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>Lurk /biz/ and learn about coins
>Dream of getting rich
>Buy some coins for the first time today
>Invest in XRP and XLM
>Immediately lose a lot of money


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I've been in your shoes anon.

I first came here to learn stocks and get advice, but quickly realizes 95% of the post here don't know what they're talking about and just shill random shit.

XRP is bad, however, XLM is a good coin. I expect IOTA to moon soon, and DNT has given me 5x gains in the past month. ETH is finally growing too.

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lmao kill yourself my man

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You suck ass at this.

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2018 and people still take advice from 4chan.org ahahaha

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>Buying coins that have gone up 10x in the last month

You're learning, don't buy giant green dildos, anon

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>Lurk /biz/ and learn about coins
>Invest in XRP and XLM
does not compute

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Nobody on /biz/ is shilling XRP, and the only people shilling XLM on /biz/ are normies who are afraid to take risk (like you)

It’s not too late for TRX. Go all in.

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no,fuck YOU and gtfo filthy normie

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Will I be alright if I just hold on and wait?

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>Nobody on /biz/ is shilling XRP
>front page has 5 threads shilling XRP
what did he mean by this?

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Buys ath and gets BTFO. weird.

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you bought cripple, you deserve to lose everything t b h

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>buying the top

I hope you are ready to bag hold that shit for all of 2018 while every other crypto goes at least 2x

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For the returns you’ll be making off of XRP, you’re better off investing it into the stock market.

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the only people shilling TRX are retards caught in a pump and dump and are afraid of committing to a coin that provides organic growth. Enjoy getting fucked when you go to sleep and miss the dump lmao

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It’s all people complaining about XRP. Nobody is shilling moon missions

It’s like they come in here, question people why they talk shit about ripple, then they buy, and lose their money and start posting how they lost the $30 that their father lent them

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we played you.
All the things you see being shilled are nothing but pumps and dumps, Normies think they can come here and steal our shit?
Nothing personnel kid.

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you deserve it for buying the kikes shekel (xrp) kill yourself retard.

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The dumbest thing is I bought a few bitcoins in 2013 then sold them.

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just don't fucking buy coins that just went fucking crazy.

People on biz are shilling those coins so there is more retards like you to buy at ath in an attempt to make more money.

They don't care about you making money

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old /biz/ would've given you some sound financial advice and how to actually make money. new /biz/ is all about the internet money meme. you should have went with your gut instinct and realized that "free" "internet" "money" is too good to be true. you think any of these fags really have all that money? no, they just have some numbers on a website. most of them won't even be able to cash out their free internet gold before it crashes to nothing.

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just hold it dumb ass it will fix it already is

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Just hold man.

Seriously don't ever sell at a loss. You will cut your dick off in the future when it goes up again.

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Sounds like a plan. I'll ride this rollercoaster.

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Good man.

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new paradigm

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VEN or IOTA? I’m not selling my ENG or XLM but have some money to play with

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blaming someone else for your decisions
grow the fuck up

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Yeah you might want to stay away from that.

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You were late. Buy SNT, EOS, ADA, and RDN. All undervalued just like ETH was for months.

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zero zum zalza

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Buy the ETH and take the 20% off and play with some alts and lurk more until you know the game, like me.

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>tfw same but still haven't bought any coins

Should I take the plunge /biz/? Is it worth it to trade instead of just keeping it all in BTC?

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buy high sell low

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yeah you are never going to make it mate

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Just hold your xml and stop being a kid this shit is partnered with real a real technology company, not a bunch of kids with some wordpress site.

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XLM and XRP going through turbulence. You literally bought at the high this week, you're going to have to hodl for a few days for it to go gather steam again

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Dear OP,
Natural Selection.

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What app is this?

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Well, you bought at the top of the mountain.

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yeah, buy this coin that is up 113% in 24h!

if you want to stay poor.

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This is legit what I did in July 2016. I put my whole savings account into ETH and now I'm sitting pretty on 4x gains. Then in November I bought some alts just to get a grip on it, now I put 1 ETH into my Binance account and bought SNT, RDN, and ADA.

I made almost 3000$ in the past week alone on top of my $60,000 of ETH.

If you read this far down I have some advice for you, buy ADA, it will hit $5 at the very least, also buy $200 of Ethereum Classic, it could moon senpai.

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>be alright
did you invest money that you didn't have to lose, anon?

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every coin is junst like eth bro

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>>Invest in XRP and XLM
You bought XLM, the competitor coin to XRP. So funds from one will drain to the other and then comes whale dump, so you're doubly fucked. Pull anything remaining out and leave or dump it all in one of the last few shitcoins that still have potential.

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>Buying at ATH

kek, srsly tho.
I did the same mistake when I started in November. Everything was mooning I thought it would be smart to jump on the train.
Still I'm now at almost 10x my initial investment.
You can still make it anon.
You just have to study the market for a while and learn to buy low instead of high.

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Bittrex and Binance are down for new users.
Any recommendation of an exchange?

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/biz/ shilled me LINK and got me to buy more REQ
I'm happy

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>tfw made more money in 6 months of coin trading vs 2 years of your shitty job

Undervalued nonetheless. ADA has some old Eth devs, RDN is solving transaction speed with payment channels, SNT is bring the ETH network and apps to the mobile platform ( all 3 which are currently under very heavy development like ETH was in 2015 ).

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You can keep those ETC bags :>

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It was my first but it takes getting use to.

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IOTA will have its turn, but much later on. For now invest in VEN.