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It's just the standard fed meeting dump. Relax, we'll bounce back over Friday and the weekend. I'm amazed people still freak out over this shit. It happens literally every time.

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lol no one replies to the one thread stating the obv. Typical /biz/.

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We've got a couple days of a favourable Jupiter transit which will bring a bounce, but then we're facing a conjunction of Saturn with Bitcoins natal planet, Uranus, on the 18th June. This will send it to HELL, possibly until July.

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strivecel cope

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how the fuck are retards so myopic? Literally everything was even lower just a month ago. On one hand they believe in meme TA bull flags, on the other hand, when they find themselves in one, they get demoralized

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youre supposed to buy/dca during these Fed dumps so you can enjoy the bounceback.

Also suck my fat millennial child support paying dick. I've been repping GG since the Midnight Carnival was at the arcade by the local comic shop and you couldnt even find a copy of XX at EB Games and there was no netplay anyways. fuckin zoomer. Strive is trash but Ramlethal is fine as hell.

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Post booba instead of poopa next time if you want replies.

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lmfao ill keep that in mind

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Post tight boota not nigg boota

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>t. never hit that brown pussy from the back

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yeah its obvious
i hope youre right about friday and the weekend though, i get paid friday but im expecting it to bounce earlier
ramlethal is hot

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yeah sometimes it's almost as soon as Powell confirms no rate change. Enjoy.

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holy mother of SNIFF

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