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>politicians flip flopping and pretending they're pro crypto after talking trash on crypto before
>multiple celebrities creating meme tokens on pumpfun
>30,000 new spl tokens created per day
>multiple memecoins having ads in times square
>roaring kitty coming back one last time to rinse the redditors
>people trying to put WIF on the vegas sphere
How did you not recognize we were in the 9th inning?

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Yeah okay cool but some guy on /biz/ told me that "the bullrun hasn't even started yet" so did you even consider that?

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normies aren't in yet, who gives a shit about cryptotwitter yards

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>normies aren't in yet

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Forget about what the fuck the politicians are up to in crypto. They are morons. I can't stop doing crypto because of their wack policies. I'm even more focused on great narrative such as DePIN with the likes Peaq heating up.

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The next bear market is going to so boring.

Now that airdrops are dead, there's not going to be any reason to try out different protocols and chains.

Because new coins always outperform, there won't be any reason to accumulate anything that is out right now either.

All you can do is keep stacking sats.
Maybe that was always the endgame.