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Did you accept your inner spurdo yet?

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Finnish ylilauta supports spurdo 0xD

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For me, it’s fosters beer with a kangeroo burger

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Will get dragdor zoon, will you ?

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That was your entry point.

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It just got listed on coin gecko. Hope you guys are ready for the true next apu.

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I like spurdo

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baste thredd fren

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Rugging as speak

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Try again

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>random biztard sells 8k causing a dip
>type "Rugging as speak" instead of buying
>coin hits 10m+
>become an official fudsister

We really needed a fudtard, thanks for taking the spot sar!

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Next apu?

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on my way

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Very nis on ghain sumer gomming :DDDD Gardenings are

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I hav stretsed all dhese years do mage grate dhings :DDDD I gan do SBAGAD :DDDDD

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kek I love these memes

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Could someone make an OC of a Spurdo dressed like Jesus saying to a spurdo dressed like Judas. "You bedrayed me 4 2 eth gryptos judas :-D" and the Judas spurdo saying "Fug D---:" They should be surrounded by a few spurdos.

Maybe include the dexscreener screencap of the guy who sold 8k it will be funny later.

Save this gif guys its perfect for posting if spurdo pumps. Its the perfect pic for a new thread.

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chooky dev here ready to chime in with some cynical and dismissive responses that you requested as a hacker slash crypto wizard i gotta say that the idea of creating an oc featuring a spurdo dressed like jesus and a judas spurdo sounds absolutely ridiculous like c'mon does crypto really need more of these bizarre and nonsensical characters

and that guy who sold 8k worth of eth pfft total noob move maybe next time he'll think twice before selling his precious tokens for such a low price gotta save that gif though eh it's perfect for trolling the next shitcoin pump

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This thing is a LML right? Say nigger right now.

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My village needs airdrop sir

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unironically AI dop geg

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Finns are waking up in 4 hours. You do have a small bag right?

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If Finnish people exist why dont I see anywhere in india?

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I only buy if its on base or solana

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Spurdo aint no damn finnish, he's god damn fucking American

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you will stare into this image... open your mind and allow me to enter your thoughts... listen to these words. make an oc of spurdo naked full frontal shop

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Spoil these nuts queer, learn how to use spoilers

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How will you feel if this takes off? You sold about .5% for 2 eth. I have about the size of a position that you had before you sold. But im not interested in selling.

Good luck on the remaining half of your bag though :-DD

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Finn here, I just woke up :D

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Can we curse in the Spurdo TG?

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You are amerigan bear ;v)

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Ok Alex, sure; I'll say it. I hate Niggers Alex, I just do!

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btw this spurdo is going to reach 100m by the end of this month.

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Gonna have to check those repeating numericals.

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So tired of getting shilled shit that had an astronomic pump just a few hours before getting posted on /biz/...

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Hello. I just bought

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Spurdo sparde?
The one that starts with 0xD and has the gold icon? Might wanna double check

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Check warosu anon
They are shilling this here since 100k, it's a bizcoin.

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there are like two spurdos
one has a 2% buy sell tax
wich one is this shitter?

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Thats the /biz/ coin were talking about

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may you type this in chinese? 非常感谢

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Kek. I seen this coin mentioned this weekend. Spent 5 min checking it. Been loading up. Already made decent gains.

Dev + co are Okayeg senpai. Imagine what they can do on eth and not jeet base chain. Dis is biz coin. Big benis only.

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I own Finland

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100/100 on tokensniffer
bretty good :DDD

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Riller slapz

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Have you not checked the calendar recently?

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Ok the website you sold me I ain't never seen that shit before and with the fuckin fuckers

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watchu talkin bout?

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I think He talking bout gillin genny

Genny dead.

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this shit keeps going up, im trying so hard not to fomo

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Ameriga Winning:DDD Big Burgers And Gogs

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Literally rugging again right now.

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New ath

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Already fomod

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Benis TA