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>60cent for one LINK

We goin back to November bois, strap in

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Might transfer some fiat to Kraken again after all.

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heh. Should somebody tell him what happened?

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Go ahead and tell me.
I haven't been using Kraken for months, but it's the only place I'm verified.

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Just checked my account, apparently I have a bunch of free Lumen.

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It’s fine. It was down for a while, but it’s functionion again better than ever. Withdrew fiat at noon yday and was in account by 17.00

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you're being optimistic anon

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What? Going to transfer some more fiat into crypto if that’s true. What a deal!

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im going to kill myself

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Are you ready for 30 cents?

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>/biz/ shits on normies for buying tron
>get JUSTed by link


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all the proceeds goes to

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What? I tho biz was tricking normies into buying LINK

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Is this it? Is the handle finally complete?
I have just bought in and don't want to sell again

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MY BODY IS READY. I used to only have 2.6k stinky linkies. I sold at $0.90. PLEASE GO LOWER

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I had 20k Link stolen from me, you don't know what pain is.

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One 10 btc market buy and LINK is back at $1.20, who ever is selling has autism

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Hell yeah .. hope it goes even lower .. i wanna buy them all linkies ..

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The only people selling are the binance niggers who either just traded it or were so new they didn't have wallets of their own. Binance just pulled 4 million Chainlink tokens out of their cold wallet. Smart people buying the fuck out of this dip and sending their tokens off the exchange. Addresses are still growing since last night.

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Holy fuck that 400k link buywall

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I've never seen anything like that on link. Jacob said the swiss are accumulating.

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We going up in 5minutes

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assblaster was right after all

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just bought in at 1.00

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why would anybody still sell at this price

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you've been posting this for months
shut up faggot, it was your own fault for clicking on a scam.

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I'm trying to make someone feel better about today, anon.

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Link is a long term hold anyway and its to important it will rise again and i dont know why somebody would sell their links

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You linkies digust me. You're so deluded you don't realize that link is nothing more than a simple Jason Parser that could be written in javascript in a few minutes. it doesn't even need a token. Speaking of tokens, link being more than $1 defeats the entire fucking purpose of the coin. How can you be this oblivious?

What real world use does link even have? Have you ever thought beyond the memes and the charts and really considered it? Nobody uses smart contracts because nobody wants to get involved in white supremacist internet funny money. Banks aren't going to adopt it because they make money off of things taking forever, and normies don't know any better.

And that's not even talking about the 'team', which is literally two people. They haven't even hired anyone. Did you miss all of the reports of Sergey fucking prostitutes and eating cheeseburgers after the ICO was finished? Hope you got your $32MM worth, retards.

This is also all completely ignoring the fact that link is just an ERC20 token. What other token has made it past, say, $2? Can you name a single one? Exactly, no, you cant.

Even Vitalik says it's not worth $32MM. Are you going to disagree with the autistic genius money skelly? Of course he understands the value of oracles, that's why he's going to include it in the next ETH update (cap this). Why the fuck would he leave something like this to a no-name shitcoin? Use your fucking brain manlets.

This is also all completely ignoring the fact that Ripple (XRP) will effectively put bank supercomputers in every major city, completely removing any use LINK ever may have had. If you believe in oracles, great, why not pick a project that has an actual fucking future?

OH LOOK, IT'S CRASHING AGAIN, SURPRISE. Fucking deluded stinky linkies. Market sell your shit now and thank me later.

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I have no idea, it's still getting filled though. That's a pretty crazy amount of link to buy though.

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ah he pulled the wall after buying like 50k

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57 cents and i can only invest tomorrow

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The whole market is getting fucked right now. I bought some Link, Vechain and ICX like an hour ago to buy the dip but it keeps going lower holy shit.

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Buy wall destroyed. Rest in Piece Linkies

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god damn somebody just made a 240000 dollar mistake

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The man is a legend, don't bitch.

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unless crypto as a whole dies then link will rise from the ashes and it will be glorious. crypto is not dying, im buying more

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Is the handle complete?

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i bought link yesterday for .90 cents. no one is getting JUSTed harder than me. to make up for it i bought fun today.

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can someone explain whats going on with all cryptos?

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buywall is down

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I'm out fellow linkies, I'll see you again at 20 cents

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small correction. you'll be back to your +400% gains next week

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Whale got impatient and just bought up the order book. Top kek

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i shed a tear

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LMAO i had sell orders from 6500, just rebought. ez +1k LINK

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fuck now I'm paranoid do I but back or will it go down more reeeeeeeeeee

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Good job anon. Wish I did the same.

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bought at .60
eelin good

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I was shocked because those were orders from yesterday. Just left it alone because I still had 5k left to scalp with. Thank you impatient whale, whoever you are

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As long as BTC is dropping I'm staying in tether. BTC just broke 11.7k support line so I'm sitting tight.

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I bought back in couldn't take the stress of not having any link I might buy some other coins while every thing is low is tether a good buy? might get some bat too

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A whale also dumped 400k link yesterday morning about 24 hours ago. I wonder if it was the same whale. Did he even make money doing that if the candles are in the exact same spot but 24 hours later?

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nah jks i love you Link :(

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I know that feel. I felt like that yesterday when I sold at 90 cents. Could barely sleep but I knew the market was going to move down so I went with my gut. LINK is still in a downtrend so I'm not confident to buy back in yet. I held LINK bags all the way from $0.50 down to $0.16 back in oct/nov and I don't want to go through that again.

Tether = USDT. It's pegged to 1 dollar so it can save your ass in crashes. It may also crash one day since it's one big fraudulent piece of crap but that's another story.

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He filled his limit buy a bit at a lower price than his dump before market buying so I think he made money, yeah. Esp if you consider that he may have gone into tether too, then buying more btc, etc etc.

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You also don't know how much of his order got filled at what part of the candle. You just know the extremes.

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Its sad watching these threads. You guys really don't understand whats happening. Its big boy time, you're about to bleed for a month, eventually you become numb to the loss but its a long drawn out process. new blood will not be flooding back into the market after a correction of this size. Link wont randomly moon back to $1.30.

The next few months are suffering.

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I'm counting on this. I'm just really scared that it's going to bounce right back, leaving me in the dust. Hold me anon.

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deluded linkies are the only reason i come to this board nowadays

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This sounds great. Have a few ico’s to flip for more link. There is s god after all

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They moved the chainlink github repository to make way for the Go repo; the main net is literally any day now. In the past when alts died there weren't literally life changing events coming right around the corner. This time is 100% different. Assblaster said get out of shit coins and get into real long term holds and blue chip coins. He was 100% right.

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Q1 means it could be 2 months away though.

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Then why bother fucking around with the names months in advance.

>> No.6525021

Sergey bought smartcontract.com in 2008. Fucking around with names tells you something, but not at the same time not really

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I accidentally told someone I don’t enjoy about LInk when it was like $.20 and he bought in. I was kicking myself that he was up big with me. Then I made it my mission to get him out so I fudded him for a couple weeks now. Yesterday morning I said it looks like the run up to sibios so get out now or at least by mid February. He’s out now. We can proceed with our mission.

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You literally made him money, twice. Good job Pajeet. Trying to deceive someone out of profits and actually making profits for them. Well done.

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Oy Vey

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whatevs... bought at 11cents, bring it on. Unironically not selling this year, and it isn't even February yet. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I will disconnect from crypto for a few weeks.

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Anyone else pumping in some fresh usd investment to capitalise on this? I can't justify selling my other shitcoins and realising 50% loss

>> No.6525305

i got buy orders set up at 45 cents. strap yourselves in we're in for a bumpy ride.

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Lol no like he’s out out. Out of the whole game. Also made him buy tron so I doubt he made any money

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bought 1k link at 5500 sats whats good niggas, feels good to be back in link

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Somhe sold before the crash? Now convince him to rebuy the dip and you'll make him rich cuck

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Lol maybe I wasn’t clear enough. He sold maybe 20min ago

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That and the brave new coin oracles being announced make me thing he's getting ready to launch sooner rather than at the end of the quarter at the very least. we'll see, knowing sergey he'll probably do it mid crash and nobody will care though.

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I have $1000 in kraken right now. Will it crash again and should I wait to buy?? I literally bought $5000 at $1.14. I'm literally shaking now :(

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How come you don't like the guy, anon?

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>Even Vitalik says it's not worth $32MM.
Because the opinion of an economically and financially ignorant pro-kiddie porn autistic commie is fucking authoritative.

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Just dont

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Relax. The market sell of yesterday and now that 500k market buy indicates that te big players are accumulating. We are on track

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Me, no fucking way I'm selling at things are now

Just transfered $90, fucking credit card limit

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This. It's cool seeing Assblaster/Jacob be right again.

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Does that mean to buy??

>> No.6527223

why are market buys more significant than limit orders? brainlet here

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they are moving the price up

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It was a big cup, and this is a big handle.

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it means that somebody wants the tokens so bad that they are willing to pay a premium for them. The 500k order got filled by sell orders that were 10 cents more expensive than the lowest sell orders.

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God, I fucking hope.

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Pretty please, I will sell all my other holdings and hold forever

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Guys I’m getting really worried here and Sergey isn’t answering my emails. He said we would be going $100 EOY so I bought in at $1.20 but now it’s fallen to half that? I keep sending him emails but the most recent one said that “This inbox no longer exists” and I can’t see his social media profiles either.

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I'm ready to fug that qtboi you posted that's for sure.

>> No.6527954

How many stinky linkies did you pick up on today's sale? I've bought another 5K to put me at 20K stinkies. Feeling very comfy right now fellow link marines.

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>Sold everything 3 days ago and sat in tether
>When ETH hit $980, LINK hit 60 cents and REQ hit 50 cents I decided to jump in and just ride the wave down
>Right after I buy they all immediately stabilize

Just increased my stack by +40%. Feels fucking good catching 3 falling knives at once.

Had 30,000 LINK three days ago. Now I have 46,000.

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EGAS has a 13 mil max coin supply and the price is sub 10cents right now. Even if it turns out to be a scamcoin it will definitely get pumped to $1 before then and that will only put it at 13m market cap.
Take a look@ https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

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I just woke up and I missed the dip. I don't think this will go below 5500 sats again.

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DAAAAAAAMN, gj anon, tell me your ways, im definitely jelly

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Nice job lad
We r all finna make it

>> No.6528120

If true, you’re the fucking man. How did you know to tether up?

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We're lifting off
Hope you got in

>> No.6528195

I honestly anticipated another 10-15% drop, but I didn't want to try to time the floor perfectly, so I just jumped in. And luckily that was the floor.

The stagnation across the board. I tried to warn everyone, but people just kept calling me a retard and that tether was the worst place to be.

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Just looked for an excuse to post it desu.

>> No.6528218

Well done, I don't think I'd ever have the balls to try that.

>> No.6528344

You made 1.6 million in few days, congrats anon

>> No.6528425

what was the floor?

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i still have to master the ancient "sell high, buy low" technique. it seems so fucking easy, but when the moment is there....brain shuts down.

>> No.6528542


Why would you want to do that?

The correct BIZ WAY is "Buy high, sell low"

>> No.6528583

I'm thinking half LINK, half XLM.

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eh...what is this formation called? the bull anchor?

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Go to CMC and look at the top 100. Nearly everything is currently down 20-30%, which means the fly-by-night investors who sold on the way down aren't buying back in. Except with LINK and a few others. LINK is down only 11%.

Why? Read this.

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14k here we go

>> No.6528976

Cup&Handle meme completed

>> No.6529044

oh boy

>> No.6529054

The link I bought yesterday is down in fiat but almost the same in sats. What does this mean?

>> No.6529220

It means we urgently need a shitcoin to usd exchange

>> No.6529240

Tethered at 8000, bought back at 5000.

Feels comfy.

>> No.6529248

Smart contracts powered by external data can do that btw.
If only someone made a decentralized oracle network.

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>Thread theme

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I know a man who made something like that...

>> No.6529706

is this, dare i say, bancor 2.0

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spot the leddit

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EGAS has a 13 mil max coin supply and the price is sub 10cents right now. Even if it turns out to be a scamcoin it will definitely get pumped to $1 before then and that will only put it at 13m market cap.
Take a look@ https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

>> No.6529819

Unlike Bancor, ChainLink is actually above it's ICO price

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jcash from the jibel jews is coming soon, no?
>mfw jCHF

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Test net you dumb fuck

>> No.6530070

>literally any day now
there's a post from sergey himself saying testnet is coming out first and main net will be a while away from that

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>> No.6530158


Initial implementation of the main net is not a test net. Go back to rebbit please.

>> No.6530199

>everything says it's a test net, even the devs themselves
>it's not a test net lmao

>> No.6530266

where did you go to school so I can make sure my wife's kids don't go there? Reading comprehension really isn't your strong suit is it.

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Can you imagine what it must feel like being a complete no-linker? The only arguments are that the project may fail or LINK may not be adopted. Noone denies that if Chainlink is adopted we will see $500+/LINK. This isn't some bullshit Bitcoin knockoff or "The Chinese ______". Bitcoin can always be forked again, updated, lightning network and so on, but you think LITECOIN is a better hold than LINK? Are you kidding me? Anyone in their right mind would agree that it is more likely for Chainlink to be widely adopted than for Litecoin to overthrow Bitcoin. For less than $1,000 you can get 2,000 (!!!) LINK right now! That is a cool ONE MILLION DOLLARS once the main net is live (2018) and we see widespread adoption (2020). The only reason these unfortunate souls - the nolinkers - aren't accumulating is because they don't have the patience to read into anything that isn't directly marketed to them like the latest super hero movie. There is no excuse for link to be absent from your portfolio. Perhaps one day you'll look back on my post and be grateful I led you down the path of light. Maybe you'll look back, full of regret for buying into the FUD, right before you pull the trigger.

>> No.6530318

lol "wifes kids"...for a second i thought you had a chance but your a cuck raising someone elses seed

>> No.6530369

the chinese ether literally did what we want link to do though.
Antshares was a good mooner

>> No.6530778

Pls tell me that's a girl, i don't want to be gay

>> No.6530794

>being this new

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>> No.6530899

I've been invested for 2 weeks now and am just breaking even. This is supposed to be my new job. I have 550 link and 2500 fun. How long until one of these moons so I will have some money to live off of?

>> No.6530931

can no one just play along anymore

>> No.6531093

brother, i....... link is a long term hold no matter who you ask. Chase shitcoin pumps for quick dollarary doos fampai

>> No.6531098


>> No.6531256

>Lol no like he’s out out. Out of the whole game. Also made him buy tron
wtf what kind of friend are you
he's literally going to murder you