? hes like a dinosaur in internet years

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BAT has utility unlike other cryptos
Small-time youtubers actually needs this

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Guys join the offical discord so we can shill this coin and be rich come on guys

https://discord gg/hRuJdDe

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$50 EOY. PewDiePie Post coming tonight, Coinbase coming this week.
Mozilla integration coming in 1 month.
I'm deleting this post in 5 minutes.

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> pump it to $99, $100 defeats the purpose

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I'd recommend you fags trying out the browser anyway. It's pretty great honestly.

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Twitch integration should be first according to his tweeter

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/biz/ stop. STOP. Stop trying to defeat the purpose of the token. The cheaper it is, the better.

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I'm waiting on a deposit to complete on friday. Plz to delete sir! sir! sir! plz to delete!

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There's no brakes on the BAT train. This is the lowest the price will ever be again.

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That'll be awesome even though he's just talking about being able to donate to Twitch streamers via the Brave browser and not an actual Twitch partnership.

An actual Twitch partnership with BAT would be a game changer. So would BAT on coinbase.

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Too late, we are taking off

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No let them shill this coin. They didn't read the white paper and they'll learn the hard way

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It's actually 60% of my holdings, i just wanted more cheap BAT.

Someone needs to come up with a coin where i can deposit cash money and not have to wait a god damn week for it to clear.

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Bat and coinbase are already partnered.

See >>6605694

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for the new: this is 100% FUD

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Most people can't even be bothered to whitelist their favourite channels, which makes me doubt people are going to go through all this trouble just to give Youtubers money.

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dominos are starting to fall, BATmen

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Those fingers on the chart doubled my bat stack kek

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Every single "white paper" argument has been disproven.

>tied to ETH price
That's talking about the ICO price, brainlet.

>above $1 defeats the purpose
Never mentioned in the whitepapers.

>it's better if the coin is worth less
Not at all true; in fact, cheap BAT defeats the purpose of Brave because there wouldn't be any incentive for content creators to want BAT donations.

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Bingo Bango.

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Try the browser out. Have it cum all over your face. Turn gay.

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wow, man, phillyD is going ALL IN. DAMN. now I feel bad for it only being 60% of my portfolio

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>all this trouble just to give Youtubers money

Yeah you see, here's the beauty of it:

All they have to do is use Brave and it will automatically give their favorite Youtubers money. How about that?

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Fellow Anons, i do not hold any BAT and I just wanted to say this: I love the fucking Brave Browser. Threw all other Browsers off my PC and Phone. Fucking smooth experience.

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"Going all in"
Regardless, just eating popcorns.

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Now we just need a pewdiepie mention and getting brendan eich onto the joe rogan podcast.

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I wish it supported userscripts.

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is this worth doing if im sitting on 5000 BATs anyway?

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>anon still uses Chrome
whats wrong with chrome

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We're all using Brave now.

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I have no doubt in my mind that it will someday, the devs are likely looking to do everything Firefox does and more, surpassing their own legacy.

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you need to use Brave browser for BAT to work, cmon man this is basic research

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I mean, if you're gonna part with your BAT to increase user awareness then no.

If you're okay with receiving free BAT that you're meant to give away to increase user awareness of the platform, then yes.

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BAT extension for firefox when?
i'm going to use Brave for youtube only

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nobatmen on suicide watch

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https://boards 4chan.org/biz/thread/6606794

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whats this shit?

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Easiest 2x gain of my life. Wish it was more though, but it would defeat the purpose of the coin.

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the wave of the future.

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future's bright, take these

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So, there is no way to get them out of the browser and into a real wallet? What's the point?

I'm not interested in giving money to a bunch of NEET YouTube jews. And the browser is pretty bad.

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It's not firefox

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>listening to normies


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that's just the ones they give away for free

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Now it would need to reach 10k satoshis to be a dollar now :)

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someone explain how this shit works

i dont get it at all

i have the browser, wtf does monthly budget mean

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Become a verified(r) creator and transfer them to yourself.
Tick tock, 90 days left to start that youtube channel.

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someone suggested on here a while ago that maybe eich and brave were waiting for a significant market crash before they really started marketing this thing to separate themselves from the pile of shit that crypto can be, and maybe... just maybe that's what we're seeing here.

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The browser blocks ads and gives BATs to the websites and youtube channels you follow every month instead.

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It means how much BAT it will distribute from your wallet to websites and people monthly

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In this bear market, the only people making money are the members of this group. Join now.

https://discord dot gg/6ddqFHd

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Theyre giving away free BAT to jummpstart the economy. Use it to support your favorite content creators.

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This. The fact you need a browser or a plugin is fucking stupid. You can build this without a whole broweser. You think there is going to be a legit RFC that gets accepted as a standard so all browsers integrate this stupid token? If you asnwer yes then you are a brainlet who deserves to lose money on this shit coin.

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lets go boys

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>>So, there is no way to get them out of the browser and into a real wallet? What's the point?

In the next phases of the BAT model viewers will be able to cash out earned BAT for shekels. They are doing this now as a way to stimulate the bat ecosystem,

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It was me. I said he was waiting for the bear market. Eich is playing 4d chess. He knew youtube was going to demonetize everyone yesterday.
He is more 4d chess than trump.

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what if i run out of BAT? how does it know who to give it to?

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Almost 50 cents

Don't one of those losers fomoing after 2600 sats. Secure your 2x gains now.

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you're gonna unironically hang yourself if you don't buy this under a dollar.

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when you add funds you can't withdrawal them? am i reading this right?

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>not trusting an anti-gay pro-trump libertarian genius that managed to make javascript famous despite being the shittiest programming language ever

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Shit browser and lacks of add-on.

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scam token cant go over $1

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Go to the website you lazy dumbfuck. there are settings for it

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Damn I received that email has well. Eich confirmed to have insider info

Under the new eligibility requirements announced today, your YouTube channel, aeongns, is no longer eligible for monetization because it doesn’t meet the new threshold of 4,000 hours of watchtime within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. As a result, your channel will lose access to all monetization tools and features associated with the YouTube Partner Program on February 20, 2018 unless you surpass this threshold in the next 30 days. Accordingly, this email serves as 30 days notice that your YouTube Partner Program terms are terminated.
One of YouTube’s core values is to provide anyone the opportunity to earn money from a thriving channel. Creators who haven’t yet reached this new threshold can continue to benefit from our Creator Academy, our Help Center, and all the resources on the Creator Site to grow their channels. Once your channel reaches the new threshold, it will be reviewed to make sure it adheres to our policies and guidelines, and if so, monetization will be re-enabled.
YouTube now effectively killing start up channels... And turning the millions of start up channels and one hit wonders to BAT. Even if those start up channel makes it they'll continue to use BAT for double money.

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If you run out of BAT it will not distribute any to people since you don't have any. It's supposed to automatically pick the websites/youtubers you mostly visit but you are also supposed to be able to pick who your BAT goes to. Idk though since it hasn't given me any kind of options in brave to pick who to distribute it to.

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It won't be like this forever

>> No.6607507

what fucking website?

im just gonna sell my fucking bats when it moons

>> No.6607523

yes there is the option to change the default settings. click the little pin icon next to each publisher and it will let you input a fixed % value for that publisher

>> No.6607553

Then go ahead and build it ya faggot.

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do you realize the whole point of BAT is to be under $1 right?

>> No.6607611

It doesn't show me any publishers. Not even after i spent nearly an hour watching theneedledrop with brave.

>> No.6607660

dumbest pajeet shill posts ive ever seen

>> No.6607663

ANy source on this?

>> No.6607702

do any of the websites you visit in Brave show up in the list? a couple reasons that might be obvious but could fix your problem: can't use private browsing mode, and must make sure Brave Payments are enabled

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None. Some dumb faggot decided he wanted to be funny. It became a meme among a bunch of tiny dick cock guzzlers.

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today's episode is due in ~1 btw. he has a segment where he shills shit he likes. keep an eye out

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*1 hour

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BITCONNECT number two prepare your abuses

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What's wrong with chrome?
Brave is pretty bad especially the mobile version
The desktop version is just a worse version of chrome with adblock made by lefties sjw

>> No.6607907

stop driving up the price!


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coinmarketcap is a verified publisher, you guys find any other cool verified ones?

>> No.6607921

If you're implying the anti-gay crusader king himself is more of a sjw lefty than google then idk dude

>> No.6607946

you guys are so gullible this is literally why crypto is going to go to shit

>> No.6607977

You retards realize that the tokens you get from this are reclaimed unless you use them exactly as the dev team wants you to.

>> No.6607988

ok anon try to make your intentions less obvious next time. it's still not too late to buy BAT

>> No.6607989

Brendan was literally driven out of Mozilla for contributing to a "save marriage" (anti-gay) charity.

lefty? sjw?

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None of them do. I don't use private browsing and i have had the payments enabled since last october although i didn't have any BAT in the wallet previously. I have not updated the browser since i downloaded it which could be the cause but i also haven't gotten any notifications about new updates so i might just reinstall the browser if the problem persists.
Checked. Also i've already tried that multiple times and still have the same issue.

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Early adopter here sitting pretty with my free 47.50 BAT

>signed up as publisher
>free BAT in MY wallet
>All around me are familiar pajeets

>> No.6608079

How about that? How about you fuck off?

You arr asking people to change their browing habits and use an ugly and dysfunctional Chromium fork just so they can GIVE AWAY money to some shmuck who makes prank videos.

Give me, the USER, the ad-blocking, channel swapping, sub-skipping selfish user a reason to give a single fuck.

For fuck's sake the wallet is unidirectional.

>> No.6608080

Always trust in Brendan "The Faggot Killer" Eich.

His grandfather was an SS officer by the way.


>> No.6608081

what don't you understand about a "user growth pool"?

it's literally to drive awareness of the platform by having users give away BAT they got for free.

>> No.6608188

lol i'll give you, the USER, a swift kick in the teeth!

>> No.6608191

i'd definitely try to update and see if that fixes it.

spoken like someone who has never used Brave KEK. after tweaking some minor settings there is no way I'm going back to Chrome. you'll do the same in a few months or weeks

>> No.6608192


How does that work? How do you stop the gays without laws and le tyrannical government?

>> No.6608300

by allowing independent organizations (i.e churches) to make their own rules without governmental intervention?

>> No.6608377

Phil Defranco is currently posting in the BAT subreddit.

We’re gonna make it guys

>> No.6608435

Updating didn't change anything so i guess i'll wait till it's supposed to pay the BATs to the publishers and see if anything has changed

>> No.6608519

Naah. You're just a dumbass who likes ugly UIs and non existant dev tools.

Lol u keep beggin for donations cuckboi.

>> No.6608566

time to sell the news

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seems legit

>> No.6608700

The wallet is unidirectional for now.

Its to incentivise content creators and publishers to adopt & to give the user a chance to experience the system

Future updates will allow withdrawal & debit n credit card deposit.

Buy Batty Boy

>> No.6608743

fuck off m8 this is a BAT thread. leave if you don't want these gains

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Join the bat project Discord. Before this shit blows up https://discord gg/hRuJdDe

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>Brendan doesnt suffer cucks

>> No.6608826

BAT is typical vapourware. No one is going to change browsers to pay people.. what a joke. Sell.

>> No.6608887

>missed the moon

>> No.6608976

lol at least try to conceal your motives anon. why would you doubt the ability of a guy who made javascript and cofounded firefox to create a successful product? i'm sorry you didn't buy BAT when it was .35

>> No.6608981

somebody tell chinkmoot to add 4chan as publisher so maybe he can stop spamming captchas to donors

>> No.6609015

> dont want these gains

Users are not meant to enjot these "gains", fag.

But sure keep filling Philly D's pockets while others adopt real projects with real uses.

>> No.6609148

I have some BAT, but really what value does Brave have in your opinion? Most people use adblockers already, seriously doubt they would be willing to go out of their way to pay rich people more money

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plebbit spacing fag go back to plebbit. name another token that has a working product that I can use now. go on, I'll keep waiting

>> No.6609165

Wow. I'm watching it moon as I wait for bittrex to make an address for me to transfer my ethereum

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Why are people attacking browser so much?

Lots of uses for BAT besides the browser.

Fucking dirty no-BATties.

>> No.6609258

How do I get my coins where are they?

>> No.6609308 [DELETED] 

Watch BAT recover live(ad-free, autorefreshing charts unlike cmc, fast site): https://www.thecryptowiki.org/Live_Chart

>> No.6609354

people are faggots. basically.

>> No.6609356

you will be able to get paid in BAT soon for enabling ads. the ads will protect your privacy and will not be intrusive. that's the most direct example I can give you. another example is that soon some publishers will create paywalls for exclusive content that can only be accessed after paying some small amount of BAT. just use your imagination anon it's not hard

>> No.6609382

nigga, brave is the first step

they gonna do extend the system to all other browsers as plugin

>> No.6609454

brave browser -> settings -> payments

>> No.6609501

how much bat for one ad

>> No.6609529

If anybody wants to hook up my pajeet youtube channel, it's CryptoFela. I just got verified.

I can hit you back with LTC or something. Just msg me at the username above (at)gmail(dot)com

>> No.6609575

Just 3 balls jumping up and down

>> No.6609629

And just like that it’s back where I bought in

>> No.6609674

OMFG, 2018 here i come. Time to get on the spaceship guys!

>> No.6609680

email contactbatreon@protonmail.com to be featured on http://batreon.com/

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You can't take the free BAT out of the browser though nows the time to buy more if you wanted to.
>tfw bought the dip

>> No.6609694

Just recover my losses from yesterday. Thanks, Philly.

>> No.6609729

join here https://discord gg/hRuJdDe ill make you a youtuber badge on the discord should get some views :)

>> No.6609740

Large Youtuber Chris Ray Gun is whining about lack of monetisation - SHILL HIM THE TOKEN /BIZ/!


>> No.6609835

Yes, because an ecosystem where content creators that depend on ad revenue aren't receiving said revenue is sustainable and a good idea.

BAT is an attempt to squeeze out the middleman in the advertising space. Decreasing costs for advertisers, and increasing revenue for content creators.

This translates into a more enjoyable user experience for you, the user, when you stop getting spammed to hell and back with pop-ups, obnoxious ads, etc. You're also given a share of the ad revenue (in the form of BAT) to use as you wish.

>> No.6609858

that's a good question. i know Brave wants to focus on higher quality/smaller quantity of ads. we'll find out soon.

>> No.6609866

Like this goyhim said Brave is first step.

BAT will be the de facto internet currency, want to pay a friend on FB send him some BAT. Want to pay for that latest live stream, pay in BAT.

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File: 859 KB, 1920x1080, aqua BAT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

who b/a/t

>> No.6609938

How do we know it's not just a dead cat bounce?

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>> No.6610008


!!!! 10Miljoin followers!! damn this is going to take off. MOON TIME!

>> No.6610028

how do you sign as publisher?
do you need a youtube account basically?

>> No.6610036

Yeah you should probably sell all your crypto as fast as possible

>> No.6610128

Did you buy the bat on the browser anon? I don't take that out.

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File: 973 KB, 312x213, 7drHiqr.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6610178


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You idiot. By having the government stay out of marriage? By letting churches, synagogues, mosques, and who he fuck ever to decide for themselves what makes a marriage rather than the state?

>> No.6610241
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>> No.6610276


>> No.6610308

No! tank the price! god damn it cut to commercial!

My potential future gains...

>> No.6610333
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Fear not my BATbros, for the BAT resurrection is upon us! Dank memes and good times are ahead as long as you have BAT!!!!!

>> No.6610341
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big cause true

>> No.6610358

Either that or your own website. Thats the easiest way to get it. Even then you dont get it all. Such is the way the system is built

>> No.6610579

I have 1500 BAT. WILL I MAKE IT??

>> No.6610599

That's not his youtube that's twitter retard. He has 1 million followers

>> No.6610659

*I don't think you can take that out

>> No.6610712

>tfw with BAT i will be able to soon monetize my meme page on kikebook

best timeline

>> No.6610796

But since nobody uses brave you'll only get a couple of dolars at most even in the best of the best timeline.

>> No.6610832

>keeps repeating the same meme over and over again

see >>6609382

>> No.6610889
File: 79 KB, 600x450, batgeorge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6610934

And how many people will get those extensions? That's right, only a couple of nerds in a sea of normies.

>> No.6610936

50% of internet users will be on BRAVE in 2 months, screncap this.

>> No.6611111


Brave is garbage. Pale Moon is where its at.

>> No.6611118

DeFranco is publishing a new video very soon. There's a good chance he will shill BAT and Brave in the video, considering the subject is demonetisation of small youtubers.

>> No.6611178

>being this dumb
did you miss the part where two youtubers with 16M combined subscribers just shilled this on twitter? this is just the being nobatty

>> No.6611211

>be me

Help me understand this, their faq says;

>"(Please note that you cannot transfer BAT out of your Brave wallet. The Brave BAT wallet is unidirectional (as was the Brave Payments Bitcoin proof-of-concept system), and its sole purpose currently is to anonymously and securely contribute to publishers of websites of your choosing.)"

Essentially what this means is that buying BAT is a one way street, as I cannot buy any other currency with BAT? Then why the FUCK would I buy BAT just to give it away to youtubers who are already rich?

>> No.6611239

Nobatties on suicide watch.

>> No.6611242

https://discord gg/hRuJdDe

>> No.6611273

you will be able to withdraw BAT that you get for watching ads later. the point of this giveaway is to increase awareness and adoption of BAT, not to give 4channers free monies for tendies

>> No.6611279


>> No.6611287

Sorry I don't use cancerware

>> No.6611340


Yeah, I dont get the BAT thing at all. Where’s the market? Why would it increase in value when it only exists to go to other people.

>> No.6611342

I dont believe thos shitcoin is ever gonna work, but i do belive its about to moon.

>> No.6611419

dude just use the web browser version

>> No.6611439


you're pretty dense or you're FUDing, in any case I'm sorry for you.

>> No.6611492

durr where's the online advertising market? who would ever pay for ads online? it's definitely not a multibillion dollar industry guys...

>> No.6611518

Fair enough - but when is "later"? I mean if they implement it after it supposedly skyrockets then people will just cash out the second they allow you to and it'll crash... or am I missing something here?

>> No.6611520

limited supply, some people will hoard it like bitcoin, it will be used to buy ads, it will be used on the internet to buy stuff as a currency

>> No.6611531
File: 7 KB, 235x214, 1515951643891.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6611573

Thos shit is literally like a scam my uncle drag me to years ago. I tried to talk him out of it and he wouldn't listen. You would get tokens for watching ads and eventually you could cash out tokens. It turned out to be a ponzi scheme because guess what, people dont like watching ads. If you have to pay people to watch ads then the ad is worthless.

Im im because this is gonna moon but this shit is gonna crash and the fallout will be amazing to watch. A lot of YTbers are gonna lose their careers if they do jump on this.

>> No.6611592

Well we don't have to worry about it skyrocketing too far, once it hits a dollar it will stay there since that is the whole purpose of BAT.

>> No.6611626

you can get help in the discord

>> No.6611767

lmao how do you think current digital advertising works? you realize that advertisers pay to advertise their company on other websites right? BAT is now letting YOU get a cut of that. i don't understand what you don't understand.

>> No.6611821

> being this retarded

>> No.6611923

1) people cannot cash out anything they receive from the user growth pool. if you don't use your tokens granted from the growth pool in a set time period, they are returned to the growth pool
2) therefore the only tokens that people will cash out will be from either what they earn as publishers or as ad watchers. this is literally no different than people taking profits on any other coin like BTC or ETH

>> No.6612001

The FUD is real. lol. Too soon for you guys?

You will be able to get your money when the whole platform is working.
There will be plungins for every explorer and there are rumors of firefox native integration.
Ads are there to stay, as every company and specially small and medium ones needs them. If nothing is done they race adblocker/intrusive ad will just keep escalating.
Youtubers are pissed with the adpockalipse. is nice to say that you will just use and adblocker, but content creators need to eat too.
A very interesting part of BAT is that is planned to be added to mobile apps. Have you ever seen anyone buy candy crush? no, every fucking person use ads instead. With BAT everyone, except fucking google, get a piece of the pie.
Publisers get people to see the ads, people can see non intrusive ads and be payed for it, content creators are payed with money from the advertisers, without middleman.

and on top of that the creator is fucking mister netscape, javascript & firefox. The guy that crushed the complete monopoly of microsoft in explorers. He has the smarts and the contacts, if you're not in knowing all this you'll kys by the end of the year.

>> No.6612221
File: 37 KB, 480x268, bogbat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All according to plan.

>> No.6612253

why be delusional bro

>> No.6612349

I do apologize in advance, but I'm genuinly trying to learn here. So I currently own 17,5 BAT which I recieved for free, I'll never be able to trade those out, fine. What if I put 50 BAT into my brave wallet, surely I must be able to cash those out at a later date for a profit?

>> No.6612403

word is Trayvon about to step up and BAT

>> No.6612424
File: 44 KB, 500x500, pepe popcorn rollercoaster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6612482

>people are falling for this malware browser meme
lmaoing at your lives

>> No.6612487

Follow instructions u idiot

>> No.6612540

>>people are falling for this malware browser meme
>lmaoing at your lives

Biggest retard here. Probably sold all his BAT

>> No.6612620

>implying I fell for the crypto meme

>> No.6612634

BAT will be huge. The browser is still in alpha state, so needs work on usability. But its getting there.

>> No.6612716

Chill, I was just meming.
Now how can I actually make money with this?
I just got in on this. Now it seems like getting Brave for some measly 17 tokens that I can't actually do anything with other than spend them through Brave isn't really worth it, but I guess this has the potential to raise the value of BAT significantly?
Which exchanges trade BAT?

>> No.6612756

nvm actually i answered this myself

>> No.6612816

there is no point in keeping the BAT in your Brave wallet if you don't intend to use it to pay for content/reward publishers right now. you can keep your BAT stashed in any ERC20 wallet, MyEtherWallet, etc.
the Brave wallet only allows deposits from users right now (publishers can withdraw their earnings obviously). this will change in the future, take a look at the roadmap if you are interested in seeing the timeline of development

>> No.6612836

https://discord gg/hRuJdDe

>> No.6612853

>this has the potential to raise the value of BAT significantly?
Yes, because its pushing more people to use it.

>> No.6612913

Did 4chan freeze?

>> No.6612921

the way you make money with this is you buy BAT on an exchange like Binance. then use the free tokens to pay your favorite youtubers, who will then shill BAT and raise the value of the tokens you purchased on the exchange

>> No.6612923

XLM can do that soon

>> No.6612957


>> No.6612964
File: 61 KB, 1000x800, Cozy poster Apu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sounds good

>> No.6612979

Someone post the tweet of phillyD saying he went all in om BAT. Shit is so cash.

>> No.6612993

cant wait for Trayvon's new BAT video

>> No.6613043

Awwwwww shit

>> No.6613127

Uhh how is this not a Ponzi scheme?

And yes, I'm holding BAT, so don't worry bros. I just don't want to get cucked

>> No.6613128


>> No.6613143


Defranco talking about BAT at 5:50 in his new video https://youtu.be/-_fqzg8PNgY?t=350

>> No.6613166

>Letting (((Christians))) tell you how to think
Kill yourselves Amerimutts

>> No.6613176

So why are you guys cumming yourselves over phillyD shilling this shit

>> No.6613194

I'm confused, what's going on?

>> No.6613204
File: 1.11 MB, 1287x945, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 3.19.20 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6613227

Literally millions of people are now being exposed to this token and the browser.

Moon mission inbound. LIke, right now.

>> No.6613243

>Why would people start orgasming over a man with several million viewers shilling a way out of the Youtube Advertisement jew box in a time when people are really being fucked over by it

>> No.6613263
File: 330 KB, 1334x750, FDE313F6-C8F0-4499-ACB3-EED79E71AEEF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6613270

6 million subs
big influence on youtube
you are stupid

>> No.6613271

If this works the advertisers are going to fight to get as many BATs as possible before moon so they have them stacked and cheap for the future, if this is the case the moon mission will apear in future text book.

>> No.6613277

how is digital advertising a ponzi scheme? do you know what a ponzi scheme is? it's a fraudulent cash flow mechanism from new investors to older investors. once new investors run out, the scheme collapses.
Brave will be collecting real dollars from advertisers and rewarding the ad watchers and publishers with BAT. Brave will also let you pay your favorite content creators with BAT purchased with USD if you want. how is this in anyway related to a ponzi scheme?
just being you don't understand something doesn't make it a ponzi lmao

>> No.6613311

>pay your favorite youtubers

Literally how? Its all set up but I see no option. Normies are supposed to understand this?

>> No.6613323

heyoo someone is actually using their brain. well done anon

>> No.6613340

No time for explanations. Buy now and cum later as you see how right we were

>> No.6613392

wonder when you'll realize you're dumber than normies

>> No.6613403

spend like 30 seconds trying to figure it out anon. i have faith in you. enable Brave payments and it's that simple

>> No.6613411

Just in time. I bought the dip too. Here we gooooo

>> No.6613476

Literally a couple million normies will be awared on BAT today

>> No.6613506


Ebin response xD *dibs bedora*

So you don't "pay" anything, you just watch videos? If you retards want something to moon you might quit being so autistic and distribute info instead of acting like children.

>> No.6613523

>you get paid in X currency
>when X currency increases in value it defeats the purpose

Do you realise how ridiculous this FUD sounds? At least try a credible story next time

>> No.6613584

I’m decently in on bat but honestly, they’re not just gonna purchase BAT. They’ll stall and stall and then eventually take them to court after holding years of meetings with all their shitty project manager middlemen.

And if they don’t take them to court they’ll try and roll out their own version which will inevitably fail and all the whole 3 years later they haven’t managed to sue them, or make their own competitor and have lost their market share.

This is because big companies are as forward thinking as retarded selfish children. Simple as.

>> No.6613593

In theory advertisers will be getting a much better roi as well.

>> No.6613651

Newfag here, what is BAT and why is everyone here memeing about it?

>> No.6613657

I just came here for the wojak memes.
I dont even have a bank account yet guess I'm not gonna get rich.
Congrats to you guys I guess

>> No.6613662

>And because I don't want to let all these small creators to be left out I'm going to give them some """"free""" advice
Wow how fucking generous this piece of shit better make me rich.

>> No.6613688


>> No.6613707

So on what exchange can I trade BAT/USD? I'm thinking this might be a good way to start buying crypto

>> No.6613714

not just videos, any website content. Youtube is just one major example. Twitch support will come soon, then probably Twitter and more after that.
there are verified publishers and unverified publishers right now. verified publishers are already set up in Brave's system and can collect any BAT you pay them now. unverified publishers on Youtube will receive a notification when their BAT balance exceeds $100 telling them to sign up to become a verified publisher and collect their BAT.
this is just the first step in the Brave payments ecosystem. next we will be able to earn small amounts of BAT for enabling ads, and advertisers will pay Brave/publishers/and users to distribute their ads through the system. PRIVACY and anonymity will be kept in each stage of the process

>> No.6613736


This is going to moon with or without you, retard, better be gratefull for the information.

>> No.6613778

Who is brave suppose to appeal to anyways? The masses will still use chrome and firefox is for power users as well as privacy enthusiasts. Doesn't the price of BAT depend heavily on the popularity of the browser?

>> No.6613842

Have you even used brave? I'll never go back to chrome. I've been using brave since before i knew about the bat. I love it

>> No.6613869
File: 111 KB, 625x773, 1516166946972.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bought and holding BAT
>dont know how to distribute the free BAT you get
>ask how
>autists sperg and dont give answers
>network effect decreases or is non existent

So you're retarded shills or what? Even that doesnt make sense as generally you'd want the coin to grow instead of stagnate.

How do i distribute my free tokens you fucking moron? Are you literally retarded and unable to comprehend how an answer to this question will help you and anyone holding BAT?
Jesus Christ, bunch of fucking morons. Whatever, im holding. Just hope you understand how goddamned retarded you are if you dont want to NETWORK the free growth coins that are meant to be NETWORKED.

>> No.6613870

firefox got involved with soros though it's not trustworthy

>> No.6613897


>> No.6613987

except Patreon and twitch business models are on fire dumb fuck.

>> No.6614072

So what do i do to get rich?

>visit the website
>download brave setup for windows

can someone fill those two?

>> No.6614106

Soon in coinbase if the rumors are true. Right now buy some bitcoins there and send them to bittrex or binance to buy BAT

>> No.6614154

Buy BAT tokens as soon as possible

>> No.6614159

>https://boards 4chan.org/biz/thread/6606794
Have you created a programming language or Mozilla? No? Then fuck off to a tron thread or some shit.

>> No.6614198

dude i have already explained this earlier in the thread and i am not being compensated for my time here on 4chan lmao.
this is how it works: you download the Brave browser and receive your tokens from the user growth pool after enabling Brave Payments under the "Shields" menu on Mac. on Windows you are going to have to figure out where that is located. once you enable Brave Payments and click the button to receive your free tokens they are now in your Brave wallet. now just browse the internet normally and check back after an hour or so. you will see each site listed in the Brave Payments portal that you were just in. you can choose to enable or disable each site depending on how you want to distribute your tokens. the default is based on a % of your time viewing content. you can change the default by clicking the little pin icon and entering a manual amount. you will see verified publishers have the green checkmark next to their name (like the guardian or philly defranco). they are already set up in the Brave system. every month, at the end of the cycle, your tokens will be distributed based on your chosen allocation.
>hurr durr what if i don't want to pay money to my content creators?
then you are going to have to just use the browser like you normally would until the option for earning BAT for watching ads is available later this year. then you will be able to earn BAT simply for enabling private ads that DO NOT TRACK YOU. this money will come from real advertisers and is distributed to Brave, publishers, and watchers based on the percentages in the white paper. go read it. fucking happy anon?

>> No.6614199

If I could swat you I would

>> No.6614249

literally the exact opposite of what is true. Spread your fake lies elsewhere pajeet.

>> No.6614268

I'm counting on this. Imagine the moon mission when this gets added to coinbase?

a limitless number of thai ladybois for me!

>> No.6614280

Guess its up to the children who actually watch youtube/streaming cancer etc. I'd prefer to dump the free coins from the browser somewhere to accelerate growth but I dont care enough to figure out how. Easier to just hold and let the cancer community do thay.

>> No.6614302

Wait this thing uses INS ecosystem? I have their bitcoins and ethereums.

>> No.6614329

"I'll never change from netscape" said the fag

"I'll never change from AOL" said the pajeet

"I'll never change from IE" said the cuck

"I'll never change from Chrome" said the poor

>your legacy in a nutshell

>> No.6614348
File: 20 KB, 534x143, 7485454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait was I supposed to pick something else? did I fuck up by not opening the scroll and taken more?


>> No.6614360

I asked a simple question and you wrote a wall of text. If you cant write one sentence I cba to sift through a bunch of non-formatted text.
Refer back to
>quit being so autistic

>> No.6614376

Damn time to go into BAT, I was hoping ZCL would moon first so I could buy more.

This is unironically going to $5 within the month.

>> No.6614390

i kinda want to dump them on the biggest youtube shill i can find, but i also want to support the sites i feel deserve it?

I'm kinda torn atm.

>> No.6614472

Yeah I dont know. Ill leave the watching youtube or whatever to the kids. If I have to sit there and browse/watch videos Im good on all that. Just holding, the normies will do the rest.

>> No.6614502

i would punch you in your dick right now if i could anon. i explicitly explained it like i would to my fucking dog

>> No.6614523

I have. I use many privacy addons on waterfox and rely on ublock often. From what I remember adblock comes with the browser but there wasn't any way to use it such as script blocking. It's just a basic browser for non power users.

Aren't you /pol/acks tired of the Soros boogeyman yet? Mozilla has no connection with him. If there is provide a source.

>> No.6614529

POLL: which green candle will be bigger?

1- BAT is added coinbase.
2- Pewdiepie shills BAT.
3- Facebook or amazon parnertship.

>> No.6614631

Just bought BAT/ETH. I think this will be a good one. Got in before Pewdiepie starts shilling this because then it's wild west on batcoins.

>> No.6614690

0.5 - Twitch partnership

>> No.6614709

No, you wrote a FAQ without formatting when I asked one specific question. Learn to read and write because you clearly cant do either. Take some anxiety medicine or something because you are literally having an autistic fit instead of being literate.
Good luck though l, ill be there to dump my coins without contributing anything to networking growth when the price goes high. Well played lol

>> No.6614775

your stack of BAT is fucking puny to me cunt. i have over 42k so eat my ass you unappreciative mongrel

>> No.6614780

China hasn't even woke up yet. You have an hour or two before it hits $1 tonight.

>> No.6614787
File: 519 KB, 882x777, hthphYl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pewds will be next youtuber to intercourse BAT


>> No.6614816
File: 5 KB, 392x707, batlink.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw a batlet with only 3k
>tfw bought in at 55, 65, and 75 cents

Will I make it anons?

>> No.6614820

>continues to shoot self in the foot

>> No.6614842

Does China watch DeFranco tho?

>> No.6614899

China likes money

>> No.6614904

at least i'm not the moron who can't figure out something that literal youtube normies already understand. i don't even want you in my coin anymore faggot

>> No.6614938

What the FUCK is going on. The coin is at a complete standstill.

>> No.6614975
File: 22 KB, 1596x173, FtmxOBE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He thinks his puny 42k is significant

>> No.6614982

My tradebots crashed wait a sec

>> No.6614996

Broke the servers, too many people trying to buy BAT.

>> No.6615038

that's nice bro if i dropped some of my ETH into bat I would eclipse that amount as well ;)

>> No.6615059

>watch youtube

Lol no thanks bud

>> No.6615067

What if I've been using Brave since release?!

>> No.6615140

yes. I added to my stash at 5000 sats just before the madness, saw it go down to 3900, and yet my horrible timing still has me up. You can't lose as long as you are willing to hold. This is one of the few good projects that will be still around in 5 years.

>> No.6615235
File: 18 KB, 537x143, Screenshot from 2018-01-17 19-04-20.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

strap in boys, this ship is launching soon

>> No.6615283
File: 7 KB, 225x225, 1515398857847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it begins

>> No.6615312

is this real?

>> No.6615331


This has me reminiscing about the time we saved the world by getting trump elected. Now we're about to save the internet.

>> No.6615356

check his TL

>> No.6615357

Brave is an awful browser

>> No.6615368



I hope you guys listened and loaded up.

>> No.6615393

Jesus christ.

>> No.6615402

Fuck me. I have to choose between XLM and BAT. Which is happening first? FairX or Coinbase-BAT?

>> No.6615404

Fuck yes

>> No.6615422

I am actually a publisher. How do I sign up to be on the receiving end of Brave?

>> No.6615454

is phillyD /ourguy/?

>> No.6615474
File: 53 KB, 829x681, feb 6th.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6615480

XLM is garbage. BAT has institutional support and is a game-changer. The inventor of fucking JavaScript and founder of fucking Mozilla is behind it.

>> No.6615541

If it takes off, a price point of $10 per BAT would put it in the top 10 at around a 10 Billion marketcap valuation.

Right around Stellar Lumens (XLM)

You'd make about 30K with your investment.

Personally, i'm hoping it stalls under a dollar for a while. I still need to accumulate more.

>> No.6615544

Coinbase-BAT is more than likely a meme and totally unnecessary for BAT's success. Most of the top 10 coins aren't on coinbase. This is about to pull a NEO.

XLM is a great coin but has less room to grow, especially in the short term. I'd hop on BAT for now if I were you.

>> No.6615572


BAT first, like right now. Then you can pass your gains to.xlm

>> No.6615703


Jesus christ dude you are never going to make it. I'm not talking about your portfolio so don't take this an opportunity to start larping.

>> No.6615710

I"m getting more gains out of my REQ than this shit. There is no moon.

>> No.6615819

Crypto stuff is so overrated. Realistically the project is less than a tenth of BATs mcap.

>> No.6615858

Wrong, the monetary value comes from the value of user attention, which no one has tried to quantify before.

>> No.6615871
File: 27 KB, 400x211, thebat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6615896

Meh. Who knows where things will be in 10 years. Make your money now while the gettings good.

>> No.6615975

Thanks, anons. How do you feel about ZRX? Currently my largest holding.
50% ZRX
25% XLM
25% BAT

Not my permanent portfolio, just how I decided to fight the dip.

I was going to get rid of either XLM/BAT for the other, but I could sell off some ZRX. But so far it has been my comfiest hold and I am reluctant to ditch it.

>> No.6616015


Ugly looking browser

tabs not in top bar, so taking unnecessary space

no addons

no improvements compared to other browser with addons

No fucking way this pos browser is gonna make it.

>> No.6616044

Im a complete newbie to crypto.
I just downloaded brave and got my 5 dollarydoos.
Say my computer dies
How do I keep this money on other devices?

>> No.6616136
File: 136 KB, 1200x1200, 1516058940256.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6616239

It's literally a faster version of chrome with a kick ass adblock pre-built in?

The mobile version even saves battery, and reduces your data usage.

stay poor faggot.