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Finally, the healthy correction has been passed. time for #BATGANG to rise, easy x2 by EOW, who's with me BATGANG?

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a x2 would put BAT at $1.60. Dont you know that BAT being over $1 defeats the whole purpose of the coin?

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Right on track. $10 eom, $50 eoy. Although i know that will defeat the purpose.

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Right? I'll almost feel guilty holding all of these past $10 because I'll know in my heart that Im destroying the coin's purpose

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explain pajeet

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fucking biz. Whiy din't anyone tell me before I bought? Have to sell all this shit now.

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Wait until .99, that's the entire purpose

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This for me is one of the most promising thing in the alt coin market. The block chain is not the get rich quick scheme people want it to be. There is a very real reason that the value of this technology has skyrocketed. The block chain and bitcoin is not money it's just that money is the first implementation of the technology. What Bitcoin does is decentralize our monetary system.

BAT for me is the first real world implementation of this technology that gives the average person a platform in which to experience the blockchain. I feel like a broken record today, but people need to stop looking at this market with their greed in mind and instead realize the value lays in the freedom it promises. You can follow the fear from people speculating on who has invested or you can do yourself a favor and understand what the business model means for the end user. This is the first project that has real world use that every layman in the market can use. No longer is the Blockchain only for tech savvy, hackers, drug dealers and gamblers. This will break down walls and open the eyes of the world who for now think cryptos are nothing more than nerd mobey.

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thanks for looking out anon

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Explain urself sir

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I have been in them all. This discord is the only one that is fair!!

https://discord dot gg/hTTEEt2

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that's how i see this token too. it's not been great for moon missions so far, but once this thing hits the mainstream, which i think it will within the year, it's going to truly blow up in a huge way. if you look at how the current ad market is going, especially for something like youtube and "adpocalypse", there's been a real want for something to replace it. this has potential to compete with the current ad market as well as patreon while simplifying things for users. i dont see how this doesnt gain attention, because i can guarantee youtubers WILL be shilling this. theyre pissed about a revenue stream being cut and they want to find a way to replace it. this can do that.

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The $1 purpose meme is one of the best FUDs i've seen.

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no explanation needed. pic related

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the ''$1 defeats the purpose'' is a big pajeet btw guys. just salty retards that bought at 1.20 and sold at 0.70 kek, should holded it will x2 eow ez

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I have a feeling the whales about to cancel hundreds of thousands of those sell orders and moonshot this shit again.

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pump happening in 15 minutes, over 85,000 members

discord gg/GX2gNaX

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This. Also coinbase is 100% coming this year.

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> le duhyor meme

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there's a thing called decimals.

it's divisible outside of exchanges.

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Haha “here we have legacy BTC, ETH, LTC, bcash... oh and this coin for a browser...”

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know your meme bruh

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Did anyone else see this other coin called BatCoin (also with the acronym BAT) pop up today? What's the deal

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I don't like you choice, but like yout guts. Well done.

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>healthy correction has passed
diseased bear now running loose

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>I have a feeling
unless you have made millions gambling or investing: your feelings destroy your bank account

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