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>same dev as OKAYEG
>ylilauta finnish og meme (like apu)
>currently fighting the 25m mc indian spurdo
>multiple apu millionaires as top holders included ashbie dev
>eth mainnet
>cg already listed and cmc coming today

Am I missing something?

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Whats happenings heres:DdDd

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I ape now

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ebin berger nice

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I own a large bag but most people are immune to shilling here. So not really effective imo. I also don’t think being connected to okayeg really matters.

The real reason to be bullish is as follows.
I’m bullish because as you can see in this thread Americans/ non Finns cannot meme Spurdo. Which is why I think this coin will be the legitimate spurdo. That’s why I put my entire meme bag into spurdo sparse starting with 0xD

Do you know any of the tg info or twitter info I don’t use either of those sites. Can you please summarize it?

Do you know if the Finns are still behind this spurdo sparde?

Anyways I’ll ride the storm til at least next month maybe longer if I see hope. And if it takes off I’m planning to ride till 100 million at least. I think this is Pepe tier

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>it's finns

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Ebin :DdD

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Hopefully shilling gets better. And I agree, as meme this deserves good spurdoing community, not Ai mumbai. Very confident with this one.

Suomi perkele is here:DD Lörs lärä

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sui/make it stack?

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10/100mil i think.

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Try and get 690 mil for 1 mil dollars at 100 million market cap. Divide that by 10 and get 69 million for 100k

You’ll be getting a much better entrance than me. I just recommend doing it slowly. There are people looking to exit so you will get a better price that way. I want anyone who will buy at this moment to make it.

This isn’t financial advice I’m just saying what I’d do if I didn’t already swing my whole meme bag

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mumbai spurdo iz dumbign and cmc will gome any momend :-D
wagmi spurdobros

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bruh u still talkin bout this lol let it go bro chooky is about to explode and u gonna miss the launch on base cuz ur thinking bout crypto drama baka u think busta rhymes gon support u like he supporting chooky i don't think so pal

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Black hands typed this

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I bought es energy drings 2 days ago and yesterday, thought it was the best time to buy the dip. damn I wish I could wait a moment and buy it today, but still have a nice baggie. anyway I hava positive feelings about this coin, there was too much frogs currently and spurdo has such a random and nostalgic vibe I don't regret aping in