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This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill. There is a coin actively pumping right now on mainnet and I bet you don't even know what it is. heh. what are you retarded or something. heh. you dumb piece of crap. heh. Anyways haha it's called Spurdo haha

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Thanks Jannie, the CA is 0xD3999188fF689b99d8097A4876f61E70b22F7881

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yes yes you're welcome

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Best memes of any token/character out there and I say that as an apu whale. Just make sure anyone looking at this gets the one starting with 0xD3 and not the botted one with a horrendous bubble map.

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Uh yeah so I bought and now im fuggin rich wuddyfuyy

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post cock and apu holdings

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nature hated emptiness, and APU left a void that this can replace

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Get in da fuggin drain already

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bebe is mad

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I try to lig my own cog hahahehe

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bros are RETARDIO af and are not even holding RETARDIO, sheesh

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Finns are waking up. You did get a small bag didn’t you Anon?

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watching that one unfold is actually scary. They pump the chart with multiple wallets that have their other utility scams in it, namely Chainswap, HashAI, Dsync and NodeAI. Their admins and shillers can be traced to these projects. They pumped the coin until they got into trending and retards FOMO'd in, then sold from multiple wallets that bought on release. made me aware to the shady shit going on in the crypto scene. would be cool if we could outlive it as the Peoples' Spurdo coin

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I’ve got a big bag of this and I didn’t get in early. If this fails I’ll be the biggest baggy.

Still I’m going to ride it out as long as the Finns keep mending it.

Pic related it’s the Finns when they save the day

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Memeing it*

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Ylilauta whales are in :DDD

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The other Spurdo is insiders from a cabal drawing a chart. Most of the fresh buyer wallets pumping the chart hold chainswap and HashAI, projects which we also tracked their team and admins down to. Seems like they pump up the chart until they reached high trending and then offloaded from wallets that got funded at launch. Our Spurdo
is the people's Spurdo and doesn't have the privilege to paint a chart at will. We have airdropped a lot of $APU holders, which is the other popular meme from Ylilauta and our community is made up out of people from /biz/ and from Ylilauta.

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thanks for the heads up

if [le] finns are in I'm in

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damn I should have bought the other spurdo. could have retired

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the guy who nuked based /biz/-Spurdo's chart to FOMO into Mumbai Spurdo at the blowoff top is bleeding out his anus now, while his dip is being eaten by millionaire Apu wallets