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Holy fuck I think we're about to see a huge market crash. Whales just closed a shitload of long positions on bitfinex. They only ever do this before a huge dump and trend reversal is about to happen.

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It's happoning

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>the moment I look away this happens

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You did short 70k right?

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>market crash

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did you know BTCLONGS go up when were going down, and down when were going up?

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They dumped btc to suppress Avi after it finally started their last main net audit. They can’t get away with this

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ez money.

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damn it you where right all along
gatting me short ready

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did you close?

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Not a great indicator, shit has been going down during the whole bullrun

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Zoomers are about to experience their first rug pull. Congrats kids you've all grown up