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What foods do the rich eat?

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berries in the off-season

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comped sushi

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sweat and tears of the poor, blood and vaginal fluid of virgin girls.

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>haven't eaten avocado toast in months
>still not rich

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we eat a lot of fish in nyc, and fancy sandwiches with spreads. poke bowls, shit like that. it's international fusion cuisine, a lot of health food.

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They get high quality proteins (e.g. none of that soy or milk protein shit) from their personal trainer for a breakfast shake. They then have a seaweed salad and sushi or kale and a toasted sandwich. Dinner is steak, swordfish, or basically whatever the fuck they want that their PT won't murder them for because they can afford it. I actually worked on private yacht and their diets aren't too different from middle class families albeit they can afford to be wasteful and get drunk literally every night.

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>proteins from their personal trainer


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This is what millennials working $10/hr jobs eat while they complain on social media from their $1k smart phone that their 50k art degree should be paid for by rich people because they have no money.

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Lol I didnt realize I typed it like that, but jizz is mostly carbs for your information.

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Taco bell

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>They get high quality proteins from their personal trainer for a breakfast shake.

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Middle class fag here. Drunk every night.

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