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REQ has hit its bottom, its going to move to its second leg now.

Using fib, we should see 1.38, 1.70, then 2.10.

Buy now for an easily 3x

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Don't tell /biz/ about REQ. I want this to generate the greatest number of pink wojaks possible

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its got a huge announcement next friday, it will begin to start pricing it in NOW.

The announcement is that they are ahead of schedule and mainnet will be feb 1st.

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Where do you see XRB going oh great TA wizard

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and you know this how?

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Well.... maybe I know something. You can either take my word on it and put some money into a legitimate american company that is held accountable and able to be contacted.

Or you can gamble your cash into a fucking shitcoin out of china where you can't even talk to

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pulled it out his ass, like 99% of posts on here pretending to know what will happen in the future

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thanks just sold 100k, always do the opposite of what /biz/ says

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82 on CMC and falling
nonstop selling for 2 days now

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I'll make a post next week giving you a reminder of your mistake.

code word is: REQKEKED

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Failed to mention the Eth pump.

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>its second leg
The icon is literally an R with 1 leg.

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Bought in at 29 cents, just sold over 2 eth worth, not gonna let my investment keep tanking sorry, devs need to keep updates rolling out more than every two weeks, thats too long in crypto. It hurt to do and I love REQ. Sorry friend. Pick your shit up or settle into the dust

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>too long in crypto
You are an obvious newfag. People held btc for years before they got rich.

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Crypto runs on hype not actual news. Why do you think buy the rumor sell the news works? Whats the rumor? Big news on friday? Idk but ive heard that in a lot of places lately.

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"Hey Stacey, want anything from Starbucks?"
>"Yeah, I want a mocha roastie supreme! But can you go get it for both of us, I don't want to stop watching Netflix!"
"Sure, can you send me some money though? My credit card is almost empty, I spent everything on Chad!"
>"Yeah, I just got this new app "Request Network". Download it and send me a request!"
"Wow, I just got it too! I'll put in a request. Hmm, that's weird Stace, it's saying I need "REQ tokens". Wtf is that?"
>"Uh, this app is so fucking weird. WEIRD AND CREEPY. Why do I need a token to send money? How do I even get them?"
"Just delete it Stace and use venmo. That app was made by virgins and creepy ugly losers."

Honestly, use your brain. Does it even make sense for this token to be over a dollar?

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they haven't had a tweet or fb post since 2017
they blog posted on jan 5

if news true then big

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I'd prefer an under-the-radar investment that actually works to a spectacular pump and dump.

REQ will skyrocket at some point (and stay there, because they really are going to eat PayPal's lunch and then some) and you'll all have missed out because your money is on some shitcoin like TRX where there's no actual development at all...

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>take my word on it
I totally will, there isn't enough shills on this board to be skeptical.

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Being under a dollar defeats the purpose of the token

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>2 weeks too long in crypto
>a team that actually brings out biweekly updates, faster than any vaporware shitcoin in the top 10

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both you and stacey are fucken retards. this pasta is old.

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this is some pajeet tier meme
it's not even funny, just awkward and overused

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atleast slow down your FUD pajeets

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>"Uh, this app is so fucking weird. WEIRD AND CREEPY

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Plebbit starting to move in on our REQ again.

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Enjoy watching from the sidelines when the big boys are in the winners circle, faggot.

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Reminder for this thread: All Alyssa are just a means to acquire more REQ

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Don't worry, my man. I'll throw a couple of REQ your way when you post the "I'm honestly considering suicide" threads.

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looks like something is happening now

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>ignoring TRX like the cuck that you are

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See >>6401989

Plebbit is waking up.

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bout to put a shotgun in my mouth, made my first huge gains last night, sold 4050 REQ 30 minutes ago and now the same ETH only bought be 3800

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its gobnening! cyo at moon

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I've bought in at

> .04
> .22
> .44
> .79

I 100% believe that REQ will allow me to quit my job and I can live off of my mining rigs

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Now imagine how you'll feel when REQ shoots up to an $8B marketcap.

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Holy shit, you were right!

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$1 EOD incoming

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Will the REQ lords forgive me if i show obedience?

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comfeeeeee as fuck

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>$300k buy
>immediately gets sold off

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everything is fine.

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lol no gains for you

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>today OP was not a fucking faggot

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Not american though, you homo.

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Your weak hands have already angered the gods.

Be gone.

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buy now or be forever poor - simple as that

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just FOMO'd in at 5400 sats
hope this won't req me

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The price today, tomorrow and next week means nothing.

Hold until after mainnet launch, and you will be rewarded greatly.

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told you fucks.

Just buy it, and do something else for the day. Tomorrow, even after it has a slight dip (from .90-.85 cents) it will go right back up.

Honestly, hold this for a week and you'll have 3x whatever you just spent. Its not hard. Its called swing trading /biz/.

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Let's hang out sometime when we're all billionaires living on the moons of Saturn

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>$25k of selling just negated $500k of buying


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only REQies allowed

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It never moons without accumulation, especially after it's major boom and bust cycle.

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If I ever meet the whales who are constantly suppressing this I will skin them alive

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Can someone tell me why this would ever put a dent in Venmo?

>has norman brand recognition
>feeless transfer
>almost instant

>only known by autists
>weird name
>fee structure
>will have slow transfer time

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its just multiple bots that sell at a 1% gain

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Wtf that should be banned

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> Sir, I would like to buy this laptop from you. Can I pay with ether?
Yes sure, I am using the new Request Network system just let me set up a request and send it to you
> Are you sure I can't just send you the ether? Takes about 10s
No no it's no problem. So let me see, *click click click* *type type type* ok there we go please fill the request now.
> Euhm I don't have any tokens... I think I first need to buy some. Are you sure I can't just send you the ether?
Oh no you have to fulfil the request.
> Well no ok then here you can have $ straight.
But now the request is still open
> Who cares?
Yea you're right. Who cares about a fucking request.

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it's not a venmo replacement, it's a paypal replacement.

In a few years webstores will have "Pay with Request" buttons instead of "Pay with Paypal" or "pay with amazon" buttons.

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Day of the rope for bot users too

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Nobody really knows, but hey, it just keeps going up, so it must be doing *something* right.

Real-world value is a barely relevant concept when we're dealing with these digital meme coins.

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Here you go.

REQ is currently working on adding ERC20 tokens and Bitcoin support. Fiat is after that.

The point of Request Network is that you can demand payment in whatever you want (for example USD). And the payer can pay in whatever they want (crypto,erc20,other fiat) and through 0x and kyber they will get exchanged in real time with the lowest fees possible (an order of magnitude lower than the exchange rates of credit cards).

>I'm selling my anal virginity on Ebay
>It's priced in USD, but Ebay has embedded the REQ payment system
>You get to pay with cryptos, ERC20 or fiat, and no matter what you pay with, I still receive USD as requested.

Put simply, REQ tokens are what fuels the network. The REQ tokens are not currency.
Buyers and merchants will never interact with the tokens at all. They will simply use the payment system and experience it as an instant purchase/currency swap.

Aside from its intended usage, which is what everyone is basing their valuation estimates on, it will tap directly into a $750 billion crypto-market in which it's currently hard to cash out of, and expensive to buy into.

And as for competition, YCombinator, which has a high stake in Coinbase, also have a high stake in REQ. Since REQ's very functionality will pose a threat to Coinbase's entire business model, it is only logical to assume that REQ will eventually be implemented in Coinbase to ensure that both platforms survive and thrive. Owners never let one business kill the other when it is perfectly logical to merge the two.

See picture. If REQ handles just 0.1% of the global transactions, it means $5B worth of DAILY transactions. And $912M worth of REQ being burnt annually, which increases the price of remaining REQ. With a 10% marketshare, that number increases to $500B of DAILY transactions, and $91.3B worth of REQ being burnt annually.

READ THIS REPORT: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/6f7ca2_96ffee2e91f14af3bbbcecdbc7aee3b1.pdf

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I don't understand where this FUD came from, there is no need for REQ tokens to use the platform. The pajeets are getting dumber and dumber

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How exactly will I transfer my fiat into crypto or vice versa? At some level I'm still going to have to use my central credit card or bank account, yeah?

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and its back down, we are still testing the waters. People were shaken by the dump and sold at .75. It will be back up in no time though, now is a good time to get in on one of the best projects in crypto.

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...it's on your req account?

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I can see that, when is this fucker going to moon

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We know REQ is next level shit. Instead of trying to create their own magic internet monies like a lot of others they decided to focus on making the infrastructure by which all magic internet monies are transferred. Genius really, so many use cases, and that's not even dipping into the ability to perform smart audits.

I'm not selling unless it's to buy more. I secretly wish REQ would partner up with LINK so that all of us cryptocult members could get rich or die tryin harmoniously together

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The actual conversion happens within the network itself, using Kyber.

The easiest comparison is Paypal. You can pay with any fiat currency, and they convert it for you, usually to USD. With REQ it's the exact same thing, except also with BTC and ERC20, and more than likely other blockchains later on. And of course no for-profit company will be able to compete with the low fees.

>> No.6403931

They might use link as an oracle provider. Big chance too.

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>I secretly wish REQ would partner up with LINK

REQ wants to utilize LINK, and they've said this all along. But since REQ is quite far ahead of schedule, while LINK is still on-schedule in regards to mainnet launch, they said that they are working on a few other options when it came to fiat-blockchain conversion.

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So like when do we sell?
I want to invest into some other coin but before that I need to at least double my money.

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1.70$ or 2$

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Sell now and never return.

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dude fuck off, I just dropped 20 ETH into REQ, you might thank me.

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Im seeing lots of good action at .75 now. Not saying its gonna moon but .80 is a very real possibility in the next 24 hours. Price is heavily influenced by stacks moving from ETH to alts and back again, notice how the price recovered when ETH started dumping from 1400 to the current price level (1370) last i checked.

You wanna know what REQ is gonna do short term? Look at ETH, the fact that the two are so heavily tied (like many other alts) shows that the market knows REQ is a serious coin worthy of trading on. There is plenty of healthy pricing action at this level but there really is no reason for it to moon right now. Just buy what you can and wait for the news.

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I expect it to at least achieve OMG's current marketcap. 5-6x from here is achievable.

That's when I plan on selling off some.

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Piss off and invest it into some other coin.

REQ will bleed out and you will lose your money.

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you are way to emotional for this market my lady.

>> No.6404372


What are you going to do when in their announcement not only they are ahead of schedule....

but they announce a partnership with a large company that handles hundreds of millions in volume monthly... as a form of cryptocurrency acceptance.

Its a "Checkout Now with Paypal" button but for Request.... and when this large company has it all over their front page....

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I know. I just want weak hands to stay the fuck away.

>> No.6404450

I want to add to this that i think that the price is a bit high right now and even if there is good pricing action at the current level i still think it is fundamentally over valued by about .10 to .15 cents.

But really who fucking cares this shit is gonna be AT THE VERY LEAST $2 EOY.

>> No.6404526

I think more like 3-4$ EOY but yeah this

>> No.6404554

>>>6403207 (You)
So in terms of its ability to transfer dollars (which is what everyone uses) it has to deal with the same limitations as Paypal?

>> No.6404568

>2$ EoY
you're deluded if you think it's not going to be AT LEAST $15

>> No.6404632

No.... it transfer crypto. People see 5 XYZ = $5 and thats how it has the dollar attached to it. But its purely crypto.

Allows for adoption to take place

>> No.6404640

That's it?

>> No.6404677

I take payments from europe to the usa and I fucking hate using paypal.
If REQ really works I am very much looking forward to using it.

>> No.6404729

This shitcoin hasn’t done anything in a week. Dumping this piece of shit

>> No.6404731

i said at the very least, i even put it in caps. More likely it will be much higher.

>> No.6404756

>it has to deal with the same limitations as Paypal?

Which limitations specifically? If you're wondering whether REQ can safely be used to launder crypto gains; it's not looking very likely.

Or do you mean USD to USD transactions?

>> No.6404831

I'm just saying that if you wanted to transfer USD to someone else, what advantages does REQ give you over Paypal? Lower fees?

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The truly revolutionizing thing is that every site that wants to accept crypto as payment, but can't/won't because of its volatility, will be able to implement REQ, and their customers can pay with whatever the fuck they'd like, and the business will still receive USD/EUR. Zero volatility involved.

>> No.6404907

There's no third party involved. Yes REQ is burned but your money is not being held and transferred by a third party which cuts fees greatly. Also blockchain no fraud etc

>> No.6404916

If you wanted to make a payment without the conversion (USD to USD), then the only upside would be lower fees, yes.

>> No.6404932

That is huge actually and could actually make the crypto market blow up because these coins won't just be something you're anxiously anticipating cashing out of.

>> No.6404977

Lower fees.
You can pay with anything.

Paypal doesn't care if you're paying in USD, euros, yen, etc. They transfer your payment into whatever format the seller uses.

REQ is the same thing, but with cryptos on top of normal fiat currencies.

>> No.6404979

Dude REQ is a complete and utter game changer. Not to mention the accounting/auditing possibilities

>> No.6404986


And this is why I'll hold on to this shit for at least a year, no matter what the price is tomorrow or next week.

>> No.6405138

Except the fact that they have painfully high fees, if you own a shop prepare to see 10% of your profits eaten by that piece of shit

>> No.6405231

What the fuck are you talking about? A 0.005% fee for currency conversion (paid by the customer) isn't fucking high.

Fuck off, Paypal pajeet.

>> No.6405244

Yeah I really hate giving paypal as much money as I do. If there were ANY other option I would use it. Getting money out of a country like Germany into the US is tricky. If REQ makes it easier even a crypto skeptic like me can admit it will be worth a lot.

I hope to make up all my years of paypal fees with REQ profits at the minimum.

>> No.6405308

for real

>> No.6405325

he's referring to paypal fees

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Okay I'll admit I shitpost in these threads but I own REQ and really knew nothing about it.

This seems like a really ambitious project, how far along are they? Is this something they can really make happen? Because if what you guys are saying about the project is true this seems like it should be worth a fuck ton more than it is which leads me to believe it's not very far along at the moment.

>> No.6405424

dyor you fucken pajeet faggot

>> No.6405450

Don't know how

>> No.6405464

Yeah I think we all know what you mean.
If this shit works its going to be a monster. A household name in 150 countries.

Ambitious as fuck.

>> No.6405520


check their latest blog for Q1 plans


it's currently only on test net, with main net release coming this quarter which is why the market cap is still low

>> No.6405525

Mainnet launch in Q2. Team is currently in Singapore working out of Kyber Networks headquarters, since Kyber implementation plays a major role in the crypto-crypto conversion.

> it should be worth a fuck ton more
Welcome to crypto. Normies stay clear because there isn't constant Twitter hype and weekly "partnership" announcements. They'll be forced to FOMO in later on, just like with Ethereum. Smart money is in now, dumb money comes later.

>> No.6405594

Wait, mainnet is Q1?

>> No.6405632

yea, Q1. Q2 is allowing fiat functionality

>> No.6405741


do we interpret Q1 as "as late far into Q1 as we can push it back"? normally i would but most projects aren't as legit as REQ.

>> No.6405795

they have met or exceeded ever deadline they have set. But who knows they might shit the bed on this one

>> No.6405813

I'm betting about $50

>> No.6405930

if the project succeeds, you gotta factor in competition and macro factors that might kill its full potential before the flowering

>> No.6405936

$30-60 would honestly not surprise me. Depending on how widespread the implementation of the REQ payment system is in Q3-Q4.

I'm assuming it will start with sites related to crypto, and then rapidly move on to non-crypto platforms like Steam.

>> No.6405962

Steam would be the money shot.

>> No.6406014

>full potential

I don't think anyone believes REQ will ever reach its full potential. If it did, the numbers we'd have to throw around would be absurd.

A tiny marketshare is enough, and the speculative cryptomarket will inflate the price, as it always does.

>> No.6406151

Theres always an announce every other friday. Whether it will be huge or not is undeterminable, but last one was quite small, so I'm willing to bet this one is quite big.

>> No.6406274

It's a french team based in Berlin. Why should I listen to anyone that doesn't even know this.