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Spurdopill me on why I should buy biz's spurdo and not the 30M mc one

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Because the market cap is 30 times less and the name is complete.

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Gian fud dis goin :DD

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Also have you seen the Twitter of the other Spurdo token? It's dead as fuck lol.

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OG or bust. I told you this days ago and you didn't listen. Now it's up 3x. Meanwhile, /biz/ keeps buying cheap knockoffs and rugs.

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It doesn't have the 0xD address like the "
knockoff" and for that reason I am out

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I yolod into Spurdo Sparde the past few days. I probably timed the market wrong and I’m down.

If I were buying now without strong conviction I’d probably wait a few days to buy. I wouldn’t buy tonight or tomorrow. I’d let everyone sell then try to get a cheaper price if I wanted.

I however bought over one billion sourdough sparse so it’s too late for me. I don’t want to risk it running away from me. I figure worst case scenario it goes to 600k market cap. I’ll consider cutting my losses next month, but if this picks up steam again I’m going to ride it to around 100 million at least. If this meme fails I’m done with meme coins. Sourdough sparse is my favorite meme and Finn’s are the best at memeing spurdo sparse. So if this fails I’ll just accept meme coins aren’t for me. I’ve already got a loss but I started buying around 600k and continued buying until around the peak. So I’m not in the green now.

What do you guys think? Im no expert for sure and have been humbled but I just can’t shake the feeling that the best meme combined with the best members can succeed. So if this fails then it’s btc only and eth only from now on I think.

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Shit my phone auto corrected Spurdo Sparde into some sourdough sparse. So ignore that. And it keeps changing sparde to sparse. So please read that with that in mind.

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Interesting Another big sell right now. I’d just let the guys keep selling for a while like I said before. Let it bleed a bit and get a better price. It already disheartened us all. I’d wait a bit then buy in if you still want. I think if you buy now people will just use it as an exit. So it’s probably in your interest to wait for more sales.

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>Interesting Another big sell right now. I’d just let the guys keep selling for a while like I said before. Let it bleed a bit and get a better price. It already disheartened us all. I’d wait a bit then buy in if you still want. I think if you buy now people will just use it as an exit. So it’s probably in your interest to wait for more sales.

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i bought around 600k mcap initially and bought the dips around 1m mcap

really hurts to see it back at 600k. feels really bad and disheartening to see the other spurdo so high.

i own about 500m

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That sucks. I’m in the same boat as you. Finns are waking up soon and this is their coin. I’m convinced that this is the best meme and has the Finns behind it. So it logically should succeed so I’m waiting a month myself. Because the logic is there.

I say, it’s best to let it blows and let the people who are going to sell regardless sell now. It will make the recovery easier.

I think waiting to buy, is the right choice.

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Bleed not blows* damn auto correct I need to start proofreading this shit

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I really didnt want to buy anymore i think i have enough but i will wait too

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I think the xtter drama is responsible they're obviously just jealous about the meme team

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Wow. No one used that 4,635.23 cent buy as an exit. Maybe the bottom is in. I’d still be careful if I was going to buy though.

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Stick to the strategy boyz. Study beniz

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I bought a little more but be careful try not to como. I think there are people looking to exit so I say take it slow. So you don’t buy the top like I did.

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*fomo not como

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Dude, you didn't even take your own advice

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I didn’t know someone would buy so much at the bottom like that. I made a mistake I need to think with logic.

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Words of encouragement from a bag holder.

I’ve held these large bags when it was exciting and when it was hard today (very hard). Don’t make the mistake and fomo all at once like me. That’s only good for people looking for a quick exit. Slow and steady guys slow and steady. I’ll carry these bags with you to 100 million if I see a sliver of hope. I have been waiting for a meme I love like spurdo sparde backed by the Finnish memesters. If a meme coin is going to make it I think it’s this one. So from one bagholder carrying a heavy load. Slow and steady! Let the people who want to exit, exit now! Abrah gubrah!

Requesting a spurdo braveheart oc

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We cant let the cabal win

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What’s the ca for base Spurdo everyone I see is an empty liquidity pool rug

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Mods have to post it. Anyone else who posts it gets banned. All I can say is it starts with 0xD and is on eth, has a gold coin as an icon

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None of what I said is financial advice. It’s just my personal opinion I’m an amateur who simply loves spurdo and has realized Finn’s can meme spurdo way better than anyone else. So if they back a spurdo coin it was a no brainer for me.

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As soon as mumbai goin can feed its village they'll pull the plug.

Finbros can already afford our daily curry so we're in it for the long haul

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thats why i choose berger everyday

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Frodo noooo :D

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I own this absolute garbage and totally gave up on it. What has happened? Why line go up?

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You are very fast to give up over a small dip. Mumbai spurdo timing was pretty harsh thing. Its still good MC and we keep grinding.

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In the end only justice prevails.

Enjoy your masala for now.

Burgers always have de last laugh

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sellers are bizcalls telegram group PVPers. they can't hold anything for more than a week

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The 30M one is the biggest scam I've ever heard of.
This one is the true : 0xD3999188fF689b99d8097A4876f61E70b22F7881

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The Mumbai Spardo just doesn't get it at all... lol