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Imagine going back in time 10 trillion years and explaining this image to a Cro-magnon man.

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Is Söylana now spoken about in the same sentences as BTC and ETH?

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You see this shiny rock you trade with other tribes oonga ? Well in future we harnessed the lightning and thunder, and made it flow through the rock.

Why you ask ? You see the dick painting in cave boonga made ? Now we can put it into rock, and with ligthning spread it across all the tribes that wanna have it

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Why does he do this?

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Just go over to Nodth Sentinel Island and try explaining all this to them if you want a good idea of how that will go over

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Why do the never show chainlink price when he talks?

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checked, doesn't want to risk being registered as a security since ETF is on the horizon

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Kek. Actually quite good.

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I've heard that the North Sentinelese are launching a modular L2.

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Why can't I look away?

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lol to watch it dip 12% as this pothead stutters?

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Checked, nice quads.

Sergey shows up as a talking head about once a month. Ari has been featured too. You’d think the network would post the link ticker. Maybe Serge doesn’t want them to show it? He got spooked when the Kitco roastie mentioned the token price.

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>Why do the never show chainlink price when he talks?
they just need someone to talk during the boring numbers segments. they neither know or care what he talks about, it just has to be vaguely financial

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just explain it to them