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Will BAT ever exceed $1? It says in the white paper it won’t, apparently.

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$50 EOY
screencap this

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well it would kinda defeat the purpose of the coin. If it goes higher then 1 dollars sell

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Even the creator says it will go max to the price of a coffee.

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check em

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Where in the whitepaper because I cant find it.

I got in because I thought a pewdiepie shill would pump this shit hard. Unfortunately I dont see a whole lot of potential in this long term.

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Bull shit, he says that an ad viewer can expected to recive an amount of bat equal to a cup of coffee.

Seriously are you fucking retarded? Why the fud on Bat

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A quintessential BAT thread. Bravo OP!

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I can’t believe you faggots are so weak minded that you get shaken off of one of the only legit projects out there because of a few pajeets on biz. Y’all seriously deserve to stay poor.

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UsE YOuR BraINs pEOPle

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actually in another interview with boxmining he said otherwise

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I read and didnt find anything about its max price is 1$

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whats a white paper?

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Dont get me wrong anon, I totally believe in this project and its staff. Its not going to be better than LINK though, so I'm seeking short term profit to accumulate more LINK.

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No, he literally didn't.

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$50 eoy. Screencap this post.

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i see no problem
people who aren't retarded and impatient will get rich

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>pump it to $0.99, then dump

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very easy to trade when you know this beforehand. going to make some anons very rich swing trading

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it will keep doing this over and over until one day it doesn't, and it won't stop until 2-3$ you'll be left buying back in at a massive loss

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> deluded battie

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Eich said his company is not worth more than the price of an airport latte

$5 - $8

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the 1 dollar purpose shit is the new spicy meme of flavour on /biz/, it's hilarious

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we have a group of over 1200 users on Discord channel
If you are interested about pumping cryptocurrencies on the marketplace check this link

discord gg/zz7unwD

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whats a discord?

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The creator of Java, who also created BAT said he only owns 44.75 USD in his bank account (pay no attention to Panama banks). Since just over 2% of his holding are in BAT it is concluded (this is taken directly from the whitepaper) the the ENTIRE MARKET CAP OF BAT SHOULD NEVER EXCEED 1$.

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>Le, my company is not worth anything, MR IRS

Taken from the FAQ page btw:

Why is the Domain Administrator based out of Panama?
Domain administration is not handled in-house, and has no relevance to project operations.

WhoisGuard Protected
WhoisGuard, Inc.
P.O. Box 0823-03411
Panama Panama
+507.8365503 Panama

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>have 22k BAT
>read these memes on biz
>buy more BAT
>feels comfy
>Brave takes over market share as Facebook self destructs and Chrome doesn't innovate
>posts on biz when the price of BAT is above a dollar "i told you so anons"

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not possible.

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guys please help me out. I was about to go all in on BAT after the Guardian news yesterday but then I read the whitepaper and saw this: "BAT being over $1 defeats the whole purpose of the token. If you knew anything about the project, you'd know this.

Use your brain people. Are you seriously going to fucking buy this over $1?"

Is this true???

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How will priced thumbs up thumbs down work?

If it is anonymous, what stops content makers loging in from a vpn and then thumbing up their own videos? Where does the money flow after it gets used for thumbsup and thumbsdown? The content creator, if it goes to him, can create a cycle of thumbing up. Does he also take money from thumbs down? Even if there was no negative and just likes, it creates cults like Star Citizen of people thowing money for content to look relevant or on the top of whatever outlet it is.

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this coin is seriously one of the dumbest ideas in crypto. the brave browser is shitty, and people are going to just drop firefox and google chrome to start using some slow ass clunky browser so they can watch ads, and get BAT tokens? lmao. just no.

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This is the only coin i would recommend even my gf to invest in. Guaranteed gains.

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BATties btfo hahahaa!

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Yes. Sell me your bags. I buy them under 1 dollar to respect the purpose.

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So glad someone gets it.
>keep it under $1, anon.

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I dont have any BAT bags yet. Im going to avoid investing since the ceiling is at $1 apparently. Thats like 25% max gains. Not worth it

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smart guy, newfags, take note, this is the kind of attitude and forward thinking that we expect from you.

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there's no point buying this coin since they'll just release more coins once it hits $1 to keep where they intended it

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JavaScript != Java my nigger

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Ever heard of bing rewards? This shit works.

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No one in their right mind would buy this over $1. That would defeat the whole purpose!

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Funfact the creator of Java works at Amazon. Use that information how you will

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who the fuck uses bing

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You're being retarded.

Brave is quite quick and the point isn't too watch ads. The point is to replace advertisers with direct support from consumers.

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Not finding that. Sauce?

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ever heard of "netzero"? you may be too young, lol. they tried this exact same thing, and it failed miserably.

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I know your mom is on my dick nigger. she likes that white meat.

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who started netzero? some prick in a suit?
guess who started BAT, the creator of javascript, hell yeah dude, you might not know what that means but thats the guy who pretty much wrote internet language, everything we do stems from his insane brain power. If you can't comprehend, get left behind. Eichgiest.

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>imagine being so retarded that you are aware of crypto, aware of BAT, aware of a failing advertising industry, aware of BAT's low market cap, aware of how Firefox and Javascript were created, and you still didn't own any BAT

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BAT is a deadend.

This puny crypto actually thinks it can compete with Google. LOL

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Given the sinister nature of our friend Google, I fervently hope BAT makes it.

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but if it succeeds, then everybody owning even small amounts of this coin will be in lamboland.

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the meme will become a self fulfilling prophecy

fucking stop it

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It's not.....

It's competing with middlemen advertisers. It pays users to look at data, it pays publishers more than traditional ad fees and saves loading times for client browsers.

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there's truth to it, it's a great day trade. anytime it hits $1 the whales dump it. remember only 184 claimed all the tokens for 3 pennies each in the ICO.

it's a lot more distributed now but i bet the majority is still in a few whale's hands.

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>what is twitch
>what is the current streaming trend
>what is amazon
>what is the partnership of BAT with twitch


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This. Holding 500k and super duper comfy.