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What's the next rug bizcoin?

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>Everything went smoothly with launch
>Team working hard
>Raiding on X everyday
>Team full of people who want a Spurdo token for Spurdo fans that's not AI slop.

biz cheers it on when treacherous snakes backstab and sell for a loss just to get at their friends and the VC token overtakes us.


Well, we aren't going anywhere.

We carry on.

This just became a passion project. We still have stuff in the works. Yes the chart is screwed but we're just gonna meme it away lol.

We flush out the jeets and continue to build a Spurdo community for real Spurdo enjoyers.

The guys who sold just now, sold into Simpurdo. :|

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Thanks for the positive thinking. 3 more days til 12 day anniversary of top. It typically takes 12 days fo recover from dip on a meme for some reason. So hang in there. I am.

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Still holding, not selling.
Nothings changed its just 19 times cheaper. And the panic sellers have left.

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1 billion - green ranger spurdo
620 million - red ranger spurdo
300 million - black ranger spurdo
100 million - yellow ranger spurdo
50 million - pink ranger spurdo
10 million - blue ranger spurdo
1 - putty patrol spurdo

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They messed with the wrong boys xD

Time to come back stronger

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73k mc as we speak

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STAND BACK! Be silent! Be still!... That's it... and look upon this moment. Savor it! Rejoice with great gladness! Great gladness! Remember it always, for you are joined by it. You are One, under the stars. Remember it well, then... this night, this great victory. So that in the years ahead, you can say, 'I was there that night, with Spurdo, the Meme!' For it is the doom of men that they forget.

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Solana Spurdo team is still active.

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So is finnspurdo we are about to bounce back

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(buy my bags)

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For 1 million maybe

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Pic is of traitors who sold before /biz/ spurdo became #1 spurdo

They are ephialtes

Spurdo holders are spartans :-DD

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>The guys who sold just now, sold into Simpurdo
the guy had been selling the whole time and him and chello (the deployer) selling were the reason the jannies jeeted. Check out the web of wallets going out from the Okayeg deployer 0x759459A3C476dAa3AC59A1779A9Ee3481B1F3b0e + the okayeg wallets around this one 0xA942A7b35127CdAa027d3abA157bA2b5B4EBF49C btw, it gives you a new perspective on the "based okayeg dev" (who never does anything and jeets his bags to buy more LINK)

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Sucks, but thats the thing about crypto its decentralized he sold for maybe 10k total. Better now than later.

I think people overreacted.

If it was good then its 19 times better now

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Americans are idiots they dump there bags at the bottom and fomod in at the top a few days ago. Theyll fomo back in after it inevitably recovers

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>after it inevitably recovers
utter delusion team had a chance and fucked it up

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Its only been 9 days. It took apu 12. Pepe took longer

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The fact that most of the team is out is good; awesome even. They cant dump any further if theyre already out. They have no control its completely decentralized. As long as theres one person to run twitter and the website thats all it takes

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its over give up

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No Jerry

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over retard cannot recovery u fucked spurdo and now rapper spurdo will be the spurdo everyone remembers

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Told you to buy RETARDIO instead and you got rugged, just like those pepega bastards