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Yup just bought 5 more

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The fork date will be announced this week

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ZCL got JUST'd by the market. Still holding. Pulling out of this is financial suicide. 1 year will turn 150 to 1000+, easily.

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>no premine
Thats kind of horseshit though if they give everyone holding bitcoin and zclassic BTCP

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everyone has had the same opportunity to buy zclassic

everyone had the same opportunity to buy bitcoin in 2009

do you think bitcoin is premine?

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Love that they're taking such a professional approach with the infographics and such, really appeals to the normans.

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yeah, can't wait until I buy my first lambo with 1 BTCP

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keep an eye on these pump groups


dont get left with BPC bags though

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It got JUST'd by fucking whales. They are ridiculous right now.

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Are you stupid? This will crash in a month after the fork.

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Where i can buy z classic low price?
first time in this

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That's not what premined means.

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even though i'm down 30% holding this shit, I AM NOT FUCKING SELL, HODL till 1K. FK YOU WEAK HANDED BITCHES

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Dude, ZCL is likely to fall to zero after the fork. The team said that they don't know the fate of the ZCL block chain after the fork. They are likely to cease work on it.

The only reason to hold ZCL is for the BTCP.

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bittrex or cryptopia

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2MIL sellwall whale indicated that ZCL would be getting masternodes after the fork to keep it alive.

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So one masternode would be 10 ZCL or?

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This fork is a gimmick, but it's smart. Naming it bitcoin and giving out coins to bitcoin holders builds buzz, and ZCL hodlers get to pump it.

Only question is, will they dump it? It's already mooned, but bitcoin private could go higher if it gets normie adoption.

How is the technology on ZCL vs monero? The main difference seems to be that ZCL supports private and transparent transactions and moneros are all private.

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More like 1k DESU senpai

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Holding 630 of this

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Of course they'll dump it. My concern is that ZCL has no reason to go above $300 before the fork, as that's a conservative estimate as to what BTCP prices might. ZCL is basically BTCP futures at this point, and paying 1k for BTCP would be ridiculous at this point.

I think it's priced in, but this crazy market will likely pump it to $500+

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FOMO will go crazy on this coin. It's the first notable fork post-10k/November rush. A $500 pump is conservative, very conservative, in my estimation.

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So you think it won't see any black market adoption? I have a big bet on Monero at the moment but I'm thinking that this might have a better chance of ending up on Coinbase than it because it has the ability to send to transparent addresses. I doubt they'd ever support monero because it's too anonymous and the taxman would fuck them

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> Zcash's privacy tech makes it the most interesting Bitcoin alternative. Bitcoin is great, but "if it's not private, it's not safe.'
and then he said this about monero:
> Great project, but the problem with amateur crypto is mistakes happen and have huge consequences for people like me: https://www.coindesk.com/monero-link-transactions-debate/

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BTCP has more supply than BTC, so it will take a higher market cap than BTG just to have the same price. I'm just saying, $300 is an accurate estimate for what we can expect BTCP to hit, and paying more than that is odd.

But I don't doubt it will happen after Bittrex releases support for the fork, and the date is announced.

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I think Bitcoin Private will see some adoption. When you said, "will they dump it?" I assumed you were talking about ZCL, to be clear.

In case I was wrong and you were asking about BTCP, then yes I think they'll dump that too, initially. But it will climb rapidly upward imo.

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>BTCP at $300
You must be delusional. This is easily the best fork so far. If Bitcoin Trash can be sitting at $2.5k so can BTCP.

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you can't compare it BTG though

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I'm talking about the pre-fork ZCL price.

I think BTCP will at least be a $1000 coin.

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It's not better than BCH, but it does have a privacy advantage. But in the realm of privacy, it will not be any better than any other zk-snark tech beyond branding, and it will be worse than XMR in terms of product and dev team.

For the maths of the price, yes I can.

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at least BTCP can use HushList

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the dev making BTC Hush was hired to write code for BTCP, cuz those devs can only copy pasta and suck balls

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I was in the thread and can confirm it was said.

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Giant walls on bittrex. A couple days ago, we'd have maybe 30BTC on both sides. Now there's 4 times that.

Expect rapidly rising prices very soon.

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>I was in the thread and can confirm it was said.

What the fuck is a masternode and how can i earn money from it?

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Do you think you're some sort of oracle by saying this? Faggot

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No, just pointing out that volume is increasing rapidly, so for anyone who wants to get in but still hasn't - expect these fairly low prices to be gone by tomorrow.

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Masternodes are nodes running the same wallet software on the same blockchain to provide extra services to the network. These services include:

>Anonymization increased privacy of transactions
>Instant transactions
>A decentralized governance
>A decentralized budgeting system
>Immutable proposal and voting systems.

For providing such services, masternodes are also paid a certain portion of reward for each block. This can serve as a passive income to the masternode owners minus their running cost.

*Taken from the PivX site

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There's no source - I think he's talking about this image posted on the Bitcoin Private twitter.

They're giving a hint. I'll leave you to figure it out...


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>racist non-point
>the highest degree of flattery a shitcoin can receive on this board
How else would ZCL remain relevant besides incentivizing whales with muh masternodes

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The income is going to be based on the ammount of ZCL i am holding?

Running a masternode consumes electicity as mining or something like that?

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They've been saying this ever since it started to dip.

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So what the absolute deadline to hop in on this? I have some trades i need to get out of first.

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owning a masternode doesn't take up electricity like mining does. It's using your computer as a landmark to the network

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The second before fork date announcement. Nobody knows when that will be. But their twitter is subtly hinting January 16th.

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Where do I buy this shitcoin?

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whats the airdrop rate?
1 BTC = 1 BTC private ?
1 Zclassic = 1 BTC private ?

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Bittrex, nigga.

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and the profit of a masternode has anything to do with the ammount of ZCL i have before the fork?

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Welp, that's what I get for not having an account there.

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FYI masternodes for ZCL haven't even been confirmed yet. We don't know if they're going to have them.

But if you have the minimum amount for a masternode, the more you have, the more reward you get

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It's on Cryptopia too

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>the month has 35 days

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Praise KEK
Hallelujah Jesus
Hail Satan
Allahu Ackbar
Gief Shekels

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i have 3 BTC what should i do now? zclassic is mooning like crazy im assuming thats essentially the baked in price of BTCP?

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I have 30 ZCL, do you reckon that will be enough for a masternode, at some point?

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how do i get my free forkcoins?

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I'd put at least 0.5 BTC into ZCL. You might throw 1 BTC at it, if you really feel like it.

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Honestly, the fork date hasn't even been announced yet. I would buy now because once it gets announced in the near future, this thing is going to skyrocket and you'll have missed the the train.

I doubt that would be enough if they decided to implement them. It's usually a high amount. Probably somewhere from 1,000 ZCL to 10,000 ZCL I reckon

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retard alert ding ding ding

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Zclassic right before the fork will be somewhat close to the BTCP price, but even if word gets around, not *everyone* will know that it's forking. I think the BTCP price will be somewhat higher than Zclassic "bake-in" price for this reason.

Throw in a BTC if you want. The price isn't going down on ZCL anytime soon. We don't even have an official fork date announcement

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Holding 350 ZCL. Bought at $7. Sooooooooooo comfy bros!

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happy for you anon <3

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How do I buy in.

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5 days till announcement.

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Fake news. Bch diff adjust every block.

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Zencash lets you have a masternode with just 42 coins. That's too little in my opinion.

1000 would be way too much though for a coin with such a low supply. I'd say 500 max, probably closer to 200.

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So guys i dont understand all this stuff about ZCL, BTC forks, BTCP...

Should I wait for BTCP to buy it or how can a simple pleb like me get in on this opportunity?

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ZCL is forking with the BTC chain. So it's literally a ZCL+BTC fork.

Holders of both will be issued 1:1 BTCP. So for every 1 ZCL, you'll get 1 BTCP, and likewise for BTC:

You won't make money by buying BTCP after the fork. Your best chance is buying ZCL now .

ZCL is on bIttrex.

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If you own ZCL, you'll get the same amount of BTCP if it releases provided you put the ZCL in a wallet and have a receiving address if I'm correct. I don't know how you'll obtain the BTCP though. People are speculating on ZCL whether BTCP will release and will reach prices like Bitcoin Gold @ 300 or more.

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are we mooning yet?

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We have already mooned. But soon comes the pre-fork normie FOMO. That's the next moon.

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It has begun
Let’s go boys

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can you explain what this means? Why would normies FOMO at pre-fork?

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Thanks buddy

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Because most people don't know this fork is happening. Once we get a snapshot date, news will spread, and the normies who joined in november during the great BTC-bullrun rush, will FOMO instantly into this - because it will be the first high-profile BTC fork since they joined.

In fact, that's close to the same reason why many of us are here. But we get in at $40 instead of what it will end up at - maybe $500 or above.

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just angry that the bitcoin dips have fucked it up like 3 times and the whale have not let up.

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>Have to use bittrex to buy it


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Also on cryptopia

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Is it happening?

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Thank you god

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ive got 300 of these pieces of shit

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Fucking whales are back.

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>462 on 0.0119

>> No.6292848

that's nothing

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tb h whales can get cancE R

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I hope their dicks fall off

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The fuck is a whale?

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Look at your mother and you’ll figure it out

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whale= richfag

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They are back but this time the wall at 1.2 mil is way lower than before.

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its fairly obvious why they would declare it on the 16th. the only exchanges you can buy zclassic on are currently not accepting new users until the 15th. Rhett is playing 20-D chess and its a spectacle.

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Priced in.

>> No.6294107

>currently not accepting new users until the 15th.
Really? Do you have a source? That would be very nice.

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They should at least try adding ZCL to Binance. That would make it harder for the whales to control the price.

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>priced in
>literally 400k sats under ATH
Just fuck off, brainlet.

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t. assblasted bagholder

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Holy shit that buy wall

>> No.6294446

>crypto markets
>even close to perfect efficiency

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Will cryptopia support BTCP fork?

>> No.6294550

don't have a screencap but when I attempted to create an account for a friend (Dec 29th), they said they weren't taking anyone till the 15th. The message they have now doesn't outline a specific date perhaps to avoid the sudden surge of traffic.

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now 300k ;)

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>Bitcoin Private is a fork of Bitcoin
>give 20% of the supply to what was a $2 shitcoin a month ago.

Nice scam.

>> No.6294746

No word on exchanges yet supporting the fork, but that's probably because they haven't confirmed the snapshot date.

>> No.6294902

Checked. Confirmed oracle. LINK is a go!

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if Zclassic is a shitcoin so is bitcoin

>> No.6294980

Holy shit we're off

>> No.6295019

>sit at computer
>ZCL is 0.0113 satoshis
>go to the store to get a bag of sweets because wife and baby is out of town so this is my evening to relax
>back 15 minutes later
>ZCL is at 0.0127 satoshis
So the sell walls are down; I see.

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bitcoin started as $0.006, surely that must mean it's a shitcoin

>> No.6295032

For different reasons
Bitcoin have great developers doing the wrong things
Zclassic has no developers

>> No.6295095

zclassic had great developers (zcash team)
they are not around anymore, so now it's automatically a shitcoin

bitcoin had a great developer (satoshi),
he is not around anymore, so now it's automatically a shitcoin

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>t. assblasted nocoiners

>> No.6295205

what wallet do I need to get the btcp when the fork happens? or is this not known yet?

>> No.6295220

This fucking thing is being manipulated all to hell. It’s frustrating because you can clearly see without whale manipulation the price will soar.

>> No.6295262

The ZCL wallet - or bittrex, presumably.

We don't want the price to soar. The lower the better.

>> No.6295298

The whale manipulation now makes it so when the price does soar, it soars harder than it normally would have weakhands are more frustrating than whales

>> No.6295303

Walls are back again.


>> No.6295331

Think we all need to take a deep breath and discuss Hush calmly. No need to bicker about who has the most hush or over the genius of Duke. We will all be rich with large bags of BTCH.

>> No.6295332

The price has been the same for 3 days now, are you not done accumulating?

>> No.6295381

Nothing can hold back the price rise following the normie FOMO. Just be patient, anon.

>> No.6295401

You’re saying when the announcements drop, the price being lower will cause the moon mission to shoot higher.

Sort of like abstaining from masturbation so you can bust a huge load in your girlfriend.

>> No.6295448

Something like that.

"Get the new Bitcoin fork coin super cheap, $2000 potential for the coin but the ZCL coin is only $200 right now!"

I can already see the reddit threads now. And the FOMO will be intense. Ultimately, more sudden and violent FOMO will also lead to higher prices for BTCP.

>> No.6295544

create your own fucking thread you stupid faggot

>> No.6295558

Somebody crosspost pls


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Mining this with CPU
Gonna have a sweet dollar by EOY

>> No.6295583

Does anyone here realize that this isn't actually a fork of Bitcoin?

>> No.6295649

Except it is.
But also of ZCL.

All BTC and ZCL holders will get BTCP.

>> No.6295870

This is the very anger I speak of. Instead of this energy zapping lashing out we can find the best investments together. Hush is still only $14 because the whales are suppressing the price. This is going to break out soon.

>> No.6295880

Not exactly, it's because the supply is being shifted towards whales and the whales are planning to hold until the fork. This will restrict the supply when the FOMO comes because the whales will ironhands the zcl, as opposed to the weakhands that woulda slowly sold off as the price steadily increased

>> No.6295954

>the supply is being shifted towards whales and the whales are planning to hold until the fork.
Mostly hold. But the price will also be pushed up as high as possible. Ultimately, the ZCL price at fork will function as baseline price for BTCP. We need that as high as possible.

>> No.6295976

it ruined its reputation, not going anywhere
acted very unprofessionally
likely a scam and the main devs owns a bunch of coins
you are likely a main dev

>> No.6296065

>All BTC and ZCL holders will get BTCP.

BTC holders will get an airdrop of BTCP, but that doesn't mean it's actually a BTC fork. Look at the code yourself, it's a straight fork of ZCL.

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Anon you must really hate money.