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We're definitely never going to make it.

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factually correct, yes

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Green Id says your right, who cares about making it anyways?
>sour grapes fag

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Maybe not but we are having fun

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as soon as i catch a break, i intend to make some, of the brown variety

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No I will make it, but at this rate I will be 75 when I do. Yikes.

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I am gonna make it howeverbeit.

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its actually over blackrock has tamed bitcoin

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talk about you bitch, i've got 30k saved up to get some gravity legion bags for the tge and after this run is officially over imma unironically make it

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The only way to make it is think positive thoughts. I will make it, you wont

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I’m not even having fun

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yep. the big boys took over everything. they were all late in the game and make way more than all of us put together. really says something. the best you can do now is pray for a major pump every 4-5 years and know what the big boys know, when everything will dump in tandem so as to know when to short everything, but if you're not in the big boy's club, you won't tell if it's a dead cat bounce or not. well, hope i win the lottery LMAO

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Money is essentially fictional. I'm not even worried bros. There's no 50 foot ice sheet out down the street. The sun still shines. You probably don't suffer as much as you feel.

Skill up and find your ambition again bros. If Klaus and ZOG win, just find a good black market niche and pretend to be an ethnic minority in order to get released from the justice system. Until then you're good bros you're good. Get healthy we actually are going to make it. Jpow even kind of wants it for you deep down.

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speak for yourself, I've done too much with my $trump to cry like that, just be patient