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looks like this was the mumbai spurdo all along

we got tricked

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The other one hit a wall, guess what will happen to it when it becomes stagnant? Go look at the PEW chart which had a similar bubble map. It’s actually bullish that it went up so fast, now it’s time for the cabal to dump.

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well i hope you're right.
i like this one and im willing to baghold for a bit. did not expect a dump of this magnitude though

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jannie, please ban this jeet shit. And yeah, I won't buy it. Looks like a jeetiest shitcoin. Don't thank me for the bump.

Aolso, reported.

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i've been waiting for a real spurdo coin as it is my favorite meme of all time. It saddens me that spurdo has a lesser reach than pepe because it truly is equivalent if not superior - it is wholesome and hilarious and finnish

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If this one does get listed by cmc, it will pump again right when the other one is stagnant. It’s all about spamming the shit out of the other ones and convincing people to jump ship for the correct one.

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then we need to try to show twitter that this is the correct one

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Fug. I posted a ton of inspiring stuff in the other thread that got pruned. It would be nice if mods could merge threads. Anyways. Can someone repost it if you have access to an archive? It got pruned a few minutes ago. I was the only one writing paragraphs.

Anyways. The price is going up now. If you want to invest a lot of money expect volatility because some people got disheartened and want to exit. If I didn’t already invest my whole meme bag I’d invest 1k at a time per million market cap and wait a few hours before getting more. This isn’t financial advice but just looking out for you guys and trying to share my experience.

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For me I switched over to REEE

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Remember how scared everyone seemed yesterday? I’m feeling a lot better after looking at the charts. Glad I didn’t fumble my bags. Can someone do some meme lines?

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>dead cat bounce

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It’s not too late to buy back in.

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