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can someone redpill me on e-Gulden (EFL)? i heard it could hit 10 USD a coin by March. Currently 0.45 USD

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> No team
> No whitepaper
> Looks abandoned for 3 years
> Strange PnD history anyways
What the fuck's this coin? I'm curious.

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it's pumping hard right now. I bought in in April for 2 cents for 10,000 USD bc what the fuck it was low marketcap. I checked it today on Bittrex and it was 227,000 USD. I'm hoping to hold till 10 USD so i can make 5 million off my initial 10k gamble. Thoughts? seems to have a very strong PnD culture with it

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How do you plan to exchange it? You're extremely ahead in fiat but in satoshis not doing so hot.

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Fucking liar; like somebody dumps 10k in a random shitcoin and forgets about it

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Basically it's a crypto coin made in the Netherlands. Before the euro our currency was the gulden. Heard to creater of it on a dutch podcast, he annoyed the fuck out of me. Think it's just an other PnD coin.

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i had all my money in coinbase and poloneix. Over 200,000 USD. the 10,000 usd was left on bittrex bc they were doing maintenance on etherum so i couldn't get it out with the rest of the money....

well i'm hoping to make a least a million off it. I don't care if it goes to zero. i'm willing to take that risk to make a easy million.

yeah that's what i thought. can you link me to the podcast? do they have good PnD events coming up to drum up PR? aka a event heavy roadmap?

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It's in Dutch ..


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I was convinced this coin was completely abandoned. If anyone finds anywhere where they have updates please post.

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thanks. I have a speech to text and then Dutch text to english text translator

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It's a dutch shitcoin. Nobody here in Holland cares about it. Stay away from it.

t. dutch.

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I was shilling pfr and prl here for you on /biz since both were 0.07 and 0.01 respectively. Get profit on egas and make me (and you) rich.
Take a look@ https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

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mmm I've also looked for you (in Dutch). Strangely I cannot find anny news about the founder. Look abandoned.

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t. you based dutchman

checking it out now

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this is a spambot. it's all over 4chan.
don't get pajeet'd anon.

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oh chosis again. I still hate you, you fucking scammer. anyone who believes this moron is doomed to lose money. I did once and I've learnt from my mistakes.

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all my picks have been spot on. I leaked the PBR and anyone that bought stellar lumens when i called it got a nice 20x+. Then i also called Lunyr, look at the comments in my website. Anyone that called any my picks is sitting on 20-45x their investment.

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Not sure I understand, have you found a roadmap or a whitepaper in Dutch? Or were you just bantering and saying my parents left me? I haven't slept in along time I'm slow.