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oh I know, this is one of those funny pictures where they photoshopped the same face on every person.
on the plus side, if they didn't sell prematurely, all those nerds are in the green now.

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imagine eating all of their pussies 1 by 1 while exclaiming how much chainlink you hold

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Piss on celeb coins

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>if they didn't sell prematurely, all those nerds are in the green now.
They bought the previous $69k ATH. They're still bagholding underwater

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The perfect people at r/Buttcoin are telling me that this picture was originally
> Posted on 12th of november when bitcoin reached $64425
So take it up with them.
From their enlightened point of view, these nerds are doing better than most /biz/ memecoiners.

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They all have been DCA through the bear market and are now in profit with an average entry below yours anon....

Also they spent zero time staring at a chart or reading about it. It just comes out of their paychecks automatically as they live their happy lives, buy shit and ride dick.

every time anon posts this image is the ultimate pathetic cope... trying to imply that somehow they should've known better than buying the literal top... why should they? Everything worked out for them and continues to work out anyhow. It is you who is going to /gif/ later to masturbate to mental illness and then feel bad about it.

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Those are all men.

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Bitcoin is at 30k in 2021 USD rn

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Roll for number 5 left to right

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how is this supposed to be funny or clever?

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