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i paid $5k for his master the mental markets course
anyone else bought this and feel ripped off?
it basically tells you to buy and hold top 10 coins
i am requesting a refund but have not yet had a response

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Thanks for playing. I’ll be using that 5k to put into top 10 coins and expanding my portfolio. If you want my master master class just let me know in this thread and I’ll tell you my wallet address to send bitcoin too.

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no problem

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You have to use the offical form for refunds at

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Please apologize and delete this defamatory thread. Know that when you signed on for the course you agreed not to share its secrets or be subject to legal action.

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I've never liked the guy. He clashed with my confirmation bias.

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Sargon deez nuts
Kindly - scatman

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This thread is a few months early.
Right now, coinbureau only offers a "coinbureau club" for the low low price of $600 a year ($720 a year if paid monthly.)
Among the many amazing services you get, an annual membership also buys you "a chance to wins monthly 1 on 1 AMA with [that weird dude]"
The $5k offering will launch later when the bull market heats up and the most vulnerable among his audience need that extra help to feel like they're true geniuses.

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Nice larp. Literally no one would ever pay for that.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA dude, he prays on people like you to buy his garbage. That's how he actually makes most of his money. Thousands of "investment" youtubers out there doing the same thing.

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How are there possibly enough fools to keep them all in business? kek wonder if the same idiots keep buying more courses and stuff after getting burned, being convinced again that the NEXT one will be better

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Sorry bro, I'm with CTO Lorsson. His lagging indicator tells me to sell after a -35% drawback instead of selling into strength. I only paid $2888!

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Does this guy ever say anything that isn't painfully obvious?

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btw I love how that channel declined from Binance sponsored to
>Uh yeah uhh hi we're in dubai now, Im sitting in a dirty white T shirt, and we hired this semi attractive thot who sucks our dicks for free and we mostly yap about girl stuff with some crypro inbetween
Bitch can't even talk, fucking Welsh chav slag kek

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It's basically a cult. They have the same people buying multiple packages

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My normie fren was telling me about how 'his friend's which I suspect was him paid someone 4k to be told what to buy. He defended 'his friend's saying that it was good if you don't have time to research yourself and otmwas better to get the information from someone with 'proven success'.
Normies are just waiting to be fleeced..

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kek he's paying people for their best guess

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Heeer'ssss my story, on how i flipped BOLLISH on OTHOTREUM after only 3 MINUTES!!!! (BUY MY COURSE) So first I was beeeerish on uTHORIUM, but after de news, well I haves to flips BOOLLISH, first I toooad you to SELL! But naaow, well, 4 days ago (haha my videos are late) I turned BOOOLISH on OTHORIUM! Becosss of de newss!!!!!! Buy my course! And you get my LORSSON INDICATOR! which ollows you to sell!!!!!!

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Hi Larsson!!! It's *pant*.... good to... *hhhhhh...* see you *breathe* *pant* again... as we can see *breathe* *sigh* (pfffffft) the market....... *pant* *pant* *pant* has turned... bullish ...
Wait let me catch my *hhhh...* Breath, please *breathe* buy my .... course too

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fucking kek
thanks for the laugh anon

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America will elect again Donald PAMP, right guys HAHAHA donald PAMP, I didn't come up with this I read it in the comments the other day HAHAHAHA anyway thanks to this random retard for doing captions for free today, shoutout to him yes REALLY GUYS HAHAHAHA also NOW you can buy moralis money my moralis money very good PUMPAMENTALS and all indicators you need guys HAHHAHAHAHAA respect the PAMP

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I was just about to ask you to do him too
ebin, simply ebin

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kek you're welcome king

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I don't know this guy

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MMcrypto. but as usual, you're probably better off not knowing him kek

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I probably shouldn't know any of these clowns. Need to touch grass more

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I'm sharing the LORSSON INDICATOR here because Fuck that nigger

study(title="CTO Line", shorttitle="CTO", overlay=true, resolution="")
smma(src, length) =>
smma = 0.0
smma := na(smma[1]) ? sma(src, length) : (smma[1] * (length - 1) + src) / length
v1 = smma(hl2, 15)
m1 = smma(hl2, 19)
m2 = smma(hl2, 25)
v2 = smma(hl2, 29)
p2 = v1<m1 != v1<v2 or m2<v2 != v1<v2
p3 = not p2 and v1<v2
p1 = not p2 and not p3
c = p1 ? color.orange : p2 ? color.silver : color.navy
line1 = plot(v1, "Line 1", color=c)
line2 = plot(v2, "Line 2", color=c)
fill(line1, line2, color=c)

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You can insert it as indicator on tradingview.
Don't do it, it's completely worthless. it's his yellow/blue meme garbage. I'm only sharing it wherever I can because it reduces his income if everyone can find it for free

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By the time it finally turns blue, you've already lost 30% typically. kek

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In this case, you would have lost 30% of gains by following his trash indicator.
He calls it risk management to protect your funds. of course it's nothing but a bunch of moving averages made to look fancy

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jesus christ kek
I do better than this and I wouldn't think of charging someone for my method
keep spreading it

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>it basically tells you to buy and hold top 10 coins
Sounds sensible. If your shitcoin can't hold down a spot in the top 10, it means smart money has no faith in it long term.

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You could have gotten 5 Vesta NFT’s for that cash, easy. Talk about a bad investment right here

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I stopped watching the channel when the woman showed up. Her voice is so fucking annoying. She's ruined the channel.

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>Welsh chav slag
Kek this is fucking spot on. Couldn't pin it down, but this is it. She sounds like a Welsh chav. She made the channel unwatchable.

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I also like this guy's presentation style given that he appeals to people who can sit and watch a video, but it also appeals to boomers probably. I would bet that if he was a smart businessman he'd say, "Ok that video was meant for the masses. Given you're asking for a refund, I assume you know more than the average ______. Here is a link to an exclusive discount to join my ______ club which is for smart money like yourself and ______ rest of pitch.

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everything except Bitcoin is a scam.

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thanks for playing fren, i will be now redirecting your 5k into honkler bags on several wallets which will bring (me the based guy) much more money that i will then spend more wisely than you could ever do, so thanks

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Yeah it's total cringe. She adds nothing of value. Its just a semi hot chick + a blonde surfer dude + depressed Guy in a dirty white t shirt. Comedic

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>Among the many amazing services you get, an annual membership also buys you "a chance to wins monthly 1 on 1 AMA with [that weird dude]"
His name is Guy, buddy.

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Kek I was hoping it would be a page that just says NO REFUNDS

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If I met Larson irl idk how I would not be able to punch him in the face and I'm not a violent person

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Anyone know any tutorials on how to make money off crypto currency where the tutor isn't plugging something to make money?

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Cuz of this fact.

Many cryptocurrency exchanges offer affiliate programs allowing you to earn commissions on referred customers. By referring customers to an exchange, you can earn a percentage of the transaction fees they pay. It is a great way to make money with crypto without having to do any trading or investing.

Can't make money that way myself cuz dont know ppl and dont have a platform. Can't trust peoples advice if they are making money off said advice.

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I hope you do feel ripped off because you could have gotten grade SSS alpha just listening to us.


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did the dude abandon his moralis web3 kit?

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Same, rarely have I seen such a pompous fool. To even call yourself "CTO" when you are nothing more than a youtube clout chaser... god its beyond vain and childish

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>and I'm not a violent person
the only people who I've ever heard say this are people with an anger problem

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This is where he sold his INJ btw, lul. At around $1.40-$1.50, almost perfect timing on the bottom

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>Welsh chav slag
I can fully imagine her getting pissed up and shagging whatever dark skins she comes across there in Dubai

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I gave jsnip4 couple Litecoin in 2018 to get access to his "insiders" portfolio