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Bitcoin has broken out against the M1 money supply for the first time since March 2017

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>the M1 money supply!

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you are both subhuman retards and any post you make is worthless. 18+ and acting like this. pathetic mental child

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its dumping, op is fag.

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If I was hiro I'd just permaban anyone posting jaks. Simple solution to increase quality on every board.

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nah entire india peninsula including bangladesh and pakistan should be banned

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Then you'd ruin the website. Wojak are a commentary on our garbage society. But I bet you didn't pick up on that because you're a stupid NPC, unable to have complex opinions.

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>Then you'd ruin the website
Dumb zoomer.
>unable to have complex opinions.
Oh yeas, the very complex "HAHA THIS IS YOU" image spam 24/7. Not somethind retarded toddlers would do. Very advanced stuff.

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That too, but that's a given. I don't think anyone would even complain.

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ban india entirely, and all frog and wojak spammers. dont care if its muh board culture its tired its annoying its subhuman because it shows you are 2 stupid to post something original and are another brain dead frog tard that can only speak in memes and shitty retard pics. increase your IQ not your frog/wojak pic collection size subhumans

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not enough people in this day and age get told "haha this is you". It's a stupid time period full of stupid people and getting compared to an ugly cartoon is the least these "people" deserve.

Also, wojaks are funny and soulful. Sorry you don't see it.

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they are dumb and overposted subhuman. only people with IQ under 90 think wojak and frog are something soulful. maybe because you're just as pathetic and lame as both of the dumb frog and virgin loser

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> they are dumb and overposted subhuman. only people with IQ under 90 think wojak and frog are something soulful. maybe because you're just as pathetic and lame as both of the dumb frog and virgin loser

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bro that's easy i'll compare it to the early days of bitcoin when people were all like 'wtf is this bitcoin stuff' and laughed it off as internet monopoly money but look at it now bitcoins worth over a trillion same thing is gonna happen with chooky people are gonna doubt it at first but when we start flying to the moon they'll be begging for some chooky tokens but it'll be too late

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He's just too young to remember there used to be a better time.

Rangeban india. NOW.

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Subhuman plebbitors like this are the ones who cheered on the email verification

>heckin' wojakerinoes hurt my fee fees

You don't belong here nor in 4chang, faggot

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>there used to be a better time

That WHAT I'M SAYING. Wojaks are a commentary on how bad things are now. They wouldn't exist without hard and gay times

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People would just find some other way to say "HAHA THIS IS YOU". It's a symptom of how retarded things are in-general.

90% of online discourse right now is "haha this is you" and "look how handsome and strong i am". It's what everyone is getting told in this day and age.

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bro i feel u the state of discourse is in the gutter and i'm not gonna lie chooky is literally just a meme to me it's not gonna change the world but it is a vehicle for funny jokes and sarcasm

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>If I was hiro I'd just permaban anyone posting jaks. Simple solution to increase quality on every board.

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Hello again sir, please do not redeem the chooky

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fucking cry more, faggot. damn

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The type of people against frogposts are the same type of people who defend raid logs in WoW.

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For real though what does op pic mean bros??

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I think it means that there is more money in btc than there is liquid money that isn't invested in anything like cash, but I'm dumb so I don't know.

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This. Finally someone who gets it.

People don't realize that glowies direct a narrative by attempting to make fun of their opponent. It's most efficient if they don't need to think of a retort to that opponent. That's why wojaks are their preferred tactic. It takes no effort. They don't even need to argue a counter.

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shoo shoo millenial the nursing home needs you to talk about the war

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Aww the poor glowie realized he couldn't use a wojak to argue this one

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What is "the M1 money supply"?

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This could also mean end of bull run since last bull we topped off at the M1 money supply and then bear market followed

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Every single time one of these technical people post something big like this nothing ever happens lol

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kek millenial back to the nursing home
here’s a pick of your WW2 ass, hope it doesn’t get to you.

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big if true

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M1 money supply went parabolic during this time too you fucking retard. Unless it rises as well we're not going anywhere.

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You can't comprehend the many layers and textures of breaking your balls.

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Simply put, Buy more BTC. Watchout for BTC L2s like Lightning or exSat. You are welcome.

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things are starting to get interesting. EOS network has approved the new tokenomics and making supply fixed

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Fuck off pajeet and your sad attempt to bypass the spam rules.

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dude this is looking at like yearly trends

the key part of this shit is basically that 2021 was supressed due to ftx/celsius, we didn't break out, so the whole "diminishing returns" meme greatly underestimates how high the blow off top will be. That seems quite possible to me

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historically similar chart

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I am convinced there's a dedicated fud bot in /biz/

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Hopefully the FED cuts on the 11th of June and we start POOMPING.
I want to retire already.

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>implying Bitcoin will have a 2017 type run
keep dreaming.