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where have you been, it mooned already now it's going to sleep for a while

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>buying in after 0.04$

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you deserve it you impatient cuck

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>Buying at ATH
Cash out and use one of these to kys

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that's what you get for buying into a documented scam

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I hope you sell you weak handed fuck.

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Is that a wooden ares SCR lower?

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>buying the normie meme coin ATH
>wondering why it's collapsing after it's revealed they have zero product with a marginal use case
stay poor faggot

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you make everyone with a brain money, thank you. but seriously, how hard is it to not buy at ATH, just because a few times buying at ATH would get you gains doesn't mean it's good practice, and you will eventually lose.

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Getting listed on Korean exchange coinrail tomorrow and announcing partnership with the Facebook of China, RenRen on the 14th. Possibly Alibaba but don't count on it. Weak hands never win trust me

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I just HODL through all the FUD people post about coins, do the opposite of what /biz/ says. I bought ADA at $0.12 and TRX at $0.04. Just HODL

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Don't worry OP. I just bought Tron at 14 cents a coin.

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Its gonna explode anytime now.. and it wont stop

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All you have to do is be patient you retard, go watch a movie and read a book and then come back and see where you're at instead of shitting up this board

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Actually, I told you this was an exit scam and that you should get out immediately.

The founder sold all this Tron, this is not normal. He has no stake in his own product.

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No it isn't. Volume is still dropping. It's dead

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Lol you moonboys never cease to amaze me, fomo in at ATH and then blame /biz/ when it crashes by 50%. you'll never make it

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What does ATH stand for?

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RenRen? Are you sure?

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All Time High (highest price the coin has ever reached)

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all time high

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how the fuck can you buy something that was just completly worthless a month ago. the 500 binance gave me for free is worth half a bitcent already. Its not gunna go strait up forever, what did u think it would pass bitcoin in a week or something fss anon. i bet u sold ur ICX to buy it didnt u anon? o well.

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ah, thanks

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huuuuuge if legit

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Hello, fellow /k/ommando

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Every coin gets FUD when its correcting lmao. You dumb fucks. You niggers said Tron was dead at .02 cents.

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because that's literally what a healthy correction does

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Did you even do any research? This coin looks like a useless piece of shit. This is going nowhere. Normies just like the name.

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Its also literally what it did after the last pump. People dont fucking learn.

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>moons from 3 cents to 30
>buys in at .27
>Corrects at a healthy .17

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1. You are a fucking idiot
2. You have not DYOR

Accept one of these as the truth and move forward in life.

Or stay a poor fag, up to you.

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What the actual fuck?

How can you be this retarded.


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I see now its not an ares scr but what is that?

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No source yet, I've been researching possible TRX partnerships and RenRen seems to check all the boxes.

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Justin sun is a well educated kid, studied in PA, parents both work for gov in China. He gets anything and everything he wants but no one in China know about his crypto. People assume he has Jack Ma relationship but it's not true. He took a few extracurricular classes under him but not taught by him. He is not endorse by Jack Ma and he'll never be endorsed by government. If any crypto in China holds value, it's only maybe wabi.

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Holy shit good catch, how many users do they have? They are recenlty getting into crypto.

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The coin itself is not in fact useless.
Since Tron is now partnered with Obike (a really great partnership, it's just too many normie fags don't like it because they never heard of it) they will have millions of customers on Tron protocol to network the company and offer a means for payment(tronix coin). This is just the first three months. Once that partnership proves successful, it's likely larger partners will integrate with Tron.

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250 million registered users reported in 2016

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Don't forget gift.o, game.com, and (soon) Clash of Kings are all coins on the TRX network as well. This coin is the second coming of ethereum lol.

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It won't affect price at all deluded fools

Only really good partnership can move it up

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You're fudding won't move the price, little Pajeetle.

>> No.6050905

why? renren is on NYSE but what's more?

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My 50k bags would like it to go up, but it won't happen for months if new parnership will be some small shit

my bags are waiting for dumping at 1400

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and this is all within 3 months. we are leagues ahead of most in the game.

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if you own 50 just be fucking happy. the price is stable. it will pump again and it will correct again. this will keep happening. just be cool and go do something constructive in your life. when you come back you will be happily surprised.

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renren has started their own ico, I'm not sure if that's good or not but it seems like if what Op's saying is right then it'll be on the TRON network.

>that subtle poor English
goodbye pajeet, we need flags already

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ugh the state of biz rn...
Pls fuck off this board

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>Tfw bought in at .20 and sold at .25
Felt good

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New this shit would happen. Rode TRX from .04 to .21 then bailed. Its going DOWN DOWN DOWN now.

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I'm with Pajeet on this one, cya and get scammed fags

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I also keep hearing Didi Chuxing mentioned. that would also be fucking huge to have on Tron network.
All of these partners we are hearing about now might not be Alibaba, or Amazon, or EA games we are all hoping for; but what CEO in their right fucking mind would partner up with someone who doesn't have a decent track record.

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This is the stupidest fucking coin. Did you see the head pajeets live broadcast?

It was just a bunch of ridiculous statements about "decentralized internet", "decentralized facebook", "decentralized email", etc.

Biggest fucking scam coin, and you're all idiots to still be holding this coin.

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You are most likely a weak minded little bitch with no ability to grasp real life changing ideas. I'm sorry, the world must be a confusing place for you.

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>Alibaba, Tencent, Renren and others bet big on promising Internet start-ups including Snapchat, Lyft and Kabam. Renren founder and CEO Joseph Chen has been particularly aggressive in Web finance, with plans to invest $500 million in fintech companies.
However, unlike Alibaba and Tencent, which have come to dominate Chinese Web activity, Renren's Internet business, consisting of games, video, online advertising and finance, has been on a steady decline. The stock is 75 percent below its IPO price for May 2011.

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seen, but if you were not just a moron and focused on something more than Justin's shitty English, you would hear about five very large cooperations with companies listed on NASDAQ and NYSE

>> No.6051825

>Below IPO price
Because they announced they are going to launch their own ICO. Literally the most likely to have a TRX partnership.

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>do something constructive in your life
I only go to work and sleep 4 hours per day, it's hard being a slav

>faggot who don't know a single foreign language talking shit about me being able to communicate in russian, german, english and japanese +my native

get lost baka

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I told you it was a scam, retard.

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I honestly wouldn't be surprised if RenRen, Tencent and Alibaba all partner with Tron in the future. Please DYOR on this stuff.

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Their whitepaper is filled with nonsensical buzzwords intending to fool stupid normies and it looks like it's working.

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seriously, anyone who invested unironically in TRX deserves to lose everything
after XRP this is like the most scammy coin

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explain WHY intstead of FUDing

>> No.6052125

lol a bunch of yet unnamed NASDAQ companies because... mystery! Ever the showman!

>> No.6052326

Buy back in already, it's not going to go much lower

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You need to buy EGAS and hodl it long term, it has huge potential. 13M Max supply and it costs pennies right now. Great concept and active twitter. mooncoin material.

>> No.6052380

Thats the secret. Never reveal the partnership right away. Look at what happened to QTUM after they revealed their partner. That was after a pretty good partnership.

>> No.6052399

he's delivered on all of his past announcements though, I think everyone i just getting impatient

>> No.6052433

Non disclosure agreement?
you fucking pleb.

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the roadmap reads like a scam written specifically for an autist audience, metrics to which you probably belong
i'm pretty convinced the burden is on you to explain how tron is not a scam driven only by hype ?

> b-but we are in "EXUDOS" stage


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that shit went up $40 in a day, fucking crazy

>> No.6052513

scroQtum, another scam........ oh boy.....

>> No.6052546

TRON is going to be fine. i plan on buying a ton soon

>> No.6052550

You bought at an all time high you retarted nigger

>> No.6052553

how does the road map look like a scam?
They are driving down their road map making real shit happen.
This is not hype.
This is real.
This is my life.

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Lol corrupt as fuck china, still must honor NDA. The reason they haven't announced the NASDAQ companies is because there are no companies.

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>> No.6052634

what the fuck difference does it make if Tron is set to go up to a dollar?

>> No.6052654

oh wow dude you just fucking know things don't you.
I mean you really know all the good coins when you see them.
I bet you are just bathing in dollar bills and getting your asshole licked by your neighbors daughter every day. get real faggot.

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This shit went up more than that in a day. TRX is crazier imo. How retarded are the people that think this thing is dead.

>Cheapest coin in the top 10 (below a dollar)
>CEO shills a lot (a lot of partnerships)
>High volume

Damn its like they cant see a Ripple like moon when its staring at them in the face.

>> No.6052725

market seems to think otherwise
oh well...
dude, you should not attach your life
to a shitcoin
seriously... you'll end up buying helium kit
with what's left of your initial money
daily reminder that every cap in shitcoins could
literally be gone in hours with no chance to cash in
and also, probably while you're asleep.

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Yeah.. was crypto dogs mentioned in the whitepaper? That's what this project is all about right?

>> No.6052757 [DELETED] 

Come and we will moon this coin together.
discord dot gg slash Q4AgGVy

>> No.6052804

not at all lol

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This shitcoin is a bag in my portfolio as well, but they'll get it just from my cold dead hands


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>volume is dropping
>volume in last 24 hours more than all coins on Binance combined

>> No.6052830

idk. it doesn't look like a scam but it does look like a lot of hype without any real product at the center. "entertainment coin?" convince me bro.

the name is cool though

>> No.6052845

no it's not all about crypto dogs. that is like the smallest project so far.

>> No.6052871

lel, $1 tron. Will you sell me some drugs?

>> No.6053158

seen posts like that a lot about cripple too though

>> No.6053167

Forreal mao tronnies think this will be $1

it will be much more

>> No.6053243

ok you fucking child. if you can't do your own research i'll help you out. (you are pathetic tho)
Tron has been out for about three months. If you want your business to get off to a good start (specially one with a long road map) you are going to hype the shit out of it as soon as you can. Obviously.
As far as having "no real product" what do you think the Trx coin will be used for in all these new partnerships: game.com, obike, Clash of Kings? Currency? Yea i think so to. People will be able to use Trx coin to rent a bike IN FUCKING ASIA. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY CHINC CHONG WONKY DONGS RIDE FUCKING BIKES?
They also plan on partnering with the chinese uber i'm pretty sure. So I mean in three months we are taking fucking leaps forward. Fuck all the FUD. Anyone FUDing this shit is trying to get back in. Trust me.

>> No.6053430

Justin's one single CRINGEY livestream vid, killed it.

And the dude is clueless, he left it up on his twitter, which is now slowly bleeding the value.

>> No.6053562

it wasn't his only stream. it wasn't cringey either. he struggles with speaking english and that's understandable.
watch his stream to his chinese audience for a more relaxed image of him.

>> No.6053615

I bought in at $0.02 and got 10k, Not sure what to make of it, I mean I don't think it's a scam, but I can't see it going much higher than $1-3.

>> No.6053721

none of those partnerships are impressive to me.

>> No.6053782

It will go to 1-3 dollars.
Jack Ma is interested in blockchain technology, he's just not all that interested in Bitcoin.
Perhaps he is looking for something that hits a little closer to home?

>> No.6053852

lol then drop your bags? i mean honestly why are you shit posting instead of researching. drop your bags and gtfo. that simple. unless you're desperate to get back in or you bought at an ATH.

>> No.6053900

It's just going down more, jesus are good dumb are you?

>> No.6053951

Because I'm considering buying it. I don't know the best places to research. I'm seeing a lot of conflicting views posted on biz, and as usualy half of it just seems like complete trolling

>> No.6053968

Do you see it going to $1?

>> No.6054034

I have 30k and im all in. how high will trx make it in the next 3 months?

>> No.6054056

if you can't research and understand possible investments then you shouldn't invest your money.

>> No.6054080

>Because I'm considering buying it. I don't know the best places to research. I'm seeing a lot of conflicting views posted on biz, and as usualy half of it just seems like complete trolling


lol ok senpai

>> No.6054105

Look at it this way: do you really think this is the "end" of TRON? Do you REALLY think this is a one pump coin that will never, ever return to .20 and is just going to steadily plummet down to irrelevance?

What after the announcements of partnerships and so on?

I mean I get that it's fucking scary putting tons of dollars onto it but the rational part of my brain is telling me that it's fairly inevitable that this is going to be going up to a dollar or more MINIMUM

That doesn't make it any less emotionally anxious to put money in it and see it going down. I mean the experience of holding a bag and watching it go down is horrible, no matter how rational you are you still just feel shook and start questioning everything.

>> No.6054187

not really sure what the best sites and methods for resarching these cryptos are

>> No.6054209

Yes it's understandable that English is not his first language.

HOWEVER, the majority of investors, considering many are normies are not that empathetic.

To them, to the majority, it's about first impression.

And Tron had a massive blow, during the exact same time as the livestream.

>> No.6054301

THIS. You fucking imbecile.

>> No.6054348

lol honestly, let the normies get shook. who the fuck needs them? big money will see the potential and buy the fuck out of those weak hands.

>> No.6054460

Hey everyone who bought into Tron, would you be interested in buying this bridge I own?

>> No.6054474

If you did buy, it may take awhile to recover. So long term hodlrs will still win. I agree lots of potential

>> No.6054532

You also have to understand tron was just a fraction of a penny not even a month ago.
A lot of people got fucking rich the last couple of days.
I'm sure a lot of those people sold the moment they saw their portfolio make insane gains.
I'm sure a lot of those people still believe in TRX and Justin Sun and will reinvest as soon as they feel the price has bottomed out.

>> No.6054560


>> No.6054569

I bought in at .4 and rebought at .16 it’s still got some way to go just quit being an impatient cocksuckin sped.

>> No.6054574

Next announcement is partnerships with big publicly traded companies. Just hodl.

>> No.6054581


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op is just trying to get you to buy his bags from the last pump n dump

Join us now at https://discord gg/u59nsNx (add the period)

tron yea right fuckin 2016 movie

>> No.6054643

>but the rational part of my brain is telling me that it's fairly inevitable that this is going to be going up to a dollar or more MINIMUM
>That doesn't make it any less emotionally anxious to put money in it and see it going down.

FUCK I was literally thinking the same thing. I'm x2 on my investment and took some profit but I'm still anxious for the remaining holdings. Cant really blame the panic sellers if i were in their position.

>> No.6054647

Cop the drop, OP. Use this as a chance to buy in more and at least 3x in the next couple weeks.

>> No.6054761

Hmmm If you want my opinion WHY I don't think it'll cap more I can only point to the livestream and the public outcry. I personally liked it, but the people who're investing in his coin at the moment are xenophobic westerners (who aren't happy with a 500%+ in a month(hence the FUD)). They were all praising him before they heard him speak.
Trx will do well in China but it'll take time for people outside of Asia to trust Justin.

>> No.6054808

Lol bought 5,000 TRON at $.005, saw someone in here say BRD was going to double (it did went from $1 to $2.10 in one day) traded for BRD, which nearly doubled in 24hrs, sold and got 9,800 TRON. In it for the long run.

>> No.6054871

This is going to turn into another pol thread huh? kek

>> No.6055010

Just bought it at 0.14

Did I do good?

>> No.6055037

I think we disagree on the fact that normie money makes a difference.
This idea makes sense and it's backed by big names.
If the normies want to jump off now and stay poor, that's fine.
That's what makes them normies anyway.

>> No.6055067

Stay poor fag

>> No.6055105

disagree on the idea* (not a fact sorry)

>> No.6055166

>volume dropping + price dropping = bullish
Do you even finance?

>> No.6055210

Wait for Justin to announce the date for the coin burn and this is going 10 X faggots. newfags losing money makes me happy.

>> No.6055263

> Trx will do well in China
Why do you say this? I'm Chinese and have researched him. Very little know anything about him.

>> No.6055272

you can't expect it to have the highest volume forever.

>> No.6055336

I went in early but will just leave it at the side for the long term.
It will 100% move up to 0.20 again, but it will sadly take some time for the people with bags.

Let's hope these Jan announcements are good and that Justin DOESNT introduce them with a livestream.

>> No.6055337

you probably live in some far away mountain village and eat dirt.

>> No.6055434

Zhuhai. PQQ comes from dirt.

>> No.6055448

>you probably live in some far away mountain village and eat dirt.
kek, stay classy biz

He definitely would not do that shit again. Probably has some sort of classy venue planned for the next announcement. You think the greatest shill wont learn from his last mistake?

>> No.6055452

The thing is either people are fudding it to be greedy and get more at cheap or because they have no hopes it’ll go up higher but they don’t realize that a public figure that has connections to alibaba and already has the attention of millions is actually putting his time into this coin

It’s obvious it should going to keep going up

>> No.6055564

I'm only going from what I have seen on his twitter and other social media sites. I think that this small stage before major investors/partnerships, a large portion of it is people savings.
But what do I know, I'm only guessing,

>> No.6055717

So you're saying he has influence to Ali baba?

>> No.6055745

trust me, it's greed.
people who have already made huge gains off this and see its potential want as much as they can fucking get.
Hell i was on here shit posting TRX non stop yesterday because I wanted to buy lower.
For that I am sorry. I'll never let go again.

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File: 136 KB, 544x465, smuganimegirlthinkingaboutBTC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

must be strange holding the bags of an autistic chinaman.

>> No.6055785

Just look how much whales are buying right now, and what will happen when tron gets to another exchange? Moon

>> No.6055925

Justin Sun is writing his thesis on TRX.
Once he is finished with that and can formally introduce Jack Ma to TRX then we can start hyping an alibaba partnership.

>> No.6055949

>Another exchange
It's already on Binance the most normie exchange in existence that won't change anything

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>all this FUD about Tron
>big partnership coming soon
>coin burn
>listing on two Korean exchanges soon
>whales accumulating
>sky high volume

I have no choice but to hold, and hope that this gookboy can make me money.

>> No.6055984

everyone but the deluded hate shitcorn

>> No.6056140

Is bithump even confirmed...

>> No.6056148

don't call him a fuckin gookboy he's gonna make you rich.

>> No.6056175


same here

>> No.6056181
File: 54 KB, 332x413, 1477206235559.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's going to get rough, are you prepared?

>> No.6056186

So what do you think it'll drop to then? I'm interested.

>> No.6056219

Seems like it was done on purpose.

If I was a millionaire who had a crypto project I'd probably do the same thing. With my dogs barking in the background. Just to drop value and buy more

>> No.6056220

stop listening to /biz/

>> No.6056281

Hold strong bro. It'll pay off when we sell at .50 next week. The fud is necessary to shake off weak hands.

>> No.6056287
File: 249 KB, 421x500, 1423117090984.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope so

>> No.6056308

You won't be posting shit when TRX hits $0.80 in 3 months when all this bullshit FUD is dispelled and the good news keeps trickling in, as it has from the beginning.

>> No.6056363

Just LOL at all you faggot pajeets who bought this scamcoin because it's "cheap"

>> No.6056379


>> No.6056410

Dude binance is banned to new users. Once it hits Kucoin new money will flow right in.

>> No.6056412

but... I bought it cause I saw the network that Sun has and his ability to market...

>> No.6056430

or he has more on his plate to worry about than a cute af little room to do a broadcast from. get real you goddamn normie faggots.

>> No.6056512

I think that sounds more accurate.

>> No.6056550

Lol, up x2 because of buying this cheap coin. Watch as this pulls off a ripple.

>> No.6056563
File: 41 KB, 300x250, XsFpNOpSAK-10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Too bad the shit that flowed from this chin's mouth will put the coin a week out from mooing again...

>> No.6056572

>hurr durr exit scam shit coin

if i was running a PND exit scam id wait till a fucking dollar. Not 30c

>> No.6056594
File: 40 KB, 535x577, 1443045423885.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw bought at 23 cents

>> No.6056697

If this moons I might order Chinese food to celebrate.

>> No.6056698

>whitepaper is joke
>crypto dogs is the main selling point
>Justin's livestream look like they are made from his room
>Justin cashes out TRX tokens
>all hype is directed at potential partnership with Alibaba (small chance)

>> No.6056746
File: 1002 KB, 500x332, 1232112.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this FUD

>> No.6056805

there's a lot of cheap shitcoins.
this one is a gem though.
sorry you are dumb and a poor fag.

>> No.6056829

The next ripple

If you can't see it coming, then look harder

>> No.6056869

you can tell things are starting to look up when FUD gets this bad.

>> No.6056874

>whitepaper is a joke
>crypto dogs is the main selling point
um.. sweetie?
>Justin's livestream look like they are made from his room
Well yeah, because it was. It wasn't a formal announce, it was him talking about his background and new people on his team.
>Justin cashes out TRX tokens
Straight up bullshit.
>all hype is directed at potential partnership with Alibaba (small chance)
Again, you don't understand the potential of digital asset delivery on blockchain.

Why are you even here? You obviously were too stupid to buy TRX when it was cheap. You just pissed you missed the moon? Or did you FOMO into it and lose your ass like the dipshit you are? Wouldn't fucking surprise me.

>> No.6056879

The only people who "invested" in this shitcoin are poorfags who are only able to throw their $200 life savings in hoping for a 100x. Stay mad and poor.

>> No.6056931

>tfw comfy HODL of TRX & FUN

got both for 3 cents. Stay poor, biz

>> No.6056949

200k TRX here lol sold half my stack, only 100k left. How is that anywhere near $200?

>> No.6056997

not true.
feed me some more creative made up fud. i'm hungry for the good stuff though, not your shit.

>> No.6057002

I hope one day I can say that about getting in at 12 cents when we moon anon

>> No.6057023

Over the past month, I try to stay away from price related tweets, but it’s hard because price is such an important aspect of TRON growth. And whenever I tweet about TRON price or even just good or bad news, I get accused of doing it for personal benefit. Some people even think I short TRON! So in a sense, it is conflict of interest for me to hold TRON and tweet about it because I have so much influence. I have always refrained from buying/selling TRON before or after my major tweets, but this is something only I know. And there will always be a doubt on whether any of my actions were to further my own personal wealth above the success of TRON and crypto-currency in general.
For this reason, in the past few days, I have sold and donated all my TRON. TRON has been very good for me financially, so I am well off enough that I no longer need to tie my financial success to TRON’s success. For the first time in 6+ weeks, I no longer own a single TRON that’s not stored in a physical TRON. (I do have a few of those as collectibles, they'll be for sale on our website for 1 ETH, limited production run) This is definitely a weird feeling, but also somehow refreshing. Don’t worry. I’m not quitting TRON. I will still spend all my time working on TRON. When TRON succeeds, I will still be rewarded in lots of different ways, just not directly via ownership of coins. I now believe this is the best way for me to continue to oversee TRON’s growth.
Please don’t ask me how many coins I sold or at what price. I can tell you that the amount of coins was a small percentage of Binance’s daily volume and it did not crash the market.

>> No.6057067


Still got in on time, bud. See you on the moon

>> No.6057085

Uhoh price is going up, better roll out the FUD campaign again

>> No.6057198

Are you a wizard? How did you know my exact situation?

>> No.6057232

I love the absolutely salty faggots on plebbit. They as well stick that Tron post on EthTrader. Fucking retards.

>> No.6057245

He's learning how to trade. Don't be a dick. You were a newfag at some point too

>> No.6057295

I'm just meming, I would actually benefit from Tron going up since it's being added to Kucoin soon, which means more dividends and another 100% increase in KCS's value

>> No.6057363

Im holding 201k and during the last moon valued close to 50k, u retarded.

>> No.6057391

Prepare your wallet. You're dinning dumplings tonight.

>> No.6057418

Wow big news. When is this happening?

Binance is closed to new registrations so Kucoin is the only normie exchange left. It's the only source of new money I think. Maybe bittrex is still open too.

>> No.6057426


>> No.6057489
File: 48 KB, 340x310, 1515304369732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>there are people on /biz/ who actually believe this

>> No.6057524

Fellow Binancians,

Due to the overwhelming surge in popularity, Binance will have to temporarily disable new user registrations to allow for an infrastructure upgrade. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your support!

Binance Team

>> No.6057536

Someone who talked to support said it would be added within the next few weeks. Even though it's just a rumor it's common sense that Kucoin would add it since they don't need to do much work for it (besides upgrading their servers)

>> No.6057682

I've heard it's being added on some other exchange too but I don't remember.

Tron seems like it might become big. It all depends on the partnerships. Everything's riding on that.

>> No.6058402

so, no intrinsical technological/innovation value ?

>> No.6058511

It's supposed to cut costs in the entertainment sector. And there's rumors of partnership with RenRen and Alibaba. But who knows if htat's true.

>> No.6058516

It is garbage. They just jammed as many buzzwords onto the site as they could. Check this out:

Content Empowerment
Economic incentives, empowerment, content ecology and block chain technology will create a fully competitive economic mechanism with fair returns for content creation, distribution and dissemination. Therefore, individuals can be encouraged and contents can be empowered, thus constantly expanding the boundary of the system.

>> No.6058603

if you bought TRON anytime after the pump then you deserve to lose to money. how was it not obvious that it was a penny-coin pump without any merit?

>> No.6058637

You do realize that there are $160,000,000.00 worth of sell orders between the current price and $.80. That's just what's listed on Binance, not counting the piles of coins that would flow into sell orders before it EVER gets to that price.


>> No.6058642

>It is garbage. They just jammed as many buzzwords onto the site as they could. Check this out:
do you know how much money is paid by advertisers? Neither do i because its secret. Since youtube pays their top vloggers a lot of money the ad revenue must be a lot more. Tron as a tool will lead towards better transparency in these situations.

>> No.6058643

People thought it was going to moon, but it turns out the founder is autistic.

Something about decentralized facebook and twitter and some puppy dress up game with microtransactions paid in Tron.

Not buying that product. Not autistic enough for that shit.

>> No.6058675

>decentralized facebook and twitter
This is just exactly why this shit is going to be big in China.

>> No.6058774

Can easily cut through that. The trade volume is absolutely obscene.

>> No.6058867

Dumbass, do you realize that 24 hour volume was over $2 billion dollars less than 48hrs ago. Lol @ $160 million in sell walls on the path to $.80

>> No.6058922

$648,000,000 traded in the last 24 hours.

Why would $160m be such a wall?

This coin will be BIG.

>> No.6058965


He said nothing hinting that they were even remotely close to anything like this.

He used buzz words to trick normies into sticking with this coin when in reality, his claims are about as strong as Trump saying things like "I'm building a wall".

He has no plan. He has no vision. He just drops random buzz words to scam people into supporting this shit coin. Have fun losing money.

>> No.6059043

And don't you think that 99% of the people that would touch this shitcoin aren't already invested? Fuck I gotta admire you dreamers, but tron is not the next bitcoin. If anything it's the next mastercoin. A total and complete joke that everyone laughs at. I doubt any of you newfags have had hair on your balls long enough to even remember mastercoin.

>> No.6059063
File: 191 KB, 491x498, makifes10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6059179

Stay poor pajeet

>> No.6059258

If you bitches sell you're stupid. This coin will moon, it's just not going to take a week, it's going to be a long term moon.

>> No.6059327

>comparing TRX to your average vaporware shitcoin
Does mastercoin have this amount of volume? This shit is ripple tier

>> No.6059434

No, it is a normie vaporware shitcoin. That is why it has high volume.

The normie part puts it above average since the name and buzzwords attract the uninformed like flies to shit.

>> No.6059439

holding several thousand bag strong.

your fud aint gonna work. stay poor.

>> No.6059499

why do you even care what -we- hold?

fuck off, you seem jealous.

>> No.6059539

Lmao bought it at 0.03 get fucked pajeet

>> No.6059554

its mooning right now

>> No.6059561

lel, you don't even know the mastercoin newfag

>> No.6059587

Not sure if fudding or shilling. Its a sure moon mission if thats the case.

>> No.6059608

No it isn't

>> No.6059708


Nothing but buzzwords. No product. Tron is all normie hype. Don't be holding when the retards finally figure the sham out

>> No.6059825

Because it makes me concerned for the future of crypto.

It's a sad day when /biz/ shows themselves to be less intelligent than the mindless masses just discovering crypto. At least most of those people would probably admit they don't know what they are doing instead of vain attempts to defend a scam.

>> No.6060077

Tron has probably the most toxic userbase since Verge or r/bitcoin, post any small legitimate concerns or valid question, expect 10 Trontards flooding you with angry comments


>> No.6060176

Maybe you should go back now sodomite. Enjoy your HIV

>> No.6060353

the Tron partner so far:



their website said it all, not to mentioned Justin Sun is already a investor.

>> No.6060535

you are afraid for the future of cryptos because another shitcoin out of 100 others is growing?

go back to plebbit you fucking pretentious "intellectual".

>> No.6060557

it's definitely going up anon

>> No.6060571

Careful, you are going to make the horde mad

>> No.6060594

more coming.

>> No.6060652

every shitcoin has it's horde of defendes.

bought tron weeks ago while cheap. it's still cheap. get fucked ;)

>> No.6060900

Hey man, if you can make money off the hype then good for you. High risk high reward.

But if you just read through the site and whitepaper this seems an obvious cash grab by the creator specifically targeting people new to crypto.

As soon as the hype volume goes down this will probably crash into the ground.

>> No.6061008


>> No.6061137



>> No.6061188


>> No.6061213

ITs on boyos. Strap in

>> No.6061219

I'm not. Already set my sell order at .50c
Stay comfy bro.

>> No.6061282


u know what. i am going to listen to you. cheers

>> No.6061724

im selling at a dollar, Which im pretty sure if its an exit scam that when he will relly dump

>> No.6061813

You really think this will hit a dollar? I'm thinking 50 cents.

>> No.6061845

justin sun owns game.com
its a shell website created to be bragged about as a partner

come back with real partnerships lol

>> No.6062118

yes. If it was really an exit scam when would you get out? like its in that chinks best interest since he holds so many coins for this to go as high as it possibly can go before he sells.Just like that other chink did with ltc he wait at like 300 or something i dont remember. Hes locked in for two years right?

ill ask you this question. Do you think it would hit a dollar in two years?

>> No.6062169

New ATH is 2200. Anything higher is a pipedream.

>> No.6062226

>A dollar in two years
Thats way too long. Its a dollar in the span of months or zero for this shitcoin.

>> No.6062301

so then do you think theres a chance for this shit to hit 1 dollar in that time span?

>> No.6062302

he doesn't own it, but even if he did that's a good thing as that web name was bought for 300 millions and that means they're not fucking around.

>> No.6062455

1 to 2 months if ever its going to hit a dollar. I mean look at Ripple. Its not fundamentals that will drive it up there. Its dumb money hype.