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>own over 400 k USD of LINK
>still have never kissed a girl in my life
What kind of sick joke is this

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>can't even sell any of to buy an escort because it will be worth so much more in the future as a node
Don't worry anon as soon as the mainnet is up and you set up your note you can use your income from that to buy the highest class of escorts.

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Damn Varappi can't you give me some?

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i dont want an escort. i want love
do you realize, how fucking amazing all these asian girls are on campus are now them im back at school? i literally can cause mysefl to sneeze just fantasizing about these asian girls. And i have no more website to blog to about my love for them... and i have to look at these asian girls every single day, every single hour., every single minute Those quinty eyes and those raven black or hazel brown hair is memorizing. AND I CANT EVEN WAIFU ONE OF THEM. IM GOING INSANE

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pls just send me a few stinky linkies

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you will have so much pussy next christmas you will have to hang it as christmas ornaments on your tree.

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I agree Varappi give me some links.

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>over 1M in crypto
>never kissed
I've hugged before at least.

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... wtf. i have two people now? WHY DONT YOU GUYS STALK ME ON MY INSTAGRAM INSTEAD OF BIZ. You see, i made this suika.
i just want to fall in love. i guess in order to get girls to truly like me, i have to have sex with multiple girls first. but, going around and fucking random girls who arent my waifu isnt appealing.
i hope we get one day anon. my back up plan is going to somewhere for thailand. And i mean actual females in thailand, not dick girls.

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Pump n dump group here. Pumped STU to 300% profit earlier. Next pnd in ~41 hours. Join here to get in on it,


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Why not go to a massage parlor and get your weewee tugged?

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I really like EGAS, it looks like a scamcoin but even if it is, at this price it can still go 10x before it gets dumped. check it out.
Take a [email protected] https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

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no its just me that guys copying me pls varappi save me i'm not gonna make it

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>still thinks money is actually the only thing needed to attract women...

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Why are you copying me? Varappi and I go way back.

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meh. i dont know. i want to get better at drawing, and enjoy it very much. dont get why you guys are so desperate for money, you should be desperate in learning a skill.

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Ive tried paying chads to show me the way... to get me an asian girl. but no ones accepting

Please. For the love of god. Any chad at penn state, or any chad in general who can get me an asian wife, i would pay you 250 k if you can actually get me one

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varappi i was friggin homeless crypto is my ownly way out, also that other guy doesn't know where we are from

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shut up. i told you. Ill pay... fuck it

300 K USD TO WHOEVER CAN GET ME TO LOSE MY VIRGINITY TO AN ASIAN GIRL. Fly over to penn state and help me do it.

i especially love engineer girls tho, just like muh waifu(pic)

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bruh once youre retired you can go to japan and fuck tons of asian bitches, they love white men. ill be your wingman because i'm going there too.

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My ideal life:
>meet engineer girl 5 years within my age
>help fund engineer girls company
>become stay at home artist dad that works on his comic while engineer wife runs her business
>spend our hours watching our 7 foot flat screen tv together on the bed
>die together with engineer wife

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you can meet one in asia. you don't want a second generation western asian anyway. what do you mean old we'll be there in 2 years

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>tfw not a Chad at penn state to help anon get an asian wife so I can use the 250k to invest in crypto


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really? how are we planning this. do you have contact? i do like women who are 10 years older than me. NOT FOR FETISH REASONS. is just, i wouldnt mind being with 30 year old engineer girl

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join gnfos discord and i'll message you on there. i plan on going there just to fuck asian bitches on tinder, but you will definitely be able to find one for marriage. we can be roommates after we're rich

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i can do that but im a fucking leaf

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good news anon

asian girls are all gold diggers

you're going to do well int he future

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Im a chad who worked in the Dating industry for years lol in the biggest most main stream company. I understand more than 99% of dudes and promise I could get you an asian girlfriend for alot less.

I dont work in the industry anymore because it gets old like anything. Yes i am very good with women, yes I have slept with plenty and had plenty cheat on their boyfriends with me.

2 Years ago in vegas I fucked a japanese girl that had just gotten there like a week ago on the first night. It was so tight, it was nuts.

I also smashed a japaense british girl once that was amazing.

AMA I got time to kill as i surf for crypto gold.

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i cant find the discord. please post temporary id. besides. those homos insta ban me because their jealous of me
well. i dont know. are you able to magically turn me into a chad over text?
i want to fund my engineer's wife tech company! it would be my ultimate dream. id love doing it more than writing my own manga

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lol btw if it helps, this is all much easier than it seems. Its just uncomfortable and a process of strategizing correctly. You dont need to sleep with a bunch but you do need to understand how the process works. Even if I didnt really want to have sex with the girl Id wait till it was obvious she wanted to go back and then I just made up an excuse.

Girls do it all the time.

It's all just a skill.

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i dont know. i think its pretty fucking horrible you caused women to cheat. but at the same time, its those unloyal womens fault.

i dont know what to ask. ive talked to plenty of chads before. all they say is
>be more likeable
>strike up more conversations with people
>make tons of friends
>kiss ass to everyone to make them their friends
im just not likeable at all. i just want a chad friend, who could introduce me to an asian girl, and wouldnt fuck her when i want her. But no matter what, you are 100 miles from me, while im at penn state.

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if you are serious. I could seriously help you - but i imagine your just a broke randy so take my advice. You need to build your ability to socialize. Asian girls are so easy compared to others because of the culture its insane.

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At one point you realize thats just the wrong perspective. Whether it was me or the next chad the girl is making a conscious choice to cheat.

Never forget that anon.

Unless shes drunk but thats unethical and something a guy with real confidence cringes at.

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>2k into crypto
>3k profit
>Only want to get to 20k to pay for a south east Asia backpacking trip with the love of my life and still have half left when we get back
Love is comfy.

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except for fob Japanese. if you're dominant, you might be able to get in their pants, but if you are going for something longterm and are just kind and such, it's a very hard chase.. SE Asians are very easy. American asians are decently easy too. For a guy who doesn't drink or party, the Japanese are like the holy grail of girls.

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my crypto money is legit. i could pay you. but i have no idea, what words you could say that could make me cool
>build your ability to socialize
i could see how someone can learn to draw
i could see how someone can learn to program
i could see how someone can learn to write
i could see how someone can become a speed runner

BUT GETTING WOMEN, is the hardest fucking thing on the planet. i dont even care if asian women are hard to get. i just want a gf. if i wanted to fuck, id get an escort.

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Stop trying to find "easy" girls. Having that kind of loser mentality is the reason why you guys have never been popular. Girls can smell that bitchass shit from a mile away. Man the fuck up and go for girls who you think are the most attractive.

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You need to buy EGAS and hold it long term, it has huge potential. 13M Max supply and it costs pennies right now. Great concept and active twitter. mooncoin material.
Take a [email protected] https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

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its because you wouldnt be paying me to learn cool words or lines which obvious id teach you some solid ones but for a shift in perspective.

I worked with hundreds of dudes when I was in this shit deep. Being good at women is so hard because it is so humbling.

I have had girls tell me to straight fuck off in my face and other savage things. Meanwhile itd be a bit shocking, i compose myself quickly and move onto the next. Most guys never got good because they couldnt handle one of these moments.

It rarely happens and its not that big deal in the long run. I have a dream girl too dude. This skill i have is insurance towards making sure when I get my chance I dont lose her. It just ended up also making me what most consider "Alpha"

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I NEVER WANTED EASY GIRLS. I just want a fucking asian engineer girls just like my waifu. doesnt even have to be asian.

All my life, i only liked asian girls because i actually like squinty eyes and their hair. I never gave a fuck about their submissiveness or if their easy. i dont get why im lumped in with those men. in fact, i think asian women are more intimidating to talk to

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Im not even being nice. Finding a real gf is REALLY easy. The problem is when you get heartbroken etc. Being able not to get into full beta again.

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you animefags really need to kys
fucking cringe

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If you really want to make it easier. Study the culture and understand what is seen as attractive. You need to think big man.

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so, literally the boomhauer approach?

i dont think you realize. Im not in vegas, full of a bunch of anonymous roasties. im at college, and worst, im not invited to any parties. if i tried that shit in a library, id look like a total creep.

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have you ever tried talking to any of the girls at your school...?

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i asked out a chinese girl, and got rejected on the first date because i tried to hold hands.

i asked out another chinese girl, but she thought we were just friends.

i asked out another, but she had a boyfriend, but it took me a lot of courage to do it, since she was a grade higher.

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thats low numbers my man

being a man is about facing constant rejection and pressing forward

chin up

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i have no more chinese girls to ask. two of those chinese girls were from japanese class, and i dont have it this semester. other one was from a club, i dont go to anymore.

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you're doing it wrong and that perspective is what im talking about. Doesnt matter if im in fucking vegas or fucking college. Its always the same game.

Actually techincally the vegas jap girl was like 21 or 22 so she was prob in college LOL.

Another rookie mistake. Never burn out on what you want. Practice asking other girls out that you dont think are 10/10. They can still be attractive but just practice on them. Then get momentum plus skill you got the asian every once in a while.

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i dont know what to do, or how to ask a girl out. also, i have no friends. isnt it creepy for a guy without friends to ask a girl out?

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Just pay me for weekly coaching as I see you do dumbshit like this I will steer you correctly lol.

No contract basis and we can do it with crypto. If I suck you just stop paying.

>> No.6141525

give me 20k and ill show you the way
results or your money back

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you said you did it and failed when you went to grab her hand. Thats amazing see you stepped up then learned another lesson. So go again, this time dont make the same mistake.

Its not creepy if the guy doesnt act or seem creepy. Thats the only rule. I have gone into clubs by myself and made a shit load of friends by the end of the night.

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upon further review you both are definitely trolling or 14 years old

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ok. give me a discord friend thing. i pay like this:

10 k for first kiss
20 k for making out
30 k for losing virginity

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not trolling. I do this from time to time because it hits home for me. I use to be like him minus the thousands of dollars if he isnt lying. Which he probably is lol.

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best way to learn a language is to drown yourself in it...in other words tell him stop acting like a bitch..thats the first thing..this asian fetish shit is creepy can you imagine what he's doing irl

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Anon.... I-I’m not too far from there. I could possibly try and help you....

>> No.6141836

ok and 1k for number and 5k for a date with asian possible waifu.

idk what a discord friend thing is. I have a server. vy62yU

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I'll kiss you for a kinky stinky linky

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Minus well just add me on discord Varappi#5854

my fetish for asian girls is off and on

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money doesn't cure being a boring/autistic/timid soyboy. basically the frontal lobe of your brain is cucking you. either it got that way due to shitty genes, or shitty programming due to shitty upbringing, childhood trauma, or whatever.

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>that drawing
jesus christ learn your anatomy

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what 2hu is that

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stop acting like a fucking creep..control yourself

>> No.6142151

I’ll message you tomorrow sometime about it.

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