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What happened in Q4 2022?

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They got Drumpf out in 2020 then 'they' juiced the market to get a better outcome mid-term. After that election, they slowed the juice...and surprise! they popped it again for this election.
Guess what'll happen after January?
Its like one of those where Waldos where once you see him, it becomes obvious everytime after.

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rate hike. i was in a long position when it happened and it fucked me in the arse so hard.

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hebrew 7 year crop cycle ended

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by the way if you dont know the conspiracy yet it happened all but once going back to the 90s

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is this shit all a huge bubble or what? the charts weren't exponential before. but i don't see anywhere else for money to go, just bubbles everywhere. it's a really frustrating time to finally have some money to invest. i feel like im definately buying the top of nearly anything

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We were supposed to enter the second Great Depression, but kikes decided to delay it for another 2 years

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Look into bond ETFs fren.

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well what everyone with half a brain knew would happen, happened in stocks, happened in crypto the bullrun couldnt hold forever and we dumped, i dont think hottie would've existed if this didnt happen (most people attribute the new wave of shitcoins to that specific dump) so yeah, it's normal