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Are you ready for the greatest alt run of all time?

bch $6700
xrp $8.50
dgb $0.31
neo $546
steem $13

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>dgb $0.31

Correct you are, but you forgot one coin:


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Ven/Vet (Vechain) $500 USD by the end of 2018.

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Should I buy ETH or wait a few hours more?
Will it keep dipping?

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75% of alts will moon in the coming days. Glorious times ahead.

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I'm not done accumulating rare wojacks

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neo is such a chad

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eth is going to be going down for a while

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icx $20

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Most deluded thread of 2018 yet. Alts will not recover unless BTC does. And by denying that and shitcalling BTC you're part of the reason why the market is crashing. (((They))) officially got what they wanted by spreading so much FUD about BTC, we're arguing even more wheter this or that is a shitcoin than normies or cnbc do. Let that sink in.

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xrb $60

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Pol had Ebola Chan, can we have biz chan? Anyone know any magic?

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If BTC wasn´t such a shitcoin we all would be rich now. Imagine BTC could actually be used as money. Every store would have accepted it when it went up to 20k. But BTC is useless because no stores accept it. Everyone is selling because of that

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LINK $1,000,000 EOY

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it's the greatest bch accumulation opportunity conceivable

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See you at the moon.

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talking like a newfag - BTC and alts will recover and see big days in the future. it's just the same old Jan. crash.

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ICX going up.

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Fuck off, corecuck. What we're witnessing now is part of the great decoupling. Can't wait to see your disgusting dinosaur shitcoin die.

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Lol you’re high.
Not as good as neo or wtc , despite trying to be a combination of both.
Hype trash coin.

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You’re retarded. If BTC falls, so does everything else you fucking moron.
No one wants bch trashcoin either.

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If (((they))) got their way, we’d have been at $100 still. What’s happening right now is what happens once every two weeks or so.
>goes back to normal
>one week later BTC shoots up

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trx $0.01

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> What’s happening right now is what happens once every two weeks or so
shut the fuck up you clueless fucking crypto is in bear market for whole month already with occasional pump and dump missions here and there

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I'm not talking about your stupid Chinese miner scamcoin iteration of the "beep boop baaah boop digital money" me memecoin. I'm talking about *actual* Blockchain technology projects with *actual* value propositions and use cases and *actual* potential for technological revolution. Not your bullshit scarcity memes.

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These two please yes thank you very much

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BTC is a shit coin, but Bcash is a shitcoin too.
Why do you think people will flock over it?! There are a million altcoins better than that weak imitation that had to steal Bitcoin's name to even be recognized as valuable.

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Someone feels threatened

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BTC might be a shitcoin currently, but it still fucking is the foundation of our market and will be throughout 2018 so you better hope for it to recover so all coins can prosper. Stop shitposting BTC, it's the reason the cryptomarket exists.

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You guys don't realize I'm not invested in Buttcorn nor Buttcash, do you?

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BCH is a shitcoin, but it's a shitcoin that's going to have a big 2018, there will be rumors of a flippening, but they'll die down when it settles to only a part of BTC's value

BTC will have dominance in the 20s by the time the year's over

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Gtfo normie. Exactly this is whats destroying the market. If you werent this new you would be invested in the foundation of the market aswell. Inv4 muh eth

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Just like AOL is the reason the internet exists the way we know it today, and tell me, how did that go for AOL...?

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Those trash faggots would rather tank all crypto than watch bcore and everyone else rise.

Theyre just full of hate and have turned more toward destroying crypto than supporting anything, even their own crypto

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AOL didn’t do shit. They have out free cd’s for free internet, said their user base was 50 gorillian, and market
Manipulators Pumped and dumped that shit.

Next you’ll be talking about bitcoins or ratio. Stfu faggot.

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I'm not into your pedo kittie ICO scamcoin enabler either, dude, you won't fit me into one of your maximalist brainlet boxes this easily.

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>Hype trash coin

$500 might be unlikely but a lot of high-profile groups would really disagree with you. Unless you're trying to imply you understand this stuff better than the Chinese government, DNV GL, and Billionaire venture capitalist Jim Breyer.

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>What’s happening right now is what happens once every two weeks or so.
Lmao. This has happened every two weeks 2 times in a row yeah. Huge pump and dumps like this are NOT a bi weekly occurrence newfag. Shitcoins are down anywhere from 30-80%, legit altcoins 20-30% and BTC 20%.

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Please use your brains, you have them because you're here and actually can discuss crypto related stuff in early 2018. It is too early for BTC to die as AOL died, for this to be ignorable mass adoption has to happen. It is nowhere near that.

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I would commit multiple murders and the occasional theft for it to reach 10 desu

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I just want DOGE to stage a comeback to 0.02 or something. That was actually the first cyptocoin I ever held, years ago, because everybody on /b/ was doing it. I had 20,000 of them, which was something like $2 at the time, which I bought with PayPal.

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And you don't think mass adoption can be driven by pretty much every normie knowing about Buttcorn by now, seeing it dwindling, and moving their lunch money into alts gold-rush style? You've already seen shitcoins like XRP threatening grandpa BTC, why not better, actual cryptos?

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$.08 eoy going back to .002 first though

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Should I tell everyone about COLX if I want to see it pumping properly or it's best I kept my personal coins a secret?

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Mass adoption in this field is firstly not led by normies but by the real world implementing the technology, companies, financial markets, research, etc. I want you to acknowledge at least that we're all on the same side on this, we want blockchain/follow-up technologies and crypto to prosper, so we better support the very foundation of our market (BTC and ETH)

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If you want your coins to naturally gain the value the're worth you better stop shilling them or they might have a future like Tron. Because this is what happens when normies FOMO, not good for any coins environment at all.

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cant wait to see BAT crush these shitcoins

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more exposure less volatility but more certainty. Can't change the trend only the speculation

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Actually plausible, though i would rather this coin tank than make those reddit cucks rich, hopefully this dip has fucked them off

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COLX is getting reamed by FUD. Feels dead forever imo. Just like TRX is now.

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It’s down less than most coins. And it’s got more promise and more staying power than most coins on the market.

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>BCH IN 2018

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>muh browser plugin
>just wait till coinbase

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who are you quoting?

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Ok, you convinced me. Let's just hope BTC keeps going sideways once it's done correcting. ETH can moon for all I care, I just don't want my entire portfolio to be eternally dependent on outdated, overhyped and underperforming crap.

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Xvg .24
You heard it here first cock breath