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This is a plea to jannies to allow 1 general for ALL shitcoins.
Not one general for each coin but one super general for all of them.

Please jannies, let us have this. There is less spam this way

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this is for discussion of topics related to shitcoins.
You do not need to buy anything shilled here

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I bought 1 billion SPURDO (based 0xD version of course)

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Jannies tongue my anus and they do it FOR FREE

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choccy milk on base is the way and if you're reading this you're still early

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a super general is the best way to reduce spam on this board

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if someone can make a good sticky to re use it would be appreciated

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Bought the link that will actually make me generational wealth today.

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While I disagree with the "fuck APU" part, this shows the problem with jannies. They delete the SPURDO post but not the obvious shill post below it.

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choccy milky is pamping rn

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I got 1 billion

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Bought 5 bil, even though I am a Banan believer.

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This microcap shitcoin has unironically better tokenomics than most meme coins with hundreds of millions of mcap, kek. It's also an og meme which is quite nice. Bought.

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Do you guys have any strategies for finding shitcoins? I tried using filters when searching for new pairs in dexscreener but I've had little success with finding anything that has volume or hasn't rugged

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I used to spend all day on /biz/ looking for them until the jannies went mad with power. Now I still find them on /biz/ or /bant/ whenever I come by. Then I check on dexscreener to see if something posted here is early and has potential. Sometimes it's obvious like APU. Eventually you get a feel for judging the posts about coins and learn to distinguish between complete scams and the coins with an actual chance of pumping.

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gimme more choccy $milk

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Apparently a pee based coin launched, couldn't find ca, it looked interesting

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Nvm found it's called PEEPEE, won't link it, but this tg is really fucking funny

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SPURDO SPARDE on ETH (the one holding the coin)

biztards are in it and the team from OKAYEG is there too

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When the next thread 404s please make a new one with the tg info and info about the other 30m market cap spurdo

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I might mentally be a toddler but this is funny

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Gwen stop shilling piss coin and get back to your delivery route

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But Im Gwen

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Grog bottomed and dev still wont sell
Also this peepee launched by supposedly ubps dev

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Grabbed myself a big pissjug of PEEPEE

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Quit buying sussy shit and get in w the biz coins that arent rugging

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I wish I was Gwen

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The peepee coin is a piss show . Art is pristine yet telegram owner went to bed and didn’t give anyone any power to add admin to its stuck with the ape.store buybot

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grab yourself some $DATBOI on base before smart wallet, it's my bluechip for the upcoming bullrun.

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Dumped. Shoulda boughted PEEPEE

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>spurdo telegram bans me for saying the other spurdo went 3x while this one went down
not cool guys

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> 13 days old and 200K mcap
> No dev nor giga whales
> Run ads on various platforms
> Renounced contract
> Locked liquidity (2 pools, V2 & V3)

We're making moves to survive the first wave of impatient retards who thought we were a simple pump and dump. For the moment, we are mainly aiming to correct certain things on coingecko and uniswap (project icon, balance...).

We plan to launch a meme contest based on our brand new instagram AR filter. We will do an airdrop at some point. We will take care of various DEX listings later on. We are also bulding a new website, as the current one was more of a shitpost than anything.

Whether you're already with us or not, we're here to stay. I'm not a jeet, I'm french. My hands are white, and so far, my portfolio is green. I will not surrender my tokens.

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For the upcoming Euro Cup i got a bag of EURO 2024, liquidity burnt and contract renounced

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it didnt even rug tho...it had a correction after a parabolic pump. we are still 5x from this mornings price. here is the total chart since the token launch. not a rug, most coins have a correction like that in the beginning

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are rugging

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Peepee is the way

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Do I just buy PEPE at this point? I'm so exhausted from losing fucking $4k in 3 days on PEW (don't buy this shit btw, chink scammer)

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No, it's time for reeevolution

This tg is for all of us that got fucked with PEPE.

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>40% in one day

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I think you know this by now but there's a honkler (based and pumpful) and a honk (scam that is trying to take away your tokens) and the first one is stupidly profitable while the other still has some people buying in even though the main wallet is a deployer's address
anyway im still honk de honking

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We're a rather fresh meme coin. If you think this is surprising, I don't know what to tell you. Stuff like APU, OKAYEG or PEPE rugged or crabbed before doing anything.

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the beta uprising has begun

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You have literally a tiny window of time to make any profit on these memecoins, especially on base. Then pretty much all of them rug to 0 or slowly die over many days, very few follow a different path. Basically you have to ape in at a low market cap and pray.

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SPURDO SPARDE chart looks bad. i dont feel so good bros

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Heard that boy $SLIM is back. Fair launched on Apestore

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I should've sold my initial this morning at least. Was up a decent amount. Oh well, win some lose some.

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re: shitcoins, aizen (rugger from stoicdao) launched a token called zkgun. Stay away from it.

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i keep fucking losing

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It's a tough time for the market right now, everything's crabbing, hard to find good trades. So don't kick yourself over it, we'll find something better eventually.

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Are the devs RUGGING feeling the BURN or are the EVIL CORPORATE SCAMLORDS from the other coins DEPRESSING THE PRICE

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Jeeted to fuck
Team still holds
The bear grylls of blockchain

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what is happening to SPURDO SPARDE

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it can totally come back, not even worried at the least

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Ok are there peepeefags in here? Should I buy more or is it dead?

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higher lows

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It's less than a day old, the jeets that couldn't hold their piss are gone. website and dexscreener soon

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>jeeted to fuck

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Just beginning

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Whats mc and all that?

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Does anyone know anything about BounceBit?

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im still holding groyper, marv, pepega, dat boi. hoping for at least one to 10x from here

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Okayeg team should focus on their own coin desu. It's bleeding and they do nothing. How can anyone rely on Spurdo if they can't handle their main project?


This is the best play of the week. Still ridiculously early, with 36k mcap as I'm writing this.

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>It's bleeding and they do nothing
because they've already jeeted everyone. just like they jeeted every buy on spurdo yesterday. and I mean the 0xd spurdo, turns out they are the mumbai spurdo

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Im bumping this one. 90% of the reason i come here is to get shilled shitcoins.

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In hindsight, I chose the best possible image for that post

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can blue apu make a come back?
i have a soft spot for that coin and the community seems to put in a lot of effort

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Yellow is the new blue on base

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my Upa V2 stack be bussing no cap

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tell me more

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Launched from apestore and predictably crashed, but the team holding and memeing
Somewhere around 20k cap, i dont watch the chart i just meem
The grdest qrd

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(Cough) (peepee) (cough)

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Is Pepega a good buy now or is it just gonna bleed out forever?

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I capitulated.

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I will take this opportunity to ask you all to turn off your brains and buy RETARDIO whenever you can, trust me, you'll thank me

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frens I only have 25 million APU

what's the minimum amount to make it?
making it for me is hitting 7 figures (1 million USD)

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Is HONKLER on eth a good bet?
It's at support. Chart wise seems great but I don't want to buy a rug

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thank me later


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no I wouldn't. most of it's supply is held by a few top wallets. the same top wallets who own majority of shit like Brett.
if you want to get into the real Honkler token look up Pepoclown ($HONK).
the dev already rugged it so it's CTO now (like APU). The distribution is almost perfect and it's sub 1m mc rn. I have a bag just in case

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We're still here

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Donald J. Trump Coin. It's green on all the rugchecks. And I've noticed some big buys from whales early on.


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Seems legit. I'm all in!

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Well fuck you're right. I got screwed. What website is that? I dont wanna fall for anymore chink/jeet scams like this.

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Shina Inu seem like a good play if this chink meta sticks around
PeiPei might hit 100m mc soon and Shina Inu is only at 3m rn. it dipped hard from 14m.
what do you bros think?

>> No.58588735

I think peipei is a cabal/insider coin

>> No.58588754

it actually is.
but still Shina seems like it could run off the momentum of PeiPei.
like MAGA was to TRUMP. or Apu to Pepe.
I'm tempted to throw an eth into Shina but idk yet fuck it's hard to commit. It's still 3m mc but the 24hour volume is around 15m. that's fucking nuts. if i wake up and this shit is back at 10m I'm going to seethe

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That's Tokensniffer. Always check Tokensniffer.

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$DATBOI on Base will go to 10M then die slowly. Screencap this

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Thanks bro. I just learned an expensive 700$ lesson.

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>be me
>walking to Times Square central subway station to get back to apt
>gearing up to yell and scream at underground railroad homeless that will hassle me
>see pic related
Unreal how much billboard monies biztards still have to spend. This is essentially a violation of rule #1&2.

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Peepee is the play. You know pepe? You pee sometimes? Its the coin for you

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Any potential for WEN this run?

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i've seen bigger dumps recover. my frogfolio is pretty much all in deep red right now, so just gonna hold on to my bags reeeeee