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How can we get women and gays into crypto and NTFs?

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Monero is inherently feminine. Buying to not make profit is submissive

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xmr will unironically uber moon

>this statement will enrage every <130iq

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I dont want them in crypto
Whx do we have to include them everywhere?
They already have the possibility to spread their legs for money. Our advantage should be crypto as a side hussle

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>xmr will unironically uber moon
No it won't, midwit

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what the fuck did i just said
>this statement will enrage every <130iq

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Then why hasn't it the last five years you gullible midwits have sad that? You fell for it

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Why would you want that? They are our exit liquidity. When women and gays finally start buying, that is the ultimate top signal. Do NOT do anything to interfere with this.

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u mad or something ?
>why hasn't it
too early, it's still in the CEX delisting phase (side effect of being a legit threat instead of a pathetic larp), the new DEXs are just popping up (Haveno, Serai).
anti-fragile cycles takes time, the catalyst isn't here yet.
if you don't see it coming, you're probably retarded

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>too early
Lmao you'll be saying that till you die gullible anon. I'm sorry you weren't smart enough to see through the midwit trap

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Prada and Versace already has their money.

Looks like no gays or women will be joining crypto.

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don't worry for me i hold lot of useless shit too
let's just see who will end up being right (me)

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>don't worry for me i hold lot of useless shit too
I'm sure you do. You not bright and very gullible which is rough in the crypto space

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NFTs are already gay and women will show up once we reached to cycle top.

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>"take advantage of your feminine gifts"
>"you want things to feel good for you"
>"you need to see the cyclical nature of cryptos like your own cyclical nature"
>"as a woman you can zoom out and see patterns"
>"you have a natural gift to connect dots"
>"you need to listen to your intuition"
and that's why, gentlemen, women should just be baby making machines

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A clothing or makeup company would have to have a native token, similar to a rewards system a lot of them already have. For example every $50 spent at a store you get like 1 lululemon token or something respective to the store you just bought from. Won't happen anytime soon because it would be a PR nightmare if it was announced, so in this scenario it exists it would HAVE TO go from announcement to implementation within a few days so users can physically notice the implementation and results

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Stop advertising ur shitty blog hole, quen of millions and yet less than 1k views.. just return ur shure mic u saw on rogan and pull ur head out of ur own ass.

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Remember what happened when women got involved in gaming?
No thanks.

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Inb4'd and still rages kek

Stay poor, stay controlled, stay surveilled

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>Up 45% since binance delisting
Somehow I've made more money with monero than with Bitcoin

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show them some memecoin of something they like and that's it, now there's a coin for absolutely everything, even I have a paper one in dextools

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They love real estate, soo vesta is a perfect project for them, at least women