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I want to have a discussion without retard fudders chiming in with their retarded shit so putting up front: If you fud in this thread your mother is going to develop a terrible cancer.

Now that that's settled, here are my two topics:

1) Is anyone at Consensys and can report on what's happening?

2) Let's say May 30th comes and goes and it's the same slides. Anyone going to try to swing? I know, I know, swingies get the rope... but we're obviously pumping going in, it could be a good chance to stack more if it's a nothingburger. I'm thinking of swinging 10% of my stack if literally zero good news gets announced.

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Not your personal reporter, fuck you nigger. Make up your own mind and stop asking strangers on the internet to do it for you.

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All these bullish sentiments are making me think that the consensys will be a nothingburger and we will dump hard

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When has lank ever pumped on consensys?

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Are you at consensys, anon? Tell us about it.

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how the FUCK is it based to be rude to a fellow marine, soldier?! Stop posting frogs if you're not here for frenly reasons! STOP IMMEDIATELY!

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mainnet announcement.

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Maybe youre rig------nah still based

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>No I will not be at the event but I will be at an event taking place later this year. Chainlink isn't a headliner for the event so I doubt any of the names I'd recognize will be there.
>It won't be the same slides, there's no way. There were threads here earlier today that potentially showed some of the announcements.
No I will never swing. I learned my mistake from 2021. I hand wrote and signed a contract to myself stating that I will never sell until $300. As for things that haven't been mentioned in a little bit, I'd love to hear a mixicles update.

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No matter what happens, I will remain racist and anti semitic, I can promise you that.

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Thanks for the genuine reply, anon. I have never swung, but I did happen to accumulate an extra 6k LINK at about $6 when it was crabbing in the bear, so I feel like that's sort of "extra" for me and I can fuck around a little. But I don't know, maybe I should just steer the course.

That's terrible, anon, but I genuinely appreciate your conviction.

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look at this oven dodger

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/biz/ already figured out the DTCC/Clearstream/Euroclear announcement, there's another thread about it. Even if SWIFT is same slides then the DTCC announcement is massive.

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i live in Austin, but i'm just not gonna go lmao

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retard fudder here
i waited 900 secs for this

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if you swing remember that it's a taxable event
if you have a low buy average it can fuck you over
in any case, never swing, just not worth
there could actually be something coming though:
also chainlink typically does announcements at consensus (mainnet, staking). it's the biggest conference of the year

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Buy your own ticket faggot.

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token not needed op sorry

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blah blah blah faggot link is just a horseshit bridge and you're holding a nothing burger, Can't wait till you cry when it doesn't do what you think it will

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Oh, did you really not watch the latest Sergey CNBC video? lol, really?

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idk man, just watched his CNBC interview. When asked about consensys he went on about how he's really only going to meet old friends. So who knows if anything will be revealed. I suspect we'll have a presentation about the latest pilots, but I think any major announcement will be at smartcon.

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Had to say that because he didn't want to leak the secret Eric Schmidt convo that isn't on the schedule yet

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remember that chainlink is evil

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cool it with the racism

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remember that buying chainlink means you support miscegenation

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i would fuck the shit out of a good looking nigger on god. honestly guys, i might start going after black women. im so lonely and i think i just need to lower my standards. Is this retarded ?

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You are downwardly mobile

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i dont understand

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East africans are hot but no one wants a mixed race baby

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im goin for the crypto roasties

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i feel you on that man but, 1 is better then zero. Ive thought this through a little. i could have a couple nigger kids or no kids at all.

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>also chainlink typically does announcements at consensus (mainnet, staking). it's the biggest conference of the year
LMAO they already announced those years ago update your script fuddie
they are not sending their best fellow anons

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this :^)

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I honestly don’t give a shit where the price of link goes. I don’t care if it goes to 100$ tomorrow or 5 years from now. All I’m concerned about is having the least amount of black people owning this coin as possible. That is why I FUD this coin. I don’t care if some white reddit faggots get on board because they find out more and more about it before it takes off. If it takes 5 years for link to moon and that means more black people end up selling because they need to buy more pork rinds... then that is the optimal mooning timeframe for me.

And make no mistake all you black linkmarines out there. You will undoubtedly be invited to the yacht party when it happens and I’m personally going to sell 50 or so link to build you your own seperate faucet to drink cheap malt liquor out of on a seperate area of the yacht while the rest of us have a faucet with Grey goose vodka pouring out of it.

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This hero.

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link to it you faggot. You've made this up

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>build you your own seperate faucet to drink cheap malt liquor out of on a seperate area of the yacht
Bless you my man, that is all a nigga could ever ask for.

t. Black Linkmarine

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