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so anons. should i be fuking with icos? the stress involved pisses me off hardcore

what to diversify 100k into to make 500k in 6-12 months

pls old bizbros help me out im not a newfag just didnt make it yet cause my initial was super small and i chilled too much over at fit

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Literally just go all in on ETH with and youll have a mil by 2019

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Or do the same and go all-in into NEO and you'll have a mil by summer 2018. Either way, both very safe and sound investment options.

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Why are you flipping ICOs with that amount. Just spread it on good projects (20k each) and you'll be a millionaire in no time.

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1/2 COSS
1/2 ETH

Congrats you never need money again

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opinion? bat is link meme tier but i unironically believe this has potential and is a safe coinbase listing in the near future

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The NEO network can't send integers, so it will never get as high as ETH marketcap wise. Very few people want to buy an entire $5k NEO. Yeah you can buy half on an exchange but then you can't take it off and collect GAS. There's a reason stocks do stock splits.

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all in ENG, 5 Mill by 2019

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For reference, it's illegal to participate in IPOs in USA if you don't have at least $1m. It's very risky, so the government doesn't trust plebeians not to gamble their wealth away.

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None of that is correct. Fuck you.

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You should always have say 25% of your portfolio be eth right? Its only going to increase for years to come?

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Similar to mine.


OMG is a good pick. BAT will depend on how much the brave browser is adopted, which I find unlikely considering the almost-monopoly chrome has on the market now.

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Literally pajeet right here, does not even know what an integer is.

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Use to bang a girl like this and give her a ton of bruises she’s loved it

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why not go all in on z classic its a guaranteed 15x moon within 2018. quit making it harder then it really is you fuking stupid bum

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Go all in on BAT and you will have $500k end of month.

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Should I just go all in on something. So annoyed to be stuck between 2-220k for the last week

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The eligibility requirement depends on the brokerage and the IPO. My point stands- IPOs are very risky, OP should approach ICOs with similar magnitude of caution.