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TIRED of people saying one million is MAKING it. A Million doesn't cut it anymore. In order to live you need a nest egg @ 2 million. Guaranteed money from retirement cache is about 4%. Who the fuck wants to live on 40,000 K a year. Two million will yield 80K for the rest of your life. EASY living in a real country... Plan accordingly.

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>in a REAL country

Sorry, anon. Living on a tropical island surrounded by SEA whores for the rest of my life sounds pretty good

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Islands are for vacations. Residents are just niggers begging tourist for money. Live in the USA not a shit-tier country.

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You are living in a fantasy if you think 2 million throws off 80k annual returns.

Sorry anon, 2 million throws off a safe ~50k

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Thats like triple my wagecuck job so ill take it

Besides with 2M i can really invest and make a shit ton more

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where do i get a fucking 4% return tho

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Work on getting a better job than McDonald's first you fucking degenerate. I make 120k a year at 27

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>who the fuck wants to live on 40k a year

literally billions of people you absolute fucking out of touch mongoloid

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Index funds. Holy shit you people deserve to be poor.

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It’s all about risk managmemt
>you’ll probably be better off never cashing out

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okay and you think you'll be doing nothing but spending money the rest of your life? Thats nigger mentality. You should still be creating value of some sort part time, maybe become a hobbyist car refurbisher or something

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This guy gets it.
I'm so sorry I didn't mean to offend the African American community.

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The 4% rule was born from a study done for a 30-year retirement. I'm assuming most people on /biz/ are young and want to retire in their late 20s or early 30s. It would be unwise to blindly extrapolate the 4% rule over a 50 or 60 year retirement.

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Oh yeah I'm going to rebuild old Chevy's in my golden years.... you are a fucking idiot.

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I'm fine with watching YT videos and reading Wikipedia articles for the rest of my life. I just need the basic stuff to survive.

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>he thinks 2mil will be enough for life

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More like 4mil. 2 is just too risky.

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Inflation will turn 4 million into 2 million

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Pick a 30 year period during which the stock market didn't perform at least 6% annual...

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yeah sure, in what field faggot

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I agree.. NO FUCKING WAY most /Biztards could maintain 2 million in bank and live off the 4% for 50 years. They would piss that shit away on gold plated XBOX's and bad coke.

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So what do you do when fiat dies and is replaced by one of these currencies?

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okay that was just a suggestion but clearly you misunderstood the point. The point being that if all you do is jack off to anime, eat sushi, and drink the rest of your life, you're going to off yourself for being a waste of oxygen even if you're making 50k a year doing nothing. Doing nothing is the reason niggers can live a cage the rest of their life so long as someone feeds them. hence half of them being in prison and even when they're booted out they want back in. Are you a white man? Then do what white men do, create, produce, and have reason to exist. If not, well you know how it ends.

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You clearly didn't understand my post. If you're retirement is longer than 30 years then looking at 30 year stock market trends is useless.

Read the paper I posted.

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you all can't be this retarded right? 2 mill in real estate, bonds and stocks is enough to live comfortably. inb4 some americunts or leaf farts shout about their real estate bubble: you don't need to buy it in your fucked up country, invest in real estate wherever.

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Don't forget if that 4% comes from dividends, they're taxed like labor income. 80k turns into 55k after taxes

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Table on page 4. I said 'stock market' for a reason.

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DON'T FORGET CHILDREN anons. Those little entitled fucks will chew through your cash like little rodents.

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Also you have to factor in taxes:
In my country tax on 80k a year is about 20%.
So you need about 100k a year to get 80k a year.
Now to get 100k a year you have to have a nest egg worth 2.5 mill.
In my country we have to pay capital gains on crypto, it’s about 25% it you hold more than a year.
To get 2.5 mill after taxes you need to have crypto worth about 3.3 mill.

So yeah it’s not 2 mill you want, it’s 3.3 mill.

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>not a shit-tier country

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Once again you do not understand. That table shows that being 100% invested in stocks and using the 4% rule over a >30 year timeframe results in a non-zero chance of ending up with $0 in the bank. Not much of a rule.

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Don't get children, duh.

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>thinks /biz/bros will breed

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>he doesnt take inflation into account

after 20 years those 80k will be worth 40k so youre back to square one OP
you need at least 5 million these days to maek it

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89% chance of success over 60 years is good enough.

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bitch please, here in portugal 1 million means not working ever again and living pretty good

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If you say so. And remember that's an 89% chance of not ending up with literally nothing. The chances of you losing enough money to knock you back into the working world are obviously higher.

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I don't want to live among degenerate westerners
I don't need to die with millions on my account do I don't have to live solely off the interests

Money doesn't make happy, I spent 6 months in asia for 8000$, enjoying the nature, riding a motorbike, fucking about 25 girls, don't need more

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Lol for a million dollars I can buy a house with no mortgage. That's fucking huge. imagine how far my salary will go after that.

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>among degenerate westerners
>fucking 25 girls
Did you ever stop to think, maybe you're the degenerate Westerner?

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What's your goal in life faggot? Getting approval from your cucked degenerate neighbours? Make your wife happy? Lol

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Not at all, I'm just saying that we're all degenerates to some extent, and the people who try so hard to avoid becoming one, usually are the ones who are the most guilty of it.

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I plan on moving back to mu home country turkey where price of living is cheap, and you are acting like making a million dollars with a million dollars is a difficult thing


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What happened here

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When you take into consideration divorce and/or alimony 4 million won't even cut it. 8 million just to be safe.

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Programming you can swing that easily if you know what you're doing.

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>deluded burgers
my sides

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>being this new
Muslims happened

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Pic related

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>doesn't know about muslims


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>USA top tier
SEA: 1/3 the cost of living, much less spoiled women (and, surprise, they're not obese), cheap hoes, better overall life, there's even retirement visa

Even in the shithole I live in South America 40k/y is upper middle class.

And seriously, 4%? That's the best safe investment you can make? You have 1mm and a brain, dyor and find better investments ffs.

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Live modestly and reinvest dividends when you can, I'm not rich yet but I feel like some variation of this is all you need

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I don't get why anyone would want to live in the USA. Absolute mystery, m8.

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You niggers' jealousy is unbecoming. Find a nice little 99.99% white community in a 96% white state like Vermont or Maine, throw in a couple of million in crypto gains and you are in heaven. Nowhere else on earth compares.

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If I wanted to live in North America, I'd probably go to Canada.

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Enjoy it while it lasts. Thanks to Trudeau, the Muslim hordes are coming. It'll look like circa 2050 Sweden but it'll be 2020 instead.

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>living near uppity whites
>not living in SE asia

autism personified

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