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I slurped some alts

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should slurp BTC instead but I'll allow it

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I slurped some peepee

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why not wait until it stops dumping?

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Slurp Braphog (Ticker: $BRAP)

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>why not perfectly time the local bottom bro
Ur the local bottom btw

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Did so too, now I have a shit ton of shrl coming my way, thanks to those low ass presale prices

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it will be pretty obvious
bullmarket ending and we will crab around 25k for a year

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god this place is extra retarded now

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which ones?

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What flavors?

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Anon, there's a very fine line between ESL and retarded.

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This will habben in 6-8 months

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I seriously need to stop buying this shitcoin, but I'm addicted to it.

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I got carried away and now a quarter of my savings is held by $trump, I don't mind but I'm still terrified of the bear, lord save me

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I’m slurping my sippy cup to make peepee

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I just slurped my gf'g girldick

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I slurped more AAST

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Slurp what??

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>I slurped some alts
congrats, first off, ditch those scammy exchanges and store your loot in a MetaMask wallet, and enable Push Protocol notifications. that way, if some gremlin tries to snatch your precious coins, you'll get an alert faster
>don't let those hackers win

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>seriously need to stop buying this shitcoin, but I'm addicted to it
i stopped following those influencers because those shitcoins are draining my wallet, and channeling my energy to real investment
my recent investments are eth, sol, Nai, ord, and ocean that just merged with fet and agix