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Start stealing and become a burden on society. First thing you should do is quit your worthless wagie job. Don't bother applying for benefits, welfare or any other government assistance unless you really can't help yourself. I personally prefer to also GHOSTMAXX, no properties in my name, no hand outs, no benefits, no taxes, just living in the shadows of society and outside of the system as much as I can, but I digress. Simply take everything you need from big corporations, resell it and enjoy life. Hit their jew warehouses and megastores and become an honest reseller. Make sure to post about it and encourage more people to become burdens like you. Once enough people do this, their system collapses. Also always remember how over half the population got vaxxed and sided with the government? make them pay and enjoy it too. This is how you get back at the jews, the governments, the corporations, the normie cattle and everybody else who wronged you.

There is nothing more that jews and their wagie cattle fear than you anon getting ahead in life, never forget that.

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you sound poor

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this copypasta is getting boring

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Haven't seen you for a while fren. I'm glad that you are still alive. Keep posting burdenpill. Peace

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Cope wagie !

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sell like what? my laptop? lmao

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T.leaf and I'm seriously considering it. Why work my ass off to hand over 50% of my income so the faggots in Ottawa can hand it out to other faggots and fob jeets

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I prefer the NO PUSSY NO WORK pasta

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it's a great one

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>quit your worthless wagie job
Who is gonna do your surgeries if I quit? Not everyone is a bum like OP

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Maybe there is a legal way, like can you go to a bunch of offices and ask them for unwanted hardware/computers/printers and resell them because they just want to make space in the office, you can get yourself a pretty comfy gaming chair as well this way, what yall think of this?
>Get office dell PCs, add a cheap used ebay graphics cards for like 100-200$, reinstall fresh windows, sell as "light duty gaming pcs"

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>COSMOS PC ID lets fucking go I'm starting a ghost company

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Back to /pol/ faggot

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based and burdenpilled, i wont sell my hottie stacks for anything in the world but i do contribute to burdening society every day, i only buy on self checkout and steal everything, i go to get haircuts and leave the places running and each time i go to the movies i just run into the seats and get into the bathroom, after some time elapses i change clothes and go into the next screening (this never fails btw), hope you have a good burdenmaxxing year anons

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do it faggot

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smells like melanin

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This post glows. Yeah let me just go out and commit a bunch of crimes.

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I take money from the goyem cattle through gibs and i have no shame doing so since over the past couple of years they clearly demonstrated they are insentient and don't deserve SHIT

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t. seething glownigger afraid of young neets

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yessss unless you keep slaving away and giving 40% of your income to the gubmint you're a spook, good...discourage the other goy--I mean, the other PROUD WHITE ARYANS from taking the burdenpill

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I figured this out after the 2008 crash. Knew something bad was coming and said fuck it to a career and family.