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>The BAT grants must be used within 90 days to support publishers and creators, otherwise they will automatically return to the BAT UGP. The promotion is intended to allow users to reward their favorite creators. Brave wallets are currently unidirectional, meaning that the tokens cannot be withdrawn and can only be given away to creators. Users who wish to fund their wallets with tokens after this promotion finishes can refer to our guide for help; we hope this promotion will help Brave users see how simple and rewarding it is to automatically and anonymously support the content creators they care about.


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just got 17.50 free bat to complement my stack of 42k lol

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so who can you actually give these to?

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Anyone, but the verified publishers(such as phillip defranco, coinmarketcap, the guardian, and more have green check marks next to their name.)

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Eh, you can't sell them

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>tfw phillyd made you buy
I'll probably give some to him desu

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Some anons were thinking of doing preciselly this with their coins in order to raise awareness.

Brendan has already prepared it... I guess you can't outsmart a genius.

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ok i'll give it to some big news paper, maybe that might make them consider it a viable means of income and batbros will be rich

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Where can i find a list of non-biased good youtubers? Preferably those shunned by youtube for not being leftists

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He is a geinus, and he knows a lot more than we know. He literally timed the UGP release the day youtube cut off monetization for most creators. I got cutoff today myself.

200 IQ plays.

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no spread it around as much as possible...

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the plan is to give them to big youtubers likely to shill who have made videos about adpocalypse: H3, Pewd, etc. Gave all mine to H3 last round.

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give to as many youtubers as possible. we want this to become a movement rather than a large paycheck to the biggest youtubers

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how does a receiver of the bat know they received bat? unless they are aware of its existence and have a wallet to look at they will never know

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>code website
>host on vps
>sign up to recieve bat

Or for normies

>create youtube channel
>upload 10 vids
>share among friends
>sign up for bat

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We should organize who we send these to so they’ll shill the fuck out of BAT

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>>sign up for bat
Can you even do that? How will these youtubers know they got some tokens?

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when their balance exceeds $100 they get contacted through email
they go to this site to claim funds https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/
I just think that the bigger the spread, the better, but a lot of money will be concentrated around those youtubers who are currently verified

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Gonna send half mine to PhillyD and the other half to H3H3, i think. I wanna support theguardian too because I kind of respect the no paywall on their site.

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i see thanks

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come one, send to at least 10 different youtubers. PhillyD and h3h3 will get more than enough

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I mean, if you can't put your faith in Big Brendan, but in fucking no-names with copy pasted whitepapers, then I don't know what to say.

Todays sale was a blessing.

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At least shill it here...

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Recommendations? I think if the guardian get's a good response, they may write an article about it.

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Finally some good. News today

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All of that for $5?

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do you assume that it will stay $5 for long?

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It's actually $250 2019 dollars. Also, rumor has it coinbase is coming this week.

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here is a few suggestions http://batreon.com/

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Wait for a Youtube celebrity to join bat and we make him 1 mil richer. He will eternally shill for BAT from then on.

The jew websites would pocket the money and stay silent.


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Post and comment on https://www.reddit.com/r/youtube/

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Do this guise. Show the normie hoards the way.

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link the thread please

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Anyone know if this melon headed nigga takes BAT yet?

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we gonna fucking make it

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Reach out to him on twitter

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Also Brave isn't showing me the "Claim my Tokens" button

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Make sure you have the latest update

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Upvote this thread.


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we are losing out guys, to some other bullshit ICO https://www.reddit.com/r/youtube/comments/7r04vy/open_yourselfes_for_alternatives_to_youtube/

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Also link this on the BAT subreddit

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>Not supporting your favorite terrorist.
You think Sammys down with BAT?

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can i buy a camwhore with this moneies

pls respond

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So what's the main focus? People who use YouTube as their main platform for content creation, like Pewdiepie, sxephil, H3H3, iDubbz, etc., or can we dip into Twitch streamers who cross upload to Youtube as well? They'll upload entire streams or stream highlights on YouTube over 10 minutes to get the ad revenue, but it's also the groups of people that I doubt are not being as affected by the shit going down with demonetization.

If you've noticed the YouTube blog post, the majority of small content creators are going full retard like Kucoin and spamming "sub 4 sub" while playing other peoples videos in the background, inevitably trying to reach the payout threshold that YouTube determined (4000 play hours and 1000 subscribers). What is going to motivate them to move to the Brave browser if they're going to end up on YouTube anyways? Is it the ability for viewers to watch YouTube videos without ads (if they choose) and to directly tip the creator? If this is true, I think bringing some major streamers, both from Twitch and Youtube, into the fray. A lot of people donate to them when they're streaming so if BAT becomes a viable token for them to cash out on, it would be in their best interests.

I'm sitting on BAT bags that I bought into based on an anon's roll/recommendation, but I'm contemplating picking up more since YouTube seems to be playing right into our hands.

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crappy ICOs are preying on these small youtubers. every fucking small youtuber needs to sign up here immediately publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/

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Twitch integration is almost done, Eich tweeted a few days ago. Eich new youtube was going to do this. He has colleagues at every company in SIlicon Valley. There is a reason this was timed so perfectly.

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Just claimed, how exactly do I give my BATs to youtubers so they can shill this shit

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Fuck yeah, I have like ~$20 worth of BAT in my Brave wallet. This is sick.

I'm going to Tweet @ Fantano because I want to donate it to him.

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Not to mention the obvious fact that these individuals all have huge followings and, with enough high proton shilling and support from these big names, we'll have them flock to use it. I can't necessarily think of high profile YouTube streamers besides Etika and, if only, IcePoseidon, but you can also try to hit it from all angles and target podcasts like No Jumper (even though Adam, his crew, and his fanbase are highly unlikely to know wtf is going on) considering he's been raising hell about YouTube demonetizing his videos due to music. So we should be looking at how we can acknowledge the music sphere, the adspace and revenue sphere, and original content.

If I didn't know any better, I would say send your shares to the Paul brothers so they can plug it just as hard as they plug their merch and shitty content just so we can have a bunch of 8 year old tards spiking BAT prices for us. Too bad I know that would destroy the inherent credibility of the coin.

unironically about to buy more. I think Twitch --> Youtube streamers are also going to be in super shill mode because I know there's a crowd of people who watch stream highlights and VODs on YouTube but this may be incentivizing those same content creators to upload their streams to YouTube themselves (not a third party) and to rake in BAT donations from both sides. I'm just hoping that with how things are looking to be playing out, more people, big and small, are taking into account that YouTube practically fucked them. That's why I mention above the whole thought that, if I knew it weren't stupid as shit, getting some of the most divisive yet popular YouTubers (Paul brothers, Ricegum, etc.) to shill Brave as a way to say "fuck YouTube," mostly because they would do so in a way that would influence their dumbass fans to follow suit because they think doing whatever their YouTube idols do is what's cool.

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holy fuck we are gonna make it

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Indeed, BAT will be one of the few coins that survives when the bubble bursts.

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and its looking like it may also be one of the first to emerge from this fiery pit. Eich is a madman

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I can't believe there is people out there who still don't trust his autism.

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Can anyone else tweet out to Anthony Fantano, @theneedledrop? He's essentially the most popular music review YouTube channel on the internet and he's had tons of issues with YouTube in the past. He'd be an awesome guy to get on board with BAT as soon as possible because he has a huge social media presence and he's also a smart dude.

I need him to verify his YouTube channel on Brave so I can give him my shekels, though.

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Disgustingly large sell walls on Binance ETH pairing a bit higher up. Any chance this is being whaled back down after a potential dead cat bounce? It's heading back up, for now. I don't want to buy in until the MACD and RSI are looking better, but I don't want to miss the fire sale if it's bottomed out.

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Just tweeted at him.

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Brave is so nice. It just feels faster than Chrome all around. Just have to get used to a few things. Like I'm used to Chrome autofilling fields and Brave is a little different with that. I think I'm making the official switch from Chrome to Brave today. I also know that none of you give a fuck

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Don't really care, I'm buying all the way down. I don't think you can lose with that strategy.

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Did you import all you settings from chrome? You can do it somewhere in the settings.

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If you are spreading this, this might be a good link to spread https://www.brave.com/publishers/

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17.50 wow... fucking worth the effort and you can only give them away! Awesome.

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I'll catch it on the upswing. Will probably lose out on a few hundred, but I would rather hedge my bets with some memelines. I'll probably set a 0.0004 limit order for half my stack and see what happens, but with every coin in the shitter right now, we're going to have to see a full market resurrection right now in order for things to take off again.

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i'd love if melonhead took BAT.

also sad i cant just pocket the BAT from downloading the browser.

any hot grills u recommend me to give my BAT to anons?

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cry more nobatty

yeah and also just went through the entire Brave settings and fixed it to my preferences. Removed the tab preview and showed the URL bar permanently, as well as some other minor tweaks. Works like a charm

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Ffs, doing cooypasta at home earlier.

Get camwhores to sign up. They helped build bitcoin and can do the same for BAT

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Guys should we form a discord over this and spread it we could becomes cam whore and small youtubers coin

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When they receive $100 worth of unclaimed tokens, the Brave team notifies them and introduces them to the system

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it's how I made my first million in 6 months.. just keep buying and HODL

Can't beat the sharks and whales you can just ride thru with them

It's brainless just buy

It ain't easy. But it's fucking simple

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It's pissing me off that I can't donate to him. He'd be the perfect channel for Brave/BAT - his fanbase is internet savvy and wants to give him money. He's undoubtedly one of the most internet-literate YouTubers out there and essentially demands tens of thousand's of Millennials' attention spans every day.

Plus I want to give him this free fucking BAT.

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you can donate to him still even if hes unverified. Once he receives $100 worth of BAT, he'll get an email to let him know & encourage him to sign up

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fuck it, i'm swapping half my stack for BAT

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how do i do that anon?

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Thanks anon

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literally just keep browsing his content like you normally would and make sure his checkbox is checked to "include" in your Brave payments settings

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when you go to the payments tab all the sites you visited should pop up. Click on the pin next to melonhead's name under the Actions column and then enter the % of your BAT youd like to give him

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Ah so does it automatically gives him the % of my account balance the the "next contribution"?

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https://discord gg/hRuJdDe

Official Bat Project

help spread it to all the camwhores and small youtubers

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Yes but you can change that to any amount you want.