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I’ve been in since march 2018.
I honestly find it shocking despite all the growth and advancement of the project(i mean, 700 employees by end of year, and were literally just 4-10 when it started), that token holders have been screwed non stop for almost 5 years.

Additionally i’d say most of us who got in early were not exactly expecting 2020/2021 to be the pivotal moment to sell or see negative gains for the next 4-5 years.

The optimism was deserved early on and for a long time, but now its almost just sad. It didn’t need to go this way for token holders either, realistically the team just decided on decisions which ensured utter disregard for them lol

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enough bitching
what can we DO
how do we get our "eth moment"

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the team owes you nothing

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The team did everything right, Link went from some random rank 100+ ICO coin to the cornerstone of crypto and most promising institutional adoption coin.
All while having less inflation than half the top 20.

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The saddest thing imo is how there are a small number of people left who just cannot let go of 2018-2020.

Sure, im impressed about SWIFT and other related developments, but ultimately its not much different to back in 2018. It hasn’t materialised still, just became more open, and certainly it hasn’t materialised for any token holders.

It didn’t need to be this way, and i think its pretty sad. I also pity people who are clinging on with the same attitude of 2018-2020, who have been forced to subscribe to more and more conspiracy(btc dump etc) and other extreme conjecture instead of realising things just have not gone well, and thats life. Not everything materialises as we expected it too and i think these few cannot accept it.

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So chainlink should have performed even better than them. It has not. Its performance has been painfully average at best even with generous criteria and bias.

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>LINK went from a speculative investment to a more "certain" speculative investment
you're exactly the kind of holder OP is talking about

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>speculative outlook improved
>this is bad

... what?

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It's been 4 years since Link outperformed the market. I don't see it ever outperforming again. I mean, every thing is out and there's no secrets left.
It's just the market has decided Link doesn't matter much. I wish I get corrected but this is how I feel.
The only way I can see Link performing modestly is when full staking is out. Otherwise, we will remain this this hellish tortuere.

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This is just facebook boomer tier.
Its sad watching the last few people who are stuck in 2018-2020 apply every bagholder bingo, bagholding community and XRP tier thought processes and quotes now.

I’m impressed with what Chainlink has done, but its turned out absolutely terrible for token holders and thats my bottom line.
I dont care about sitting around thinking of elaborate conspiracy and conjecture for why it has not performed as it should have, as the team are so perfect. Thats the exact behaviour i pity when i see on here

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I would say "absolutely terrible' performance would be LUNA, FTX, Celsius.
I think LINKies are doing a bit better than that.

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If LINK isnt the most promising asset in the world, then what L2 are all the banks magically going to switch to after deleting their old system.

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Your funny.
You actually measured those projects like they were serious and meant to be around long term and perform.
Chainlink has performed absolutely horrible for token holders exactly because its an actual important project, trying hard for long term and not a scam. Its performed absolutely terribly.

The fact you need to compare to rug pull scams with fugitives on the run is pretty sad and again, the kind of conjecture i pity when i see now

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Link made a nice x3 in a few months

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down 45% against eth in the same time

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Like almost everyone else. What are you getting at ?

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>The team did everything right
Except dumping half of the supply on the market, cuckold

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No point in this if you’re just gonna lie. Not a good look

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>All while having less inflation than half the top 20.

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>but its turned out absolutely terrible for token holders and thats my bottom line.
If you’ve held since 2018 you have out performed btc and eth

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I bought 1 link yesterday. I expect to be rich by december

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^^ the type of person i pity when i see. Absolutely subscribed to conspiracy conjecture.
These were the kids who engaged in mocrosoft vs sony wars as children etc

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Btc and eth have outperformed LINK for most of LINKs existence. 2/3 of it and counting

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And if you’ve been in link since March 2018, as you said, you have out performed btc and link. Congrats for being in the 1/3rd.

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Thats like saying you had 10 million networth before you got divorced raped, but you still have 800k so are doing better than neighbours
What kind of cope is that?

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Not bad if you started out with a few k

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In fact. Dont answer. Just more proof you people refuse to leave 2017-2020. You mentally trapped yourself there.

Btw, link has been around for almost 8 years. It spent 12 months outperforming BTC.
Its 24k sats now. The same as it was in may 2019. It was in downtrend from aug 2017 until july 2018.
That means its spent almost 6 years being outperformed by eth and btc.

In other term, it went up from july 2018 to aug 2020. So 25 months. Its been around for 81 months.

Link has been outperformed bt eth and btc for 70% of its existence and counting

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link has outperformed btc since june of last year

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A wopping 22%
Now do literally anything else

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I made that snail

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They were all serious, and they were all represented to be around long term, and thousands of people went -100% on them.

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I weep for you.
Gonna compare chainlink to bitconnect a brag about that next?

Its like the most narcissistic fat loser you known who steadily is getting fatter but always saves his ego and narcissistic image by acknowledging a more grotesquely obese person somewhere in the world

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>8 years
The ico wasn’t even 7 years ago. Appreciate your concern about my financial wellbeing but I’m not selling. Why even make a thread like this, why not inform people of your current plays?

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Aww did that make you feel better when you worked that out?
You are in fact right, its 7 years in august. I went offhand and just counted 2017-2024 and got ahead of myself with the 25.

The fact is still that out of 81 months it has spent 71% of its downtrend against BTC and ETH. Its never going to reclaim even half its highs against either again.

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His entire personality and life revolve around Chainlink

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>why yes fellow link holders I agree the project is doing amazing but please we should all collectively sell
Go fuck yourself its never happening.

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>"The fudders were ynironically right about everything"

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Anything else?

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The ultimate blackpill is that link’s fair value would be $52 even if it transacted 200% of the volume handled by Swift on a yearly basis.

I can prove it:

Swift handles 5 trillion dollars per day, that’s 1.3 quadrillion dollars moved per year. Currently the dtcc, swift et al charge $10 in average per million dollars transferred. In order to be adopted as a new technology, you have to be either 10 times cheaper or 10 times better than the current tech, therefore chainlink will only be adopted if the network can lower the fees from $10 to $1. If chainlink nodes secured all 1.3 quadrillions flowing through swift, they’d generate 1.3 billion dollars in fees. That’s $1.3 per link staked per year, assuming a full circulating supply of 1 billion link tokens. Going by tradfi valuation methods, stakers would only purchase link at a price that would yield a 5% yearly ROI.

Therefore $1.3 in fees per link staked means a price of $26 per link token if the chainlink network handles all of swift’s volume, which I don’t think will happen within the next 10 years.

Even if the chainlink network handled 200% of swifts volume, a single link would still be $52.

I’m losing hope bros, someone please hit me with some hopium.

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Think about it, even linkies with a make it stack have not made it, and most linkies are proud about DR;NS and brag about being 90% down.

Face it stinky, if you held after Q2 2020 you are ev- and no amount of autistic «I’m richer than you» screeching will change that fact.

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Then just buy eth?


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I hold link since the first hour it hit Binance, I couldn't get in the ICO.

I'll just say this, last time I sold a 5 digit stack of LINK it tore assholes, wasn't my whole stack but sizable, never again am I making that mistake.

Had I invested in anything else, the gains wouldn't have made me quit society for good. And I loaded up hard on almost double digit Eth in 2019.

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Once upon a time there lived a poor single mom and her adult son Chudjack. One day, Chudjack’s mother told him to get a job. Chudjack went to the job market and on the way he met a man who wanted to sell his bags. Chudjack asked, “What will you give me in return for my neetbux?” The man answered, “I will give you five magic internet beans!” Chudjack took the magic internet beans and gave the man his neetbux. But when he reached home, Chudjack’s mother was very angry. She said, “You fool! You were supposed to get a job not some fake internet money!” She threw the magic internet beans out of the window. Chudjack was very sad and went to sleep without masterbating.

The next day, when Chudjack woke up in the morning and looked out of the window, he saw that a huge green candle had grown from his magic internet beans! He climbed up the candle and reached Chainlink Labs. There lived a fat giant all by himself. Jack went inside the house and found piles of garbage strewn about.

While he was crying, the giant came home. The giant was very fat and looked very gay. Jack was terrified and went and hid inside. The giant cried, “Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the stench of a stinky linky. Be he alive, or be he dead, I'll dump 700k tokens on his head!” Then Chudjack screeched, “There is no bagholders in here!” So, the giant ate his food and then went to his room. After raping his pillow the giant took out his sacks of gold coins, counted them and kept them aside. Then he went to sleep. In the night, Chudjack crept out of his hiding place, took one sack of gold coins and climbed down the candle. At home, he gave the coins to his mother. His mother was very happy and they lived well for sometime.

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After some days, Chudjack once again climbed the candle and went to the giant Sirgay's castle. Chudjack met the gay fat giant’s new wife, Dave and asked for some food. The giant’s wife gave him 3 Mc Chickens. But while Chudjack was eating, the giant came home. “Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the stench of a stinky linky. Be he alive, or be he dead, I’ll dump 700k token on his head!” cried the giant.

The giant had a magical frog that could post the same worthless post over and over for 5 years. While the giant slept, Chudjack took the frog and was about to leave. Suddenly, the magic frog cried, “What was that!" His mouth agape. The giant woke up and saw Chudjack with the frog. Furious, he ran after Chudjack. But Chudjack was too fast for him. He ran down the candle and reached home. The giant followed him down. Chudjack quickly ran inside his house and fetched his neetbux. He began to buy more link bags with the neetbux and the candle suddenly collapsed. The giant fell and died.

Chudjack and his mother were now even further in poverty and they lived miserably ever after.

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$15 shitcoin top kek

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Yeah, it's pretty fucked.
If I were a stinker, I'd fucking sue.

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>The giant had a magical frog that could post the same worthless post over and over for 5 years.

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Here's a little story friends. Nvidia IPO'd at 40/50c per share in 1999. 10 years later, in 2009, they were worth a whopping $2-4 per share. 10 fucking years for a 4x-8x

Today a single share is $1200. Why? Nvidia had amazing PMF on upcoming/emerging technological trends. CUDA, Crypto mining, and lately AI.

Consider this an allegory and think: What are the emerging fintech trends and who is best positioned to dominate that arena? I'd place my money there and forget about it till I woke up rich one day.

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To be clear because some of you guys are a little slow
>LINK will make anons multi-millionaires
>There will be a yacht party
>Nolinkers and swingies will rope

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Thanks for your unrequested effort posting but I'm never selling and never subscribing to your blog or reading it.

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this is the way it goes with all projects that take a long time to pay off. it's absolutely brutal until it isn't

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you have to be either 10 times cheaper or 10 times better than the current tech, therefore chainlink will only be adopted if the network can lower the fees from $10 to $1.
>ten times better tech
its ten times better tech. you're an idiot. you have the answer in your own post. try $26,000 per link not $26

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Look at finks grin. Right after this is when he publicly talked about tokenization as well. The highest of the highest know about it now.

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Thought are reality. That image with a red line is a psyop. Positive thoughts :)

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just because you want your piece of shit invest to have value doesn't mean it does. You need to come to terms with you being wrong. If you were right the price would reflect that

>> No.58596672

>If you were right the price would reflect that
t. dumb money

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Thank you based positive thinking anon

The drooling retards (everyone on this board not in LINK) are going to be in for the rudest awakening

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I just have to say the events of the last few months have essentially confirmed LINKs position in ushering in the evolution and integration of tradfi to use blockchain tech.


I've never been more bullish on Link's fundamentals given the recent confirmations and partnerships.

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Who the fuck are all these shills trying to convince people they’re going to get rich off a token with a fucking 10 billion plus FDV marketcap like come on

>> No.58596871

I'm unironically here just for the technology. The price is secondary.

>> No.58596886

I don't even know why you waste time responding to them. These are exactly the same people who would have spat on BTC at $15 "It's impossible" "hahaha become rich thanks to an internet token which has existed for x year and which has nothing to show", "look at the price falling by 2 % so you’ll never get there.” One day they will wake up and see.

>> No.58596936

I know it sounds crazy but same. It's truly going to change the world that it doesn't even matter if the coin doesnt make us millionaires, when it will ensure with cryptographic truth that we will never get scammed by a company or organization ever again. Maybe even in a couple decades it can change how laws works. This project is way more than just my bank account.

>> No.58596961

Stinkies get the rope

>> No.58597041

What’s up with the bots and why are they trying to force a narrative where chainlink holders are ok with missing a bullrun?

Also, why has chainlink labs dumped over 5 billion dollars worth of link tokens developing a solution to protect against bridge hacks. I mean, over the course of almost a decade of smart contracts being a thing only 3 billion dollars have been stolen.

That’s 3 billion dollars lost in bridge hacks since ethereum was created in 2015 vs 5 billion dollars dumped by the chainlink team since 2017.

Sergey has burned through more money trying to “solve” bridge hacks than what was lost in bridge hacks. At this point, wouldn’t it be easier for projects to just get insurance? KEK

>> No.58597046

>What’s up with the bots and why are they trying to force a narrative where chainlink holders are ok with missing a bullrun?
im so sick of these chainlink positivity bots

>> No.58597077

Sorry to hear bro. If you want to make money you can just short link with leverage whenever the chainlink team moves a batch of tokens to binance. I’m in a group of whales and most of us are doing this, basically free money at this point but dyor. 95% chance chainlink is not going over $25 this run btw

>> No.58597089 [DELETED] 

>the team just decided on decisions
they sure did.

>> No.58597235

>If you want to make money you can just short link with leverage
truer words were never spoken

>> No.58597320

>duuuuuuuuude I’m 90% down against eth but you are bulgarian duuuuuude

>> No.58597469

I have sixty thousand chainlink tokens staked and there's not a thing any of you losers can do about it. I haven't even read this thread i just stopped by to post this and now i'm away again. Lol goodbye!

>> No.58597489

link sucks and so do u

>> No.58597505

>t. dumb money
i got into the ico. I will agree with you though i am dumb. I didnt sell as much on your head as i should have

>> No.58597598

why not

>> No.58597601

cuz he a dumb stinkie xD
stupid stiiinkiiiie xD
what a fool what a fool what a fooool

>> No.58597682

3 more grinding years of wagecuck.

>> No.58597692

Unironically never selling

>> No.58597696

you will

>> No.58597699

I sold your mom on the dark web

>> No.58597709

Two more weeks linkbros

>> No.58597752

I'm feeling grim.

>> No.58597758

Oh god I think I'm gonna vomit...

>> No.58598028

Linkbros, I am rooting for you. I'm forecasting another dip to 14.25-15.25 and then it has another chance to finish the bull run. If it goes below 13 expect more years of stagnant low prices.

>> No.58598036

you could have retired 3 years ago
now you can't
it must hurt..

>> No.58598544

Are you mentally handicapped?

>> No.58598716

Its gotta be XRP or Quant. Maybe even kaspa. But definitely not Link

>> No.58598723

I see absolutely zero shortage of shitcoin thread in the catalog. Go visit them!

>> No.58598744

contain your shilling to a general, pajeet

>> No.58598900

>contain your shilling to a general
lmao you're in a fud thread, retard.

The vast majority of Link threads on here have always been fud threads.

>> No.58598914

Fuddies always take it too far. If you want to wear a bra and get pegged it's fine, just don't cut off your dick.

>> No.58598920

>8pbtid in a "fud" thread
you're deranged

>> No.58598926

>talking about an investment of yours is deranged

haha ok

>> No.58598931

>entering fud threads about your investment is deranged
yes, why the fuck would you do that?

>> No.58598934

Because I like talking about my investments.

Why are you, OP, and the other dozen fuddie IDs here?

>> No.58598943

why do you enter fud threads instead of normal one? are you a masochistic?
I've never seen football fans entering the opponents domain, just because the opponent happens to hate them and talk about them all the time
you're literally deranged and in denial

>> No.58598949

I'm talking about an investment of mine, anon.
What are you doing?

>> No.58598953

why are you trying to discuss your investment in an extremely hostile and opposing environment of people who won't change their minds instead of an actual LINK discussion thread with people whom share your sentiment? do you enjoy suffering?

>> No.58598957

Because I want adversarial insights and opinions.
Why are you talking at all about something that's not your investment?

>> No.58598960

then why do you keep whining about fud and fudders?

>> No.58598961

I'm not.
You're the one whining about "shilling".

The rabbi shrieks in pain as he strikes you lmao

>> No.58598964

you're the one who quoted me while I was quoting a different anon
all I said was to contain your shilling to a general, and you retorted saying every LINK thread is a fud thread
cool, make a dedicated LINK positive thread and move on instead of seeking "adversarial insights" from "4chan losers", otherwise you're just another deranged basement dweller, insecure about his investment and looking for constant validation

>> No.58598970

>all I said was to contain your shilling to a general
Yes, that's you complaining about shilling.
In a fud thread, which was always the majority of threads.

>> No.58598973

this "fud" thread is a shilling thread in disguise, because it has (You) in it
nobody is buying your shitbags, either make a general or keep arguing with trolls

>> No.58598977

>fud is shilling
>also men are women

The typical forked tongue of the eternal jew.

>> No.58598979

>fud is shilling
so you're a fudder?
typical schizo bagholder

>> No.58598980

That was your claim, anon

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File: 2.76 MB, 544x358, 1716208211934260.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>700 employees by end of year

>> No.58598982

my claim was you're a shill, but since you're clearly in a fud thread with a double digit pbtid count, you must be a fudder yourself
this is your logic, kike

>> No.58598985

Your claim was OP is shilling.

>> No.58598988

no, my claim was that (You) and the other guy I quoted here>>58598744
are shilling and you should get your own containment thread
OP might have been fudding, but (You) aren't
nice pilpul tactics kike, and you have the audacity of accusing me as a jew rat
off yourself

>> No.58598990


Except yes: >>58598973
>this "fud" thread is a shilling thread in disguise

>> No.58598993

>because it has (You) in it
the state of linktards literacy

>> No.58598994

OP is fud. This is a fud thread.

>> No.58598995

you are shill
you have the highest pbtid itt
your friends have also joined you
this is effectively a shill thread

>> No.58598998


Imagine saying this in a fud thread, which is always the majority of Link threads.

>> No.58599007

imagine as a genuine LINK holder who years for actual discussion, NOT making an actual general with useful info and instead lurking and engaging with every deranged fud thread made by nobodies every day, in a fruitless effort to change their sentiment
you're unironically deranged

>> No.58599010

Imagine having on average a dozen fud threads in the catalog for years and then saying it's the shills who need a general.

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The real blackpill is this:

You think LINK has stopped dumping against BTC.

People thought this 4 years ago, in December 2020 after it dropped 70% against BTC. But it kept dumping.
People thought this 3 years ago, in 2021. But it kept dumping.
People thought this 2 years ago, in 2022. And in fact, Sergeys announcement of staking made it pump 50% before it not only lost these spike gains, but dumped another 30% from where it started that year.
People thought this last year in 2023, that surely it can't go any lower. But it ended another 10% lower relative to BTC.
And people thought the same in 2024, that its just impossible to go lower with so much upcoming. Its entirely unconceivable. And yet, LINK is down ANOTHER 34% YTD.

I'm sure you think "But it just CAN'T go lower than this." This is the common mistake of investing into a dying company building castles in the sand. And yes, it is castles in the sand that they build. There is no real world demand from this, and everything is a pipe dream that "some day" the whole world will use LINK - just what people from Cardano, Hedara and Ripple keep saying.
Yes, the Chainlink team is active but without adoption it means nothing. Chainlink will keep building their sand castles, because people like you give them their money every year, believing "it just can't keep dumping". Yes, it can, and yes, it will. Maybe you can console yourself with the fact that your money contributed to the employment of 700 people well-paid jobs for a couple of years. I know it is a small consolation, but at least you helped these employees.

>> No.58599027

that's why people are telling you to make a fucking general you dense fuck

>> No.58599030

>telling you
*telling the fudders

I'm all for a forced Chainlink general, it would deprive fuddies of their precious dopamine hits.
But claiming a general is needed because of shills is just yarmukle-in-ass retarded.

>> No.58599251

who still holds LINK? Only oracle token I will buy is SUPRA. tge soon.

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I have Link but I also have something else. Link is the closest thing we have to institutional adoption, no matter the price or how you look at it. I will only sell if this data changes... Instead it only gets stronger. The price of Link doesn't change anything, even better: the lower it is, the more I can buy to be richer later. The contract that Link is negotiating is the contract of the century, it could take another 15 years. If you don't have the stamina, leave the market and go to the casino.

>> No.58599280
File: 389 KB, 513x499, Screenshot 2024-05-18 202247.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chainlink Labs isn't a dying company, it is expanding massively, rolling out new products and have working relationships with the biggest corporations on the planet and is in the niche with the most lucrative potential for growth (tokenization of every asset on the planet) and allow for new unthinkable products and services.

Chainlink is like Amazon was in the 2000's. Yes for ten years Amazon did crab and do nothing after the 2001 tech bubble popped. But the entire time the company was investing and building. So despite the price crabbing the company was investing in future success in a market they were dominate in and was growing.

Simply put, the people fudding LINK now are the people that would of fudding google and amazon 20 years ago. The only difference being LINK will pay off faster and by a order of magnitude higher return.

>> No.58599464

What's more, the fuddies know we know this and it drives them crazy! Makes me just laff my ass off watching 'em lol

>> No.58599488

>Chainlink Labs isn't a dying company
The market disagrees with you.
> it is expanding massively
yes, at expense of bagholders and think it has bottomed out. It hasn't. When I posted >>58599023 it was down relative to BTC -34% YTD. Its now 35.5%. Its non-stop dumping and will keep dumping every year.

>> No.58599502

You're all in Link and we know it kek. You'd have more if you hadn't lost loads of it by being greedy lmao stupid boy you never listened

>> No.58599505

>Nvidia is a worthless stock, it's been crabbing in a range for a decade and the gaming market is tiny
t. retard who didn't understand how GPUs could be used for mining and then AI

>> No.58599529
File: 59 KB, 906x548, LINKMARINE_OUT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nope. Posted this in Feb. I'm out of this shit and delusional community. You baggies can keep holding.

I regret not shorting it though.

>> No.58599848

>I'm out of this shit and delusional community
And yet here you are apparently 4 months later still shitting yourself and screeching at people you apparently have absolutely nothing in common with.
>*Smears more shit on his face*
>*Pisses directly into his own shit smeared mouth

>> No.58599882
File: 107 KB, 962x845, Capture d’écran 2024-04-25 210139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know there are psychotic people everywhere. He decided that his entire life would revolve around hating LINK. He only thinks about LINK from morning to night, it prevents him from seeing that the rest of his life is a pathetic failure. For me LINK is just one of my investments but it is his personality, his life, his whole world

>> No.58599906

It literally controls his entire life, he spends his free time telling everyone he can his opinions about an investment he made once that he's apparently now unconnected to.

Must be fucking amazing at parties.

>> No.58599915

>how bad it went for token holders
nigger it did a 100x from 2018, probably 1000x from ICO price

if you didn't sell that is on you

>> No.58599917

people can make fun of and shit talk whatever they want on the internet including cult beliefs that you care about. When this inevitably occurs, every culty in a wide range of different financial cults reacts in the same way you and other linkies do. For example one of the top copes is the idea that people shit talking link proves it is so special. Other groups do this to which you wouldn't consider special. Personally I shit talk cults just as a means of blowing off steam from having to live in a clown world full of crazy stupid people.

>you're shitting yourself and screeching

>> No.58599940

So you've changed your IP again and your argument is that you aren't a delusional spastic but you're the normal one, precisely what I alluded to in my first reply to you.
Nobody gives a fuck what your opinion is about anything you delusional narcissist, you're here screeching into the wind about something that apparently doesn't involve you because you're a perfectly normal and rational human being.

>> No.58599953

Like with many meme coin hodlers, the same stubbornness holding air through a x100 also being your undoing when it x0.01 or worse.

>> No.58599959
File: 29 KB, 477x627, 1708926511985742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are you like that ? If you don't like LINK just ignore it.

>> No.58599969

>j-just ignore it
>l-leave us alone, y-you bully
pathetic stinkies

>> No.58599992
File: 23 KB, 487x458, 1711493032231083.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58599994

daily reminder
the bigger the fud the bigger the news
I expect an insane and jaw dropping announcement next week

>> No.58600001

damn checkt his
link 1000k EOY

>> No.58600007

i sold for a 6x. bought at 0.17 sold at 1

>> No.58600036

Damn! I can't even imagine what the rest of your life is like. I find XRP and DOGE to be completely useless and stupid investments but I'm not going to spend my life flailing around in mud and pissing like a finicky baby because people buy that.

>> No.58600099

I just hate chainlink
simple as

>> No.58600110
File: 37 KB, 333x460, 1711737846271855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's what I'm saying then, your life is just hating LINK irrationally and excessively like the old women who hate some celebrity for some strange reason and are always looking for a new way to hate them.

>> No.58600150
File: 145 KB, 312x386, Yes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58600171

thats what you get for buying the poor man's ETH

>> No.58600206
File: 251 KB, 1216x1216, 1717249102914729.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look at EOS, the management was changed and the tokenomics has just been revamped to become deflationary with other bullish reforms. Change the team and fuck them over!

>> No.58600417

Oracles are fucking based but chainlink is shit.

>> No.58600461

After how retarded the entire market has been thus far, Link is still one of the only projects with an actual future.

>> No.58600814
File: 98 KB, 256x350, 1698872477801078.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dumping premined coins on Stockholm syndrome cult members?
How's that revolutionary ccip technology that took 7 years to build going? Last I checked it makes less than $1000 per day

>> No.58600935

>Dumping premined coins on Stockholm syndrome cult members?
Well that, and DTCC and Swift and stuff.

>> No.58601765

You’re in the know, anon. That’s why I’m riding the QAN hype train for the next few months. Once it pumps, I'm dumping my major bags and cashing out.

>> No.58602297
File: 464 KB, 927x696, x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know why anon.
See picrel. 90%+ fudders are holders who are diabolically exhausted and frustrated.

>> No.58602588

You are a cuckold tho so most red blooded men cant imagine what ur life is

You pay to fund lib chick lifestyles — they hate you and are disgusted by your presence…and the craziest part of it…you paid for it

THE Cuckolds of crypto

>> No.58602700

>i i itsthhhh le market, n not me r r right guyssssthhh

Hahahahahahahaha, getting warmer

I actually need to apologize to gamestoppers for comparing link Cuck army to them…the latter being way worse

Nobody…And I mean NOBODY, takes an absolute cuckolding quite link a Link boyscout

>> No.58602733

>Le crypto tech guythhss

>> No.58602781
File: 58 KB, 536x699, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I waited 2 years for ebbin le CCIP when Sergey said its release was imminent. For a bridge that barley makes 2k a day. The fudders unironically seems more human than the shills at this stage.

>> No.58602817
File: 6 KB, 485x216, Fun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

reminder that most fud threads are bot threads (as proven by the email verification saga,) and the ones that aren't bot threads are run by the same few third world porn / drug addicted poorfags who constantly get caught out samefagging and absolutely hate the fact that their fulltime "jobs" here have basically been several thousand hours of time which has been wasted because they have nothing to show for it
they will rail and rage and spit and seethe at this post (if they dare,) but ultimately they have nothing outside of projection and repetition
nufudders are the lowest form of life on this board - yes, even lower than internet janitors

>> No.58602827

No shit, fudders just get called bulgarian, shitskin, low iq, etc. Even when all fud is usually fact based. advocates can only resort to name calling. It really says alot.

>> No.58602835

>the seethe to this comment
kek fuddies

>> No.58602846

>BTC $11,000
>Link $20

>BTC $69,000
>Link $16

Kek baggie

>> No.58603152
File: 1.02 MB, 998x748, 1_5yv6gVX4YQNuy1DnLBitXA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok schizo