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>work at subway for minimum wage while going to school
>owner brings in indians
>most of them can hardly speak english
>get less and less hours
>eventually owners lets me go
>says he needs workers who can be available during the school day
>Im also a ICP bagholder

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It's over, Subway has fallen.

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Im also pretty sure they were talking shit about me in their language

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You live in Toronto right? There's not a Subway in this city that isn't full of Indians. Hell every single fast food restaurant, in the entirety of Southern Ontario, is completely full of Indians. The only exception being the Tim Horton's you find now and then that are full of just Filipina aunties.

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I've been sending out applications and have been getting denied from places like wendy's

its over for me. I will never be able to dca my ICP position into 2 digits

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How many ICP you got? Please tell me you at least have a 5k suicide stack?

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It’s all jeets, everywhere.
Homelessfags and shitskins.
It’s not a good look.

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damn happily converted mine to BTC

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it's honestly pretty hilarious. you will see Indian students driving newer cars and SUVs while also seeing some dusty looking alcholic white guy getting pulled over by a brown cop wearing a turban. Toronto is just special.

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Makes you wonder who the real subhuman is right? Lmao

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Yeah I've lived about 90 minutes outside of the GTA for basically my whole life and outside of a couple of Arabs I don't think I've ever seen a non-Indian working at Subway.

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Low test, time to hit the oil fields nigga.

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Go back to your shithole raj

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I'm going to school

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>you will see Indian students driving newer cars and SUVs
it's all leased

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>>get less and less hours
I mean, it looks like you don't really know English either. Are you one of those French Canadians?
It's fewer and fewer, by the way.

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Anon the best thing that ever happened to me was getting laid off at high school/college job. It pushed me into working into my degree's field and now I own a house and make a good salary. If I was you I'd go find a job at a place that will help you grow as a person not some shit minimum wage job. You can work as an apprentice in a trade and gain skills, you can intern at a financial firm, etc. Whatever you do try not to return to minimum wage

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I agree with this, sometimes it's the push you need. If I hadn't gotten fired from my first real job I would've been naïvely trying to work my way up in the company rather than job hop to get raises instead. Worked in Toronto for a bit with a lot of jeets, they were all jeets I was basically the only white guy and probably a diversity hire. Trades are really good but you need to enjoy what you do. The issue of income is more of a mental blockage of how much you think you are worth. If you think your time is worth a certain amount you will end up making that much. It's more about what company you work for rather than what it is you do.

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just claim EI and NEET it up for a bit at mom and dad's place, i don't see the problem

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How do these people live stacked on top of each other. What is the point of life just being a body.